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It is hard now for President Obama - it is hard now for him to be anywhere stumping on "the campaign trail" not to be talking of his great big gas guzzler - his "bigger plane."

Just today he was at Alcoa Aluminum company site, bragging again about his big plane — what a gas guzzler it is.

He is becoming notorious in this social media age so much about old "6 degrees of separation" becoming more cozy - and now especially for missing legal briefs (briefing) for Congress and our Constitutionality.  His missing briefs are Madam Secretary of War Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton’s missing briefs, even some of inadequate covering by Samatha Powers.

Historically it has been to graphic and "Weineresque" since South Ossetia dumped upon all over concern otherwise grossly of a Georgian "separatist" indiscretion.  How must Russia have felt about old Georgia the once Rorchach "spent prophylactic" - to all general appearances - discarded, not "separated"?  How must they have felt with Georgians wanting to be "separatists"?  Samantha Powers?

Russians really turned such graphic around - really forced an about face, of sorts, and so to a general spill of "potty" talk with Ossetia - South Ossetia - redrawing.

When it comes to LOCATION!  LOCATION!  LOCATION! we can look at modern social media age and President Obama of Illinois, and specifically Chicago, as not even one degree of separation from "corruption" ruled CORRUPTION recently – President Obama is more just of 1/6th degree removed from such ruled GUILTY and for his land deal with Rezkos where he bought one sixth of property the paid the full asking price for - got them to then basically pay annual property taxes for what appeared to be his grand side yard (at full valuation?) and all the while the separation of one sixth caused an instant resale value of Rezko holding to drop/skid to near one half of it purchased value - it became a substandard lot size - if I recall story correctly.

Are his Afghanistan power projections also so obvious but for missing briefs/briefing?  So Georgian "separatists" got spun around, a full about face, long enough to have become the "butt end" of global politics - long enough to stop thinking of themselves as "separated" instead of disposable, right?  What about those two southern Afghanistan provinces Secretary of War "Hillary" like to see aired?  But for coverage with brief - many are missing an obvious Rorchach coincidence?

To be more literate, to be more literal — Lybia seems more about Tripoli and word play - less graphic.  A brief may be least expected for better decorum to get the intended lay of "politics" or "diplomacy" with fronting of such with "ODYSSEY DAWN" — yet today was more just about WAR POWERS and without adequate briefing to discuss whether slide of Obama popularity is much to do not with his "Constitutional" preface as per Lybia but that his lack of briefs still makes his jerky lashing out against Qadhaffi seem counterproductive to what seems a general global strategy supposedly about new and better "global citizens" in democracy.

Again today he, President Obama, was bragging about his very big gas guzzler and while again out on the campaign trail where loser language allowed than if out doing the work of the office of the President.  But what about the two southern Afghanistan provinces Madam Secretary of War or Samantha Powers - one does look like a "shrinkage" concern and the other more an issue for President Obama about a "down low."  

Where are the briefs to cover at least such too Rorchach coincidental?

Is this a "VIETNAM ALL OVER AGAIN"?   Anyone?  Anyone?  Helmand and Kandahar an "it is Vietnam all over again" or maybe Cambodia with Pol Pot?

Is this imperial over-reaching only because of the lack of briefs/briefing?  Are they of the Obama foreign policy not actually "representing" and American will?

Georgians got turned around - it really got to be necessary and even just "potty" talk to keep it from "separatist" talk.  Georgia with South Ossetia was able to go back to be "disposable" - "disposed".

Afghanistan sells alot of opium - alot of drugs - near a reported 80% of global supply of some of such - drugs that are legal and social chemicals in some regions.

I don’t know if President Obama was bragging today with his braggadocio about his big gas guzzler as well about his now bigger entourage — Congress was on his case some though about missing briefs/briefing better for what appears about the mixed mess of much of his foreign initiatives.  Congress was on his case today, properly, but inadequately, at least to probe, sufficiently, Secretary of War "Hillary" or even maybe Samantha Powers on original intent of possible literate usage with their "ODYSSEY DAWN" and as per Tripoli concerns and such choice to avail themselves of more democratic examples with their jerky lashing out to have been less counter productive to esposed attempts to engender new GLOBAL CITIZENS.

Is it time to unvail adequate coverage - adequate briefing?  There is as much Weiner "Rorchach" about as Weiner "literateness" these days of esposing by Madam Secretary of War Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, especially around a "shrinkage" concern apparent with Kandahar and a "down low" for Obama about Helmand – what though about Lybia and atleast Tripoli?

That is some gas guzzler Mr. President, but about Chicago "corruption" you aren’t six degrees removed or even a full degree but nearer just on "legal" 1/6th removed - LITERALLY, right?  Mr. President are you feeling concerned your great gas guzzler may become separated from you soon - Mr. President from Illinois, of Chicago?

Test:  Can Republicans adequately do psycho-babble and while effecting overdue adequate coverage of unecessary exposure by Secretary of War Clinton and her President and his merry band?

Please assume all the time you need.

Again:  Mr. President - that is really some gas guzzler you ride to all your "Green" speeches.


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