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These are the words so writ back in 1992 - they are not as happy as they were meant to appear.

I have been nationally political sensitive, consciously, since near first grade years on Livingston Street, in New Haven Connecticut, a generally "Yale" neighborhood, and so of a near "token" Catholic family so.  We weren’t of the establishment but were not the "townies"/"greasers."  My dad did so basically live most of his life in "Goatville" at least until last decade, give or take.

President Obama grew up in Hawaii and maybe at least as privileged as I did so growing up where I did and Irish.  I don’t know if he ever entered middle school science fairs or oratory contests - I did to win a science fair with a green energy diorama for a town with hydro-electric power in a box about two feet by five feet — and I did take second place. also then about seventh grade, for Franklin Delano Roosevelt oratorical presentation with his DAY OF INFAMY speech about surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Though mom was more helpful with diorama considerations the speech prep was maybe "dependent" on Dad and his enthusiasm and support.

My K-12 school years were of New Haven public schools and me quite a "minority" as "caucasian" related to entire school enrollments and quite in K-4 years where my elementary school was still of hosting at least near 70 students from different nations in its regular enrollments, due to "Yale" grad school and faculty ranks.  I grew up across the street from this school and had most of my "recesses" their - and never got to school on time arguably until forth grade when they made me a crossing guard for such intersection - still though didn’t make it to 1st class on time that year, though, as my memory serves.

When I wrote "THE RECESSION ENCOURAGED A RECESS" in 1992 as first a poem to the subscriptions department of The Economist Magazine it was first titled like then most recent issue of such as "TOMORROW’S EMPIRES."  They had asked me why I wasn’t renewing my subscription and I was then writing political spin in form of political poetry mostly then sent to New York Times op-ed writers to get more works, theirs’, along such spin doctoring lines. And so, writing one more specifically for them to partly explain that their competition TIME was then surprisingly providing sufficient economic and political news was just a seeming natural media.

Though this poem of "THE RECESSION ENCOURAGED A RECESS" is often untitled in slightly adjusted drafts from its origins as of "TOMORROW’S EMPIRES" in my collection "THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM" it at times is presented as titled with our $ (dollar sign of U and S overdrawn) or with just "US" as its title.

"TITLE IX" though was the nick-name I gave a second Sarah Heath back in 1982-83 school year and for the one a welcome bulwark (cowwark?) as a conservative soul added one day to mostly liberal clicks I was of.  See one day I was of strapping on my Rossignol Caribou cross country skies with occurence of rare snowstorms for area enough for such, and so in jeans and my Gerry brown down coat, and with thoughts maybe to career about if maybe anywhere in the world another "Sarah Heath" might exist that I should become aware of if I were to decide to use photography and dark room skills learned from neighbor Sarah Heath maybe in a professional photography career.  Yes, Sarah Palin has long been the only "TITLE IX" nicknamed soul in my life but for my old sisters and many female friends kindless mashed over years around "feminism" and "equality" debates.

But it was "recess" for largely having been me in school yard after school hours back near first grade when two (obviously) Yale Law Students stopped and polled/questioned me, a child alone at play, as to they (Bill and Hillary) could both become President some day.  The still most notable first graduate from same Hooker School, from days it was first opened in 1906 as a public K-12, may still be the fellow I think was "General Manager" of Hearst Newspapers or Corp during the years of such as parlayed against in CITIZEN KANE, one Joseph V. Connolly Sr.

My years between 1983 and near 1989 were of a status acceptable to my parents of being a "summer son" to Joseph V. Connolly Jr. and his wife then mostly still a part-time executive at NBC in Rockefeller Center in their pensions department, and as the primary contact for a new program where NBC employees could borrow against their pensions, as its administering executive.  It was from a friendship coincidentally started with a landlord accidentally encountered from a parents’ mother’s day visit to Block Island that then led to me later on such island as a bike and moped mechanic for a summer, a bike mechanic mostly and one who already had a full tool set, acquired mostly one tool at a time with own earnings, but for more serious bike frame tools, while hardly out of high school.

See, "THE RECESSION ENCOURAGED A RECESS" was about me realizing I should close my Home Remodeling and Consulting business, a Connecticut S-Corp, and dedicate myself to political writing near full-time, out of a grand lack of confidence in most of our leaders and their "directions."  I had been testing management and marketing ideas with my business and while volunteering with New Haven Jaycees, New Haven Area Special Olympics, the young and developing Eli Whitney Museum, and Connecticut Special Olympics, and realized my thinking and strategizing near then already a decade to two about such had answers many seemed hungry and desperate for.

