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It all started out innocently - as innocently say as Stephen Colbert with a SUPER PAC.

This isn’t the brother’s story of rushing his underlings to a "JETSON" future - now - where a first strike by visiting aliens was with an electromagnetic pulse weapon, by whatever weapon name they used, was their first move to quiet their prey - their feed - to much immobilize a society already too futuristic.

"Barry" JETSON is about with his underlings at greater risk immobilization and without a evacuation method/means if aliens first strike is with an electromagnetic pulse weapon and not a following weapon of mass destruction - if aliens visit is to consume or enslave, that is.

Stephen Colbert may be looking like Don Quixote now and with Jon Stewart seeming his Sancho Panza, but the old nemisis of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, the AL QAEDA, also started out at least as honorably and innocent.

"Barry" JETSON did speech to all Muslims and the Muslim World at least with his Cairo Speech where he proclaimed a near denial that the American Civil War ever happened, or ever happened as to being fought at all about ending slavery - he was much ado about such, as a BIG deal with near "American slaves got out of such bondage peacefully and without violence."  And especially his "But it was not violence that won full and equal rights."

What was to be an "appropriate" response to First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and her crusading around the Middle East with dictates quite inciting to radicals and even Muslim moderates with her proclamations from on high with her imperialist pronouncements that they were all to do as she said and start treating their women as she said to as more traditionally American?

"Barry" JETSON may still be much able to be tarred with "he caused this down economy"  - though more as "candidate Obama" than as "President Obama".   This down economy that now may have us all more vulnerable likely is best explained by too much liberalism put on top of too much liberalism alread then too much, much, as a reasonable rate for change.  Their liberalism championed during the campaigns since the day "Hillary" announced for President coupled with the Pelosi Congress unwisely too proud in earlier Liberalism or corner cutting of CLINTONS’ SURPLUS just was too much "gaming" for a real THE WORLD, AS WE KNOW IT, IS ABOUT TO END!!! — GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM.

As we can see Stephen Colbert SUPER PAC is seeming to start out as honorably and innocently as Al Qaeda did.  If after eight years of CLINTONS both still being a nemisis to STEPHEN COLBERT and more a problem than a solution where might he end up in nine years, though?  For brother "Barry" JETSON Al Qaeda can even be said to have started more as if of a "community organizing."

The ALIENS ARE COMING - they may not be coming in peace - they may be short of food and very hungry.

Well maybe this really is a story of a brother rushing his underlings to a JETSON future.

But what about White House comment the other day as OFF as his Cairo speech what with him of stating near "he didn’t realize until after he was elected President that he wouldn’t be able to be a dictator"?

When the Clintons took their oath of office in 1993 Al Qaeda was still quite as honorable and innocent as say, again, STEPHEN COLBERT SUPER PAC.  OBL rage still a local disappointment that his Saudi Arabia didn’t let him organize a more "local jurisdictional" response to Saddam Hussein’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait - he was some disappointed that Saudi Arabia instead ask the United States of America to help organize and lead a coalition like never before seen or set to.  It seems, logical, and a simple truth, that you can say that Al Qaeda didn’t become so hard-line anti-American until the Clintons were the First Couple and to their avoidance and inaction about Saddam Hussein and a bringing down of a sufficient prosecution of Iraq’s leader.

Historically, and even "scholarly" maybe, it may be easier to suggest that the Clintons made Al Qaeda into what it became - easier than to suggest outright that the Clintons were behind 9/11 and with trickery to have gotten OBL to naively attack our America with suicide terrorism of Jihad in such a way that the American response of these United States would bring the opposite outcome - a feminist and "Hillaryesque" modernism surge, not the quieting of imperialism with a retreat.

We do know that the Clintons’ immediately set to polarizing the Middle East around partisan lines and with them near of first move with its regional leaders of requesting quite that they all agree to just blame all existing Anti-American sentiments only on Republican Americans and essentially give them a blank slate that would also ignore the more reasonable and historical explanations available with "Cold War Geopolitics" scholarly discourse.  And, that for all their eight years they tried to hold these Middle East leaders to their promise to not blame them or Democrats, and especially at each moment they stirred a seeming just need and cause to specifically blame just them and Democrats.  And, so the Clintons put in on the "HONOR" of Middle East leaders much that any "response" had been agreed to only be allowed to happen after the Clintons had left office, right?

Really, STEPHEN COLBERT AND YOUR SANCHO PANZA,  Al Qaeda did seem to start out at least as innocently with equal or greater "community" commitment.   It seems at least as told in TERROR AND CONSENT by Clintons’ former National Security Council advisor Philip Bobbitt that Al Qaeda was organized with hopes to become a local and successful "response" to Saddam Hussein’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait and didn’t become what we now mostly think of it as until Clintons’ term started and proceeded without bringing sufficient prosecussion down around Saddam Hussein.

Brother JETSON has alot of problems, and none maybe greater than that of his continued embrace of Clintons and so much they stood for their entire 8.   Brother "Barry" JETSON has quite a bit of problems not understanding how necessary OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM was to quieting Al Qaeda, and the general ambitions and causes of OBL that had their start with HOPE to be the CHANGE of their thought better and more local "campaign" necessary for the "CRISIS" that was Saddam Hussein for his invasion of their brethren’s lands of Kuwait.  Brother "Barry" JETSON has that it was because Clintons didn’t prosecute Saddam Hussein "sufficiently" as a simple truth also some adding to already existing many other good causes to have finally prosecuted Saddam Hussein with OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM - a truth that also helps justify OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM as necessary some due to 9/11, and with it better to recognize such much as complicated with an arguable negligence of Clintons for all of their eight years of administering our United States of America.

Brother "Barry" JETSON now has a new problem, though seeming of an honorable and innocent start - he now has a SUPER PAC OF STEPHEN COLBERT with more than one "SANCHO PANZA" even if Jon Stewart isn’t one.

Brother "Barry" JETSON still of killing off so many oil jobs and so quite much of Middle East employment is still of a bigger problem with his "Sancho Panza" so much droning "baby killer Madam Secretary of War Hillary Rodham Clinton" and so now with Michele Bachmann asking near "what about Mubarak" how did Dems so let him get thrown from their bus, like, and as with them earlier about Israel of a "LAST CHANCE FOR PEACE" esposing by spouse of "Bill" of his CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE just before the scheduled (MANDATORY?) annual meeting of such about meeting of United Nations, as so seemingly of plugging and hyping CGI more than defending an strong ally that was once Mubarak, and once then necessary to their primary strategies and priorities, as expressed?

So this INDEPENDENCE DAY with many across Middle East now so contrary to priorities of Clinton 8, and its allowances, and even without considering how Al Qaeda was started much innocently and honorably and stayed such until the character of "Hillary as nemisis" developed,  we do have to wonder about risk of enslavement and lack of effective evacuation means, and, while peoples of the Middle East are now about themselves in a competition with Iraqi people who think they have conceived and consecrated and maybe even "ordained" a better Constitution than America’s Constitution.

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