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There comes a time, a time in a man’s life…

It may be years after he first learned how to "get on first" - learned "who’s on 1st" - learned to "get to first base" - learned naturally.

For Hillary Rodham Clinton, raised in Illinois taught to hit boys first, her "SCARIEST TIME" may not be current TIME — It may, for her, still be the 2006 TIME "MAN OF THE YEAR", period!

Yes the compact covered is recent issue of What and Who in Time maybe be as scary a cover, naturally, for her, and even as much for what may be found inside.

Now take the Constitution and the times it took for it to get anywhere — how did it allow or prohibit calls by State needing calls by another similar who at CGI or vice versa?   It did provide for Congress to have certain Powers, yes, and even to audit and approve all gifts/contributions by foreign agents to officers so "in our game."  It did thus consider the who and what of proper play or possible sabotage - with such enumeration of such rights around monies from foreigners flowing to our officers, like Hillary, and like similar other of CGI.

Since Bill of Clintons and his CGI are basically of a fielding of at least an Old Timers Day game every day of the year or at least such for all days Hillary of Clintons is fielding calls — How does one get to first with Obama State?  Do calls have to go to CGI first?  Does a call say to first go to a who at State get shaken off until such foreign player realizes they should first have called for a second, first from Bill of Clintons at CGI?  Who and What really matter, really matter especially to Clintons, both Clinton halfs of their united and indivisible "two-fer" whole.

Now batting 299 with this column so – 300 as guaranteed to follow as 299 was 298, blessed be the blogger - same that is the Who or just a Who of What that was the scary compact of 2006 for Hillary of Clinton and Bill alike.  Next, God willing, and weather considering, the 300th will be for 300 from then back to yesterdays as far back only about 12 months plus to get to April 15th, 2010.  So, maybe I should check to see if then to pitching 300 in just 400ish days or to if nearer a series of 500 days.

Yes, please let it be "blessed be the bloggers" — let it be with 277 of 365 or 364 the hits or misses posted for the year before — to basically a 577 columns in two years plus - unless it is actually only 227 columns I keep hidden on jphogan.org.

So this scary compact cover may be as scary, if not fore warned, to Hillary of Clintons, and so rightly as scary as 2006 Man of Year compact was, and especially with it of so much logic.  Congress has a duty because it has the Power.

2006 Time cover wasn’t as scary as the morning I woke in DC with spirited arosing questions most similingly directed at me, though me as "uc", asking if they could have a picture of me for their cover.  Me as "uc" then mostly of arguing nearly a year against an early departure and against cutting and running from Iraq Operations did wake that morning feeling only near half way there and so not willing to agree to a photo unless they would tell my whole story - my whole story which wasn’t but half secured.  Did like their seeming motivations to such good spirited query for a picture and so got out of bed on 7th Street SE in DC on Capitol Hill, as the "uc" long posting comments on newsbusters.org arguing for the Iraq Surge and then in defense of it, and with full consideration and thoughts to cooperatation even if without compromising air of identity, real – to a look at one of my mirrors and then another and then to "if you can put a mirror on your cover I will work with your intent."

Whose at bat?  What are the rules? 

Shouldn’t we heed them a little more closely?  

Really how can any state think of dealing with Hillary of Clintons at Obama State without thinking she either a second or first? 

How can one step up to Bill of Clintons with CGI to hit him up without thinking he is first and maybe of a troika or three way with "Global Initiative" of others better hit up before Hillary of Clintons, seconding?

How to get to first with Hillary of Clintons but to hit off Bill of Clintons first so as not to lose either the taxpayer dollars from one or the quieted "commitments" from the other that either or neither have to give for much the same plays/games?

"uc" as of my posts that year of taking on all comers in the media and DC politics with my regular arguments and commentary on newsbusters.org was simply a play on texting modernity to from a "you see" though knowingly while considering many may think it specifically for other alliances, maybe.

Sorry Hillary of Clintons, I welcome "let’s play ball" for call ups of Petraeus and Panetta but still doth protest still the suspect fielding of both Clintons of Clintons’ "two-fer" and so seemingly still much for same position. 

Sorry Hillary you are no Rice — is Wizard of Nevada - aka Wizard of China - aka Mr. Huntsman (Jon) a "whistleblower" so to speak, and speak now regularly?

Oh Time, hey it’s me again - haven’t read latest issue yet - hope it has the Congressional Power to approve all gifts/contributions to "officers" of our Constituted United States of America well covered.

Really, stepping up to play with Obama adminstrators does seem to call on and many to be prepared to call Bill of Clintons first if not only as second — money from one might stop and stop money from both, naturally – and too much near a government of men instead of a government of laws.

Time to walk away?  Really?  Republicans got game?  Got Power too?

Hey, Pulitzers - do you hold a grudge against Hearst still about Hogan - Hogan’s Alley?  Wondering about applying myself - get you may not be best to ask.


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