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Good Morning (re)founders, all - sons and daughters alike.

George Stephanopoulus may still be found to be a British spy, one wanting a more limited view of "Founding Fathers" - yet not nearly as much as President Clinton now trying to stay in "effective" power into thirty years.

These of Democrat Party have been working hard against so much - so much American, historically - and are so much of demagoguing now with regular "…as we know it" ends. 

Regardless of the case of "medicare, as we know it, will end" it is far different from "medicare will end" or saying someone is "from" a town but not saying such was "born in" such town.

What do we have to fear but fear spread, as they know it, by Oxford educated elite Democrat Party messengers?  Didn’t President Clinton get some of his special training, supposedly, at Oxford University?   Wasn’t General Clinton the last British General found still fighting, as they know it, against the founding of our Union, as we know it, against all our founding fathers, especially all those of "fathers" of our Revolution as "Son’s of Liberty" with our original TEA PARTY?

How a ABC morning fluff seat filler like George Stephanopoulus can miss such simple, yet important, differences in use of English for American case, is a wonder.

We have a representative system since all our founding fathers were so well represented by their own ilk with the Founding Fathers, and though not without a lot of old effort, especially about THE FEDERALIST PAPERS, to counter the governance and ambitions of another Clinton - an earlier one, near as early or quite as early as the British General Clinton who may have been fighting for the Crown even after the Revolution was over, fighting to kill founding fathers where ever he might find them?

And now what is our Tea Party and what are its caucus leaders really up against - especially with a founding mother for her pride in John Wayne as "from" Waterloo not as "born in" Waterloo?  What of a Tea Party Caucus leader wanting to use lower case "founding fathers" to describe America as not just the property, intellectual property, of the original signers?   Why not better, like, to include all about insurrections especially about the original Tea Party, as sons and fathers all of our founding, a founding that was as much about the survival of such through its first couple or few decades?

The Clintons now complicate President Obama’s foreign policy messaging, as it is against foreign heads of state in Power too long, like over thirty years.  They complicate it as they both work to stay effectively much in power into thirty years themselves, and with clever machinations and loose interpretations especially about very questionable "commitments" of Clintons Global Initiative. 

And, Senator John Kerry so just the other day, seeming to an admissible confession of war crimes with his full cooperation, as "Congress", with Obama and Clinton use of drones with him near "you have us on drone use."

Why else would George Stephanopoulus misrepresent original, and more maternally encompassing, use of founding fathers in lower case and specific use of "from" not "born in" as per John Wayne and her Waterloo?   Seems someone of his profession was more professional about the two John Waynes of Waterloo with a explanation that John Wayne the patriot actor had lived in Waterloo for a short while at some time in his long life.  (I will have to check that but that is how I first heard these stories. — Hopefully I am not just hearing what I want to hear as the seeming British loyalists or copycats George Stephanopoulus and President Clinton, at least, seem to be.)

So, as our Fourth of July approaches let us remember how our Preamble is a "key" and "legend" specifically "cased" with unexpected use of upper and lower case emphasis to being to a proper tonal intonation of all following about our consecration by so many of our founding. 


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