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Where for some "first base" is learning "dad" won’t hold to and "original intent" in his backwoods about his "ALL TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT" signage his daughter much a dependent protected about and not just for others maybe "you can have my phone number" so for others still pressures of trying to get "on base" with anyone, for a first time, so ofter more of unclear intent.

Not everyone plays "baseball" quite the same way or with identical traditions or quirks.  In New York baseball isn’t now "all about women" anymore?  All its diamonds now for all, now for all the bureaucrats.

Getting to second for some may be more traditionally and stringently that "getting" of someone’s daughter’s phone number.  A "GET A HOTEL ROOM" maybe a new base for many, or just another 19th hole.

New York?  New York?  Herald all bureaucrats!!!  Diamonds for new times for all!!!

It is a new day for all - Gay Pride Day - the New York Way - now no longer of civil disobedience for a liberating marching, but now a civil obedience liberating for all, for all ever asked to help, or contested — it is now "officially" of a state obedience not of energies of a civil disobedience, unsettling for many.

New York, now still open to all, is now to a new civil obedience to check new civil disobedience bureaucratically in a whole new way, for all.

I remember old trying political days where pressures were about such and to me as of people asking for theirs to be to me higher a priority about all I was up to than it then rated or deserved, as per evolving better bureaucratics for all — such that their strategizing was my primary concern and to such a degree that their issues were compromised some.

I believe in the institution of marriage as religious marriages as between one man and one woman.  I am looking forward to seeing if a new bureaucracy is capable of a civil obedience for all about newly issued rights about unions.  Much the way Weiner issue juxtaposed with President Obama foreign policy had overlapping concerns about "PREDATORS" and due process, and especially our national Democrats now again lacking in a necessary "due process" especially about Tripoli and all of Lybia.

In New York, baseball isn’t all about women, anymore!  Don’t forget to search for Abbott and Costello WHO’S ON FIRST video - I have it "favorited" on TWITTER on my @jphoganorg account, if you rather find it there.

I look forward to future visits to New York being less stressful and political.

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