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Jeremiah was a bullfrog - Jumeirah accomodating hotels and resorts.

I have been to Congressional but not to see golf like that.  I am trying to remember how I got home that day, and how far I actually walked with bike that had a flat due to leak at base of tube stem, unpatchable.  I know I left Tiger Wood’s Inuagural Invitational at Congressional that practice day and put bike on the front of a bus heading towards DC, but forget if I got on Metro with Bike and then walked with bike from nearer old Eastern Market apartment. 

I do remember better how SLICK WILLY ECONOMICS set up most of our current down economics and so also Irelands.  I doubt that is what those that read NEWSWEEK this week, though, will read.

Mr. "Mulligan" rides again and so soon upon the heels of "PELOSI CANNOT HANDLE HER WEINER."  Can President Barack (@BarackObama) Obama handle his SLICK WILLY?  He really inherited a mess, a viral and embedded coded mess, written by and for the Clintons, as his economics go.

How many shots does President @BarackObama need - does he just need to prevent "Mr. Mulligan" from any more free mulligans?  I did get in at least a ten mile ride that day back maybe in 2007 getting to Congressional - glad course was on a public bus route — can President @BarackObama handle new meddling and routing, strategic and likely still too selfish, by "Mr. Mulligan" aka "SLICK WILLY" and so inconveniently quick on the heels of "QUEEN’S WEINER" & Congress news of "PELOSI CAN’T HANDLE HER WEINER"?  Can we get more "dime novel trashy"?

It actually may be all "Bill’s" fault.  The simplest answer has been said to be the most likely most accurate — "Bill’s" economics and his derivative conception and boosting for a careless housing bubble economy more an unfunded federal social program still compute as simplest and easiest answer.  He may have thought it would work out to be a convenient gift, and actually manageable connivance, for soon President Hillary and miscalculated, though.

Yee from Northern Ireland sure put on a show - don’t know what to make of yee yet.  Sorry about "Mr. Mulligan" having been so irresponsible with his CLINTONOMICS such that Ireland may have been hit harder by its unbalanced programs where "social programs" were run underfunded and much else unfunded.

Don’t know what President @BarackObama will do now this week with NEWSWEEK highlighting he that has so made Washington so polarized and partisan, though as Mrs. Mulligan Hillary, and her presense arguably more so.

It is still impossible that "it was all Bush’s fault" so polarization around Congress still set to worst, maybe ever, as long as Clintons still fronted as innocent and forgivable.

A new "urbanism" with a walking and talking of a "why can’t I/we fix our own communities" can do far better than the old unfunded social programing by Clintons with their housing bubble and its derivatives - if you can figure out how to fix what ails yee you won’t need the banks loans - if you don’t need the big bank’s loans a smaller community bank might be willing to loan you the funds you have proved you don’t need, and work with you to fix the community you share beyond the fixes you had been imagining as locally and individually possible. 

But if you want to feel dependent and of a BIG BROTHER distant governance meddling in your local and personal hopes and dreams you can now tweet supporting thoughts to @BarackObama — You can even believe the unbelievable and think that Clintons’ caused polarization in our economics and Congress can be fixed by Clintons with anything short of a full confession.

That is was "all the Clintons’ fault" actually works out to be the simpler and more logical answer — "it is all Bush’s fault" now actually best reported as a very knowing and very public "lying" to not just Americans.

I must have put the bike on Metro, but I must have walked it home to Eastern Market some of the way – that was something to be proud of Northern Ireland - Mr. McIlroys.  

Where are the feminists in "Hillary’s" corner willing to tell "Mr. Mulligan" to let her have her chance - her moments - her independence?  Where now that WAR POWERS not as much a concern as its use seeming so unpredictable and contrary to the "expected" or "normal" behavior of those asserting it?

The Clintons’ SURPLUS is nearly one hundred percent Arkansas blarney.

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