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If you are on her bus, Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton’s bus, aka THE BUS OF HILLARY, you may want to get off and soon  – President Barack Hussein Obama, stuck in the back of her "bus" may not now be able to get off in time even though so near the "emergency door" at the back of THE BUS OF HILLARY.  

She is of THE BUS OF HILLARY heading full speed towards the cliff  with no inclination to apply the brakes.  Chances are if you are a lawyer there is no "stop" left for you - she is driving "ALL" lawyers off the cliff, including it seems her boss and real President.

Please no more "whining"! — Since the first moments of President Barack Hussein Obama administration, with it a clear and certain proclamation, within his inaugural speechifying, what was once acceptable "POLITICAL CAMPAIGN SPEECH" did suddenly become of more laws and ethical barriers not "protected" so — since such moment when PRESIDENT OBAMA, so sworn to our highest standards, did assert old acceptable as "political campaign speechifying" as if it were indoctrinated and accepted TRUTH, his willingness to board the "bus" so still basically and largely maintained by Clintons, was still just of "politics" and so just more like a knowing lowering of "OBAMA" campaign "HOPES" of placards of CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN to suddenly "with" Clintons to just a muddled and less inspiring UNITE FOR CHANGE.

Was it just because of his embrace of the Clintons and their "two-fer" that "NEW" President Barack Hussein Obama took to his first hour and moments as our newly sworn President with "OFFICIAL" speaking of a knowing telling of bold and grand lies of false history and unproven claims?

Before President Obama ever first took a indended "ECONOMIC" step like his that were so backwards if to attempts to streamline and cut costs across WASHINGTON - where he instead of using a logic where the three issues of "ALIENS" -  "JOBS" - "HEALTHCARE" were prioritized in such an order where one would then not be a "carrot" nor a "bar" limiting good or better progress of the others as his reversed and illogical ordering.  It may have been his willingness to basically board THE BUS OF HILLARY on healthcare that had such new and so inexperienced President that had him put a socialization for Healthcare first – it may have been more ideological, though, even though he seemed to take to back of such "bus" acceptingly.

The no longer "acceptable" as "protected" political campaign speechifying orations within the President Barack Hussein Obama Inaugural Speech may have been politically necessary to commence a new "OFFICIAL" cover-up of much of Clintons’ past governance and even meddling in "executive" matters since.   Without starting off offering Clintons political cover with bold misstatements he may now be of having been the driver of his own "bus" (or "truck") and an earlier reported condemnation.

When not looking just at THE ECONOMY of President Obama and just wondering on matters of "Hillary’s" State, and somehow not critically enough, as per GLOBAL ECONOMICS relations related, so many of his other problems seems rooted in his FOREIGN POLICIES AND POLITICS and a gross lack of DIPLOMACY.

It is hard to now not cover President Obama as stuck on THE BUS OF HILLARY with Hillary at the wheel and the "driver" but for "Bill" just behind her like "over her shoulder" quite a "backseat driver" as they still pump it full speed towards an serious ethical and legal cliff with no seeming inclination to brake.

We, those not on the bus, and so likely not actually "lawyers", can see such more simply and even honestly.  We can see the collusion, we can hear the muddled "complicated" orations that say far less than they seem to.  We now can just wonder if President Obama can get off the "back of bus" of such or should morally even try to operate an emergency "over the side" for himself while yet "officially" the real "captain" of such "ship" as THE BUS OF HILLARY.

While we have to wonder how "Hillary’s" DIPLOMACY expected to have stimulated foreign relations to better foreign trade and economics necessarily can be said to be a "failure" so, specifically, as per our current ECONOMICS, we do not have to accept that it wouldn’t have been better and wiser to have been the "too cowboy" once of John R. Bolton’s Diplomacy.  Operation Iraqi Freedom might have stayed an earlier like ODESSEY DAWN for Americans and so a funded "freeing" and "policing where prosecution called for" with oil revenues when re-established.  We really are now at a crossroads where big signs are suggesting it time to think again to "cowboy" direction of at least former Ambassador John R. Bolton.