I cannot forget that moment on my Caribou cross-country skies for suddenly the competitive spirits of a Bush, Conn, and Heath seemed to be playing women’s basketball around me - and towards engaging me in such play while I was trying to ski straight.

By time I wrote "TOMORROW’S EMPIRES" as it is in my "THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM" - a collection of political writing a poetry started before those I met first from my "recess" yard were even in the 1992 race or seeming to be expected to enter such, most of my thinking to move us together out of such recession, then, was already set in motion - already set before Clintons had much to do with it but get a rare and undeserved chance to ride such "wave." When such of my "THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM" was commenced "Barry" Obama would still have been at Harvard Law, though the last pieces of such working likely dating to days within his first post law school year, with him where ever he actually was then.

That I started with a "I am more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane" also had its commencement near the time I took to calling Sarah Heath (Palin) "Title IX" but more about me about my Hearst or major media ambitions much greater than merely being a photo-journalism some day.  Such was of such a time and a feminism and still traumatic America post-Vietnam era such that me of "Citizen Rosebud" commitment was to working a motivation or safety net for attempting to take 17 to 20 years towards such career but with a zig-zagging allowing me to essentially treat all in my generation and near it and all before it, somewhat objectively, somewhat "Randian", as if all were patients and me with an assumption of patient privelege and confidentiality standards more important than than any so considered actually needed to be a "patient" for anyone licensed.

Mr. McChesney, where are you today, I have learned about where Anne has been a bit since.  Thank you both.  Happy Father’s Day.  Patty, I still remember you deciding you "wanted to get in on it" in your own ways.  Everyone else - I only set off to do all that I did consciously attempt because I had asked some to help make sure some soul(s) would be out there and available some 17-20 years later that I never would have thought of as a patient. 

And of "THE RECESSION ENCOURAGED A RECESS" so with "SAVER’S OF THE WORLD" being inclusive and allegorical to Richard C. Levin and Ms. McPherson then President of Bryn Mawr College, as of families that had been clients able to afford my contracts as responsible in home economics and savings.

The politics hardly considered about "THE RECESSION ENCOURAGED A RECESS" is that I felt it necessary due to an apparent disrepair of Democrat Party to cross sides due to the recession and play more with Democrats for Democrats and with specific memories of my day in "recess" yard that those two Yale Law Students stopped and set me off as documented with my recent http://www.facebook.com/jpeterhogan "NOTE" set as with availability for "EVERYONE" still.  These were days I had access to Demos party think through my sister in Dodd’s office and her party pamphlets/magazines - and her own "argument" that had me see a general disrepair of Democrat Party enough to have me cross over some, charitably, due to quite concerning and growing concern about most of our then leaders and possible global opponents.

See the "recession" didn’t encourage a play time but called me so to expedite my own organized and strategized plans long to be a caboose to the Reagan Revolution but on my own schedule, and to help those in politics like the two Clintons from old "recess" yard meeting though on the opposite side and of the opposite think. 

To "conservatives" I may still seem left of center but the the "Liberals" of the "left" I must seem far more from the center and to the right side even though so much of their rising in early 90s - there rising when their own ideology and practices were otherwise prohibiting success, their success - and so of me then but not now of a working to help save them from themselves.

My sister has left politics since - and to professional standards more to guarantees to equal time for each side, or all that they are allowed to spend to/for. 

I can’t seem to get away from it, it still seems so familiar and engaging.  See, I still seem to remember that Bush’s Operation Iraqi Freedom was commenced with a way to pay for it - that Bush did fund at least one of his ‘wars’ and that the Democrats still behind their times were much of blocking his like ODYESSEY DAWN funding of such. Like Bush proceeded with fair expectation that our United States of America if now in "freedom" spreading as a global police force against tyrants and dictators towards prosecutions justifiable by their own real histories was to a "funding" allowable with that peoples oil revenues once back on line.

Yes, back when I harkened with "a recess" in such writing it was of the sadness of feeling a need to help the very people on the other side long distrusted since first impressions from my old "recess" yard - and necessarily due to global and local politics then while "Barry" was still at Harvard Law or just out of such.

Happy Father’s Day 2011.  Hi Amanda, again.  It has become as near an interesting new story now, ours, since those years I started writing us all away from old deep considerations back in early 80s.  It has been interesting realizing after our social media connecting with old Myspace accounts so much of this and so much of my years trying to avoid the Hamptons and a realization as to what your name was.  It has been quite interesting remembering how many efforts I worked and mused thinking other arrangements had to be made due to the mess the Clintons had made of so many years of my political and marketing efforts.

Hello again, Mr. McChesney I have known you some longer than your daughter has - Happy Father’s Day - did I spell your name correctly?

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