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President —- woops! 

Let me start over - let me be clearer:  King Amabo - King Amabo and his factions have a fractionionalization problem.

President —- woops! 

There I go again – let me be more obtuse - more dramatic:  King Amabo - King Amabo and his productions have a POLITICS 101 problem, a problem little "magic" can hide or that any mysticism should be willfully use to clouding.

King Amabo, YIKES!  How can you be proporting yourself to a "bipartisan" with your Secretary of State still "the elephant in the room" - "the elephant in the china shop"?  Have we changed the basic science of POLITICS and all curriculums at least at POLITICS 101?  

How can you even espouse a "bipartisan" while still of the summation since day one still of everything all the other sides fault - still of everything preposterous politically as of a rediculous spelling to suggest IT was NONE of Clintons’ TWO-FER’s fault?

How many garages does King Amabo have?  Is it relevant?  Does it matter that King Amabo maybe be only FOUR CAR GARAGE LIBERAL currently reigning in DC as with his being a home with a four car garage in Chicago and not two homes with two two car garages?

The factions about King Amabo like us to ignore or forget that Bush Administration did try to address "recession" at early moment that the Pelosi Congress would allow them political room to — That President Bush administration did offer unprecendented and likely never again to be seen "COOPERATION" with staff of President Elect Obama during those first days after the Democrats would let President Bush start attempting to save U.S. from a Depression - those days only after they were able to beat up all Republicans on the economy with 2008 elections. 

Really it is remarkable how COOPERATIVE and prepared the Bush team was to help save the United States of America from another Depression at the earliest moments the Pelosi Congress would allow him - allow him without him putting Iraq and a losing of Iraq "on the table."

Seems we/you are still taught that King Amabo should be judged by his factions and all the company he chooses to keep, especially in his cabinet.  Seems some of POLITICS 101 of old may still be relevant during such reign.

It is a rediculous calculus by King Amabo and his merry entourage that allows the preposterous fractionalization to our body politic.  It is quite rediculous that a politician would or could suggest, after two plus years of constant impeachable simple claims near of or specifically of an "it was all Bush’s fault" — especially with a part, a specific variable constant of the mysterious CLINTON TWO-FER beholden and benefiting arithmetically, quite.

Some simple truths seem to be that the Clintons could pull a REPEAT for King Amabo (President Obama - Harpoed Oprahish) as economics goes.  It seem a definite certainty that the Clintons’ old team of "experts" did become King Amabo’s "go to" team and yet without, for some (many?) reasons able to REPEAT.  Seems something is amiss with their factions and fractions such that they were of thinking their efforts these past near few years would have REPEATED what was/is thought to have been "their economy" of the 90s.

Something didn’t compute - many slanderous and outrageous claims professed, and, yet King Amabo of a keep still of a Clinton now grossly benefiting (gross as used about largeness) and so contrary to simple POLITICS 101 where a removal of a simple obstacle can sometimes bring a needed "clean slate."

Looking to tomorrow - the day of The White House "bipartisan debt talks" - what may now be your "today" isn’t it a reasonable "shoveling" that "Hillary" if "smart" or a "good politician" must be able to see that she is a big obstacle to a new "bipartisanship" for being so grossly benefitting of obvious lying so slanderous and preposterous so long now constant with posits to that IT is to be said to have been NONE of the fault of the Clintons - even though their eight years and specific calculus does offer simpler and better explanations - and such that better explain how their "go to" not able to REPEAT as King Amabo’s "GO TO" economic keep?

How can King Amabo consider a "compromise" is possible if he isn’t willing to admit to simple laws of politics much of most POLITICS 101 consideration?

It is obvious, though still unusual, that President Bush and his TEAM did so much quite out of our "ordinary" with their vast right wing assistance to President Elect Obama and his new minions about the transition days - that President Bush’s assistance to such YOUTHFUL and INEXPERIENCED President Elect may have been the grander hand in the often suggested SAVING OF THE U.S. FROM ANOTHER DEPRESSION."

President —- woops!

There I go again.  Let me be clear:  President George W. Bush may have had trouble with word "nuclear" but then President George H. W. Bush and his young wife Barbara did have baby George while living across the street from Yale’s nuclear research facility.

Let me be clear —- POLITICS 101 at this time must suggest that President Obama has to give up something big since now so long with preposterous rediculousness and unpresidential claiming that "IT" (everything supposedly covering 9/11 to us near a new Depression) NONE OF CLINTONS’ TWO-FER FAULT.  

It is reasonable that "Hillary’s" specific involvement as First Lady and also as a White House official advisor/staffer is logically and historically much to do about much amiss now. 

It is still reasonable that Ken Starr could have and should have moved as well for a disbarment of Hillary Rodham Clinton for just the part of officialdom she insisted on that was outside of general traditions of protections afforded all First Ladies.

It is "it is the economy, stupid" and quite that it is also much specifically of "Hillary’s" historical involvement and personal calculus, quite selfishly political.

It could not have been ALL BUSH’S FAULT! 

It must have been some of CLINTONS’ FAULT and some of CLINTON’S FAULT and some of IT WAS THE OTHER CLINTON’S FAULT.  It may even have been more than half, actually, the fault of the Clintons’ factions and as their fractionalizing.

It may no longer be POLITICS as a science, any longer, if KING AMABO doesn’t reset his keep and start offering a more reasonable proposition about all his economics, going forward to the future.

Really, Kenneth Starr seems to have had sufficient cause to have also prosecuted "Hillary" during the Lewinsky Scandal as a willing and knowing accomplice that had herself insisted on being treated as just a staffer/advisor of President Clinton in ways quite outside of our long historic protections and discretions afforded all about our Office of the First Lady, and its traditions. 

"Bill" needed her full cooperation at least as his unofficial lawyer as a staffer not an official counselor of law to have even attempted his "fog of office" and "lie(s)"! 

"Bill" couldn’t have attempted such lying without the support of his wife but that isn’t how she wanted to be known among "Bill’s" old keep and cabinet - she insisted on being seen as a peer and working girl and so quite no longer of the historic traditions of protections about our Office of the First Lady. 

Yeh, woops!  If only Kenneth Starr had trusted his "Hillary" instincts better the fractions about our body politic so contrary now to POLITICS 101 simple science might have saved us from the gross obstacles to progress now so much of King Amabo’s factions.

There seems to be no "fairness" in the offerings of King Amabo, and little truth.

We have these truths that the Clintons’ experts couldn’t pull a REPEAT and that President Bush may have done more or at least as much as King Amabo in the "SAVING" about story that we avoided another GREAT DEPRESSION.  We, have, as well, that if he so failed at "shovel ready" job creation we should be very doubtful of any claims that more spending by our King and his keep can do any better now to job creation or even job saving. 

Another basic of POLITICS 101 is that a "shovel ready" job is basically a staple of anyone a "Politician" and nearly a defining quality that makes such a "politician" or "not" — a "shovel ready" job is just supposed to be any number of employment opportunities that every "politician" should have in gross always sitting on their desks, as POLITICIANS.

Is a politician that actually fails at "shovel ready" actually fit to be called a politician? 

And, well, it does seem your Secretary of State easily of a proposition that many others could now be doing as well as she can at best be said to be doing. 

Today does seem a good day to ask (finally?) how big a "fraction" of IT is actually of an "IT" more scientifically measurable, and reasonably so, of a maybe "IT WAS EVEN AS MUCH AS HALF THE FAULT OF THE CLINTONS."?

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