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To stay abreast of necessary modernity, civily, you might espouse, artfully, suggestions to a new "romantic."

While strutting for absorption with fit ties for alignment a pot-hole still can become a "national" or "AMERICAN" expense.

Not now, not here? – So what if you could pick-up a bag of hot-patch at a local homeowner oriented service/supply center, while already out and about so strutting, and for a fix for a pothole that could be near $20-$60 depending on how close to minimum wage you are willing to adjust yourself as "shovel ready."

Surely you wouldn’t need to threaten funding for ARMY INTELLIGENCE with such a local solution - and please don’t take this as asserted about our interstates - please keep your reckoning and imagining here to your "LOCAL" street(s). Please remember to diffentiate between your local militias and our AMERICAN ARMY.

I have no idea how a town or your town, specifically, values each "pothole" "repair". I don’t know if you and your neighbors think President Obama has tried to rush us all to a JETSONS’ AMERICA. I do hope he isn’t cutting back on intelligence spending, as the Clintons did, if so, and if not quite so.

Have we become a Washington-centric over-dependent mass of futurists now out of touch with a better locality, better romantic and heralded, such that we see all potholes as AMERICAN POTHOLES?

Keeping the "intelligence" in ARMY INTELLIGENCE, especially if President Obama is overzealous to a JETSONS’ AMERICANA of grand Obama social constructs, is of a necessary balancing respectful to, lesser considered fantasies of Obama energies, spent so.

For the JETSONS it may have been more an issue about turbulence, while Americans now wrestle with "AMERICAN POTHOLES" a cost consideration as inappropriate as an "AMERICAN DOCTORS" with "AMERICAN" as a qualifier for "doctor" in your locality, and all American localities too, so unnecessary.

How much more does each pothole we call an AMERICAN POTHOLE end up costing us and other taxpaying citizens?  How much more will medicine by AMERICAN DOCTORS cost us than here to fore general practicing as Medical Doctors of the Hippocratic Oath?

President Barack "Jetson" of futuristic expectations and electric cars - and maybe some that can fly?  A President charged up himself as the Commander in Chief - and yet of questionable executive skill as per WAR POWERS and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS having some thinking "relevant experience" has his past pre-office "experience" has his command of fantasy basketball league decisions listed.  His "exit strategies" seem fantastic as only usual to those of "fantasy league" play might explain, it seems.

Does his car talk fall apart near as fast as his "intelligence" strategizing?  He is too much stuck between a seeming intended planned and executed like: Bill will be the dove and then Hillary will get to play the hawkisk Clinton?  Has he missed all the warning and alarmism and years of dramatization about crisis situations suggesting domestic evacuations and exit plans?

An interpretation of a Obama strutting out as a new AMERICAN ROMANTIC of an ushering in of a new homely and domestic localism with sporting competitions between counties across states and state borders - now necessarily beyond "intelligence" and so relegated to fantasizing.

Bump, bump, bump. What’s that?  What did the radio just warn?  Why did my car just die - how can I get out of here now?

Why didn’t he tell us?  Why didn’t they start telling us before even the all electric car that our primary vehicle will likely become disabled and unavailable for any domestic evacuation if an electromagnetic pulse weapon part of first strike?

Why is it so quiet now — why don’t I have a car that even a Holley carburator could still be bolted upon in times of emergency?

Why is everyone saying now "EMP?"? Are we now already that if we were to be attacked and with such intelligent methods that we mostly would be without means now to "escape" our localities?

If our technology now binds us more "locally" even without considerating how many places it now lessens a need to travel to, for many, how though now are we better to intellectualize a medical fix not as nearer the afore mentioned pothole scenario and with an avoidance of additional costs necessarily from a shift from MEDICAL DOCTOR governance to AMERICAN DOCTOR government?

How now to an old HOLLEY ROMANCE recarburated and strutted for years of growth back near the AMERICAN OPEN ROAD glory days?  Before we go "all-electric" we should at least ask if our current car isn’t already too-electronic?

"Barry" JETSON - I presume - I presume your Armies and all our forces have intellectualized adequate counter measures.

"Barry" JETSON - I presume all AMERICAN DOCTOR conspiracies just add costs upon the expectations of a LOCAL PRACTICE and keep all LOCAL MEDICAL DOCTORS still sufficiently "old-school" for days when  

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