We have another "cowboy" about foreign policy now to consider more an "ironhorsemen" not a known "socialist" or even "czar."

Still we have our PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA of knowingly telling lies while hardly a sworn officer of our ethics and Constitution, with no longer protected speech as campaign speech, with his very public and heard and seen INAUGURAL SPEECH.   He may have found it necessary for all Democrats wanting to stretch the Clinton era any further - and so necessarily to misrepresentations and illogical conclusions.   He may have had to lie to so many so soon just because he had so, essentially, just willing boarded the Clinton maintained BUS OF HILLARY earlier better known politically regularly more as a  bus of FRIENDS OF BILL.

If Democrats had been serious about cost cutting and timely deficit cutting stream lining they would have only moved on such socialization and gross centralization for Healthcare bureaucracy development AFTER having first addressed our boarders and "alien" issues and such before addressing "jobs" so that addressing "jobs" didn’t naturally make "illegal alien" "aliens" issue suddenly overwhelming again.   It is, economically speaking, still a grand puzzle that not only did these seeming of Obama "truck" driving all end up so on such "bus" with all their ethics and standards so compromised, stay willingly aboard as "Healthcare" was put not just as temptation to "aliens" so, but as so with temptation of "jobs" also put ahead of concerns, economic and such about all aliens.

I could quote the obvious "lie" so publicly put forth upon our whole nation and the world as we know it, so then back in first "official" moments of Presidency sworn seemingly for Barack Hussein Obama.  Why though bother as today it more puzzling about his HUNTSMAN that such for China was not also a "socialist" nor a "czar"?   Why take more of my innocent time to put out such so "OBVIOUS" and so "AVAILABLE" while news of there having been a "ironhorseman" & "cowboy" of free market economics here to fore isolated more in China?  Why take more of my innocent time, around so many of such charges here again aired for so many?

What is it we have a Presidency for - afterall?   Maybe to alert us to Senatory John Kerry having been personally responsible for Operation Iraqi Freedom having taken so much longer and so with far less cooperation?   Maybe to querying of economics of offered funding methods for Operation Iraqi Freedom, with all its "wild west" or "cowboy diplomacy" not though sufficient for the unexpected and additional costs for Iraqi prosecutions to a new like ODESSEY DAWN, earlier so, like, quite due or caused by the spread fear that the United States of America and those of coalition again partly organized would soon be CUTTING AND RUNNING (again?) largely now believably just for efforts - "ANTI-WAR" so dumbed down to such, lead by Senator John Kerry?

What is it we have a Presidency for - afterall?  Surely for "cowboys" and "ironhorsemen" alike - or not.  Surely though to a hope that most honest and Consitutional prudent path will be the one chosen - not to a choosing of "false truths" so a one way ticket with THE BUS OF HILLARY?   And surely not to now proceed and with an expectation of respect, any further, with "BUSH LIED - SOLDIERS DIED" as a proposition anywhere/at all acceptable as actually near enough "truth" to be?

All lawyers, so seemingly still trapped in such an unethical:  It is now covered by "HUMANITY"?  Please proceed to the emergency exits - Clintons don’t seem to be able to help themselves.  Personally it is hard now to remember those days and years I could work around by lawyer dad and grandly about national political stuff with such a clever and innocent conivance that he would hear the he didn’t need to hear or try to understand what I was doing, and especially how or what specifically I was doing to help him be a better lawyer.   I don’t know how all others have been getting along, though, and those about my sister also specifically once helped much with such innocent coniving intentionally through such for my father.  He seems to be safely off THE BUS OF CLINTONS you may want to follow suit. 

And still exercising my poetic licence, innocently:  I am really talking more as if of baseball batting averages here where dad and sisters may go innocently from 280 to 250ish and mine finally become public as near over 400.

And now that old "cowboy" days once trashed are now popular, quickly, please — we have some new "cowboys" about ready to ride and ride as "ironhorsemen" - proudly (and honestly?).

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