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Today started seeming a day for trash talk.

And, then I read Mr. Brookes, as the philosophers considerer.

David Brookes, a posteriori considerer?

"It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is."?

So "French" of William Jefferson Clinton, President?

So just a small part of Clinton Descartian "separations"?

So trash talk:  Yes it really can be perceived and derived and deducted and with suppositions that my story of writing towards positive change for America for during its expected struggles to come from adapting to becoming a sole superpower were of discarding "French" and working more reliably from and with Hume, Smith and Burke: i.e.:  Brits and Scots, and some Irish mixing.  Trashing the French could be said to have been necessary for the triumph of the positive change Clintons ‘inherited’ from Reagan/Bush and others on right.

Well, President Obama in furtherance of Clintons’ "French" incinations did declare "we need a new foundation" and so set to take apart the good inheritance that was left the Clintons around an American Renaissance.  So Democrats in close exercise of incorruptable "separations" have taken apart the good that had been ready, and well past its "new foundation" for a certificate of occupancy after the maybe Alcoa new gutters got installed.

David Brookes, couldn’t you have stayed in saddle of English a little longer into summer?  You and your limited resource of limit space to have been better served, in hindsight, for a glance at Clintons and Obama admins as more French and Descartian than that sparse parsing around America’s founding considerations.  Stuck in the now? More people should bicycle?  "America spins true"? 

And now, anew, still more Hume, Smith and Burkian, thank God?

For me by then, then so of past 1983 I was of regular parsing around media of being "more a ‘Citizen Rosebud’ than a ‘Citizen Kane’!".  Why doesn’t Hearst have a bicycling magazine, and, should Hearst buy SAAB? I am still hooked it seems. 

{note: I considered as named "Hogan" I may be better known not to be a "philosopher" while thinking best to become a "Mad Man" like my maternal grandfather last in career of running Johnson and Johnson ad accounts for Burke, for James E. Burke.  Yes I did set out to be more a "Mad Man" like Arthur M. Menadier who is more responsible than any for my being less Irish by an eigth though maybe more Irish by half.  Yes I studied philosophy and philosophers as did David Brookes, and enough to have earned an undeclared minor at Villanova in Philosophy.  "Undeclared" meaning I got the necessary credits without letting the department realize I was so earning and towards while thinking better for a "Hogan" to be seen as a poet than a philosopher. Same difference, just more Irish?}   


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