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The CLINTONS’ SUPRLUS set up this economic mess - set it up with Democrat Party support and then with carrying with party pride for too long so that this economic mess became unavoidable.

The CLINTONS’ SURPLUS is of a negligence, easily arguable, for events of 9/11.

But, besides these games played by Clintons and those corrupted Republicans of such political toying during 90s specific to undermining of defense and intelligence and social spending programs, the Clintons nearly as much at fault for Bush’s OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM having been a NECESSARY operation.

At the time of the CLINTONS’ SURPLUS already our United States of America was at risk already for too many cuts happening too quickly with the near trillion dollars of cuts that Republicans showed Democrats could be found and exercised.  That the CLINTONS’ SURPLUS was all politics of Democrats then defensive about such an accomplishment by Republicans and so the jerkily to needing to find another trillion to cut just to save their political hides is a fact mostly ignored or avoided.

Since 9/11 our United States of America has constantly discovered that so much of what the Clintons found to cut had to be restored into our budgets, necessarily.

Since 9/11 the arguments for finally prosecuting Saddam Hussein only got more complicated – since during the Clintons’ first term a prosecution of Saddam Hussein seemed necessary, quite.

Though because 9/11 terrorists didn’t actually break our current laws for terrorist acts until they actually pulled out the box cutters while aboard with intent it is complicated to argue all the areas where Clintons are likely reasonably negligent for their gross and irresponsible cutting of an extra trillion for their SURPLUS.

Besides that regardless of 9/11 Saddam Hussein needed prosecuting just in light of changes seeming to be happening/dawning across the Middle East, and because we would have no where to really stand and stand against Iran on nukes, fairly, if not first of a history of putting bite into sanctions on and against Saddam Hussein.

The CLINTONS’ SURPLUS was completely unnecessary and we have basically had to return much of spending items back into our budgeting and as at higher costs, necessarily.  Besides that the trillion found by Republicans may have been one trillion dollars of cuts already cut too quickly that the CLINTONS’ SURPLUS was a rash removal of another trillion of cuts suggests that it was way too much cut way too quickly and quite irresponsibly and unnecessarily.

But while considering the possible and likely "negligence" actual of both of Clinton "two-fer" and their intimate power sharing please don’t forget to consider their conceiving of derivatives program and near begging of banking friends to push such greatly so that they could push their "housing bubble" economics as essentially an unfunded federal social program - so with their personal request, seemingly, still, of their having specifically asked their banking friends "to try to find a way to gamble away" the known and expected great risks and likely destabilization.

OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM was not a war of choice but a operation long over due and very necessary.  It was started with 9/11 having made it a more difficult prosecution to balance against a war on terror of Al Qaeda - the Al Qaeda documented to have been conceived and formed specifically with "cause" to see that Saddam Hussein got brought to justice for invasion of Kuwait.

President Obama is still stuck having left no middle ground for bipartisan efforts on almost any issue and mostly because of his less reasoned thoughts on above history.  Without OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM he wouldn’t have a reasonable place to stand for "bite" in any sanctions against Iran, and, while Saddam let go as Clintons nearly set free would have been using Iran’s nuke interests to gain simple global support for rebuilding his own nuke programs just because Iran wanted them to protect them from Saddam Hussein and whatever weapons he may still have.

But besides Clintons irresponsible droning now maybe being criminal and deserving to a "baby killer Madam Secretary of War Clinton" heckling — their SURPLUS is the worse inheritance for Bush Adminstration and Obama Administration - it was completely unnecessary and very irresponsible and all selfish politics of Clinton "two-fer."

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