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There may be an anarchy about the Democrat Party - by withering and fading former of equal rights.

This day may live with some infamy for the day after 47 minutes went missing from a President Barack Hussein Obama speech. Until the missing 46-48 minutes of such speech are found it may not be wise or safe to comment.

These are no ordinary times, only when another also from a "Hyde Park" was about was such once about so.

We are now fast and patient to a "FOOTLOOSE" in Bo’s Oz — But isn’t today the "morning after" - the "dawn" springing eternal now after what may have been President Obama’s first shortened speech - the dawn after his first short speech for such BIG matters given while he had The White House to himself, nearly like a bachelor pad of old?   Michelle isn’t home already, right?

All that is missing this week is a headlining by another fading Democrat - a grandstanding anarchy by "Jimmy" - by President Jimmy Carter.

Personally, now left with the ghost of my past with such from early days of Obama Administration to a documenting with public journalistic and editorial commentary in full column - long blog - form, such that my BRING THE TROOPS HOME, BRING THEM HOME, BRING THEM HOME NOW FROM AFGHANISTAN, so nearly then so publicized now stirs with President Obama now sparing a few minutes, years later, more like my early thoughts, so writ - "written" I guess since I am not the law.

For perspective, our troops that should, with their families, friends and surviving family, be still of a pride and good purpose about OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM as now more obviously then "right" and "necessary" even if President George Bush could have been better at "selling."  Thank you all for you sacrifice, I try to avoid much commentary on Afghanistan because it more maybe than Iraq is a problem today that is because of the "is" of the Clinton 8 having been of a dangerous "avoidance" and "inaction" necessitating us having a presence their now under more difficult conditions.

And, most memorable of President Barack Hussein Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech was his careful wording, so clear a warning and dramatic notation, with his erudite oration, specific, quite, about "dangers" from "inaction" and "avoidance" in global politics.

So now of an "anarchy" of sorts President William Jefferson Clinton as "Lairie" with his "economics" now while his "job" mostly around "economics" only officially about Haitian economy - surely what he is now selling he has tested and proven with a full ‘Haitian Economic Recovery’ of some sort, right?  So now such with President @BarackObama that otherwise, of such "Lairie" here to fore would have to be of a "undermining" or even "subterfuge" against the law now attempted by the Obama Administrators as of a selfish "Lairie" also a classic "Bill" of holding out on Presidents, on at least economics of their "personality" that could have helped their party. 

President @BarackObama, with his speech more than 140 characters, and seeming missing a 46-48 minutes, is now of a juxtaposition and challenge by "Bill" as "Lairie" suggesting either that his "personality" as a former white southern male, quite a "master" of his times, is what President @BarackObama needs but cannot muster with his own "personality" — or that "Lairie" of the "Bill" official about Haiti economics for pro-bono work or "official" United Nations business has worked an acceptable economic miracle that now needs to be shared for all Americans even if so there necessarily about very low wages.

These are no ordinary times - so much near a "anarchy" of sorts seems about the Democrat Party Leadership.  Like "-BO" of an "OZ" "footloose" and running with three southern white males (Carter has to be also up to something - but where and how and who is covering it?) hot at his heels and ambition.

So "Gorely" and "Lairie" both out this week trying to show "BO" how to sex up his politics?  Is that the story, as we now just wonder where "Jimmy" may be, and, while suspicious now of learning from The Onion that to get a Pulitizer you don’t just have to apply yourself, but have to apply yourself to a Pulitizer for a Pulitzer.   They didn’t discuss if a Lilly Pulitizer can apply for a Pulitizer for another, hmmm.

So, with President of the World Bill Clintons, likely not with a current record of success with his most recent personal efforts in economics, and, with Grand High Priest of Earth Science Mr. Global Warming Al "Gorely" Gore suggesting stronger job killing politics of his partisan science and "Gorely" priorities for President @BarackObama as of  an inadequate governance — Are we to think with them that they did actually get promoted out from White House and above our highest national offices to such grandiosities as necessary Global "officers" of all priorities for mere citizens of our United States of America?

So mo’ "Bo" of an Oz of an anarchy about his party leadership — and all the while the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium can hold two thirds of the number of troops deployed in Iraq at greatest levels and so now with "-Bo’s" presidential magic of just one tenth of the capacity of such stadium as regards his plays and strategies for Afghanistan priorities.   Another way to consider the dimensions of "Hillary" and "Obama" is to consider that Operation Iraqi Freedom at such troop levels at maximum deployment numbers was a near equal number to the number of primary voters of just Democrat voters in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that separated "Hillary" from  "Barack."  

Personally, I still think we could have and likely should have brought troops home at beginning of Obama Administration as I wrote then, and work more with intelligence and community development and organization, maybe with fewer with arms, better to their warring on illiterates — personally, I never thought I needed to look into Democrat politicians presentations that they had better reasons to increase troop levels then now about so many juxtapositions seeming near a party anarchy about this week with his "troop withdrawal" abreviated oration.

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