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How well Republicans can do community-centric government restructuring urbanism between now and 2012 elections is likely to be "hot dog" in these races.  

Republicans, with their arguments and wisdoms around how America of "We the People" is at a time and place where local thinking and a general urbanism is also needing be to walk the same talk locally everywhere. 

If the "UN-OBAMA" movements cannot walk locally with an engage urbanism with all as relevant participants in vast and grand RESET to thinking showing the "UN-OBAMA" ways are better and better for all in America, and much more historically American.

He hasn’t been alone these long years thinking Americans had to stop being essentially "organized" as "Americans" but for the "geo" of "geography" in his geopolitics. 

I did just see e-mailed blurb from The Heritage Foundation that I didn’t expect so, and now as yet "unread" piece that seemed to be alerting all maybe similiarly about a maybe "keeping it real" and "across the board" and all "main streets."  I look forward to reading their new column, but after I finish this draft of my thoughts.

Their are likely to be surges that Obama and his Secretary of State, who can be said to have gotten all her "foreign policy" experience by "sleeping her way to top" and to such - it is of the "fog of Hillary" she likes to front using all traditions and protections especially spousal protections to keep media and most from even attempting to address her "Jekyl" and "Hyde" and "is" isn’t "is" existance with matters of State policy now so contrary to her "experience" from years as protected and overly celebrated First Lady.

It wasn’t just with her "Hillary for President" attitudes and expectations of grandeur of her protections and "pomp" afforded her for so many years of sleeping with her "powerful" "Bill" being able to appear to be "running for President" while keeping the historical traditions and "hands off the First Ladies" general media practices a protective envelope of a sort of prophylactic as a bubble about her.  She has since she was First Lady Hillary Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton been suggesting in her ways and joint means that it would be "impolite" to ask her about her relevant "experience" for each and every decision, and seemingly even a single relevant seeming contradictory pronouncement, official.

President Obama is not to be alone towards 2012 democratic decisions by all involved citizens of our United States of America - it is likely to be full of "UN-HILLARY" near as much as "UN-OBAMA".

And, as Republicans can lose still in many places/districts where their wisdoms and practical governance "RESET" calls are needed most - those places where people will have to believe Republicans can an are walking the appropriate adapted and hip urbanism - we wake our own "dawns" and "springs" nearer to realizing dangers from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and as with she a former First Lady wanting her "bubble" of an unreal "innocence" for years of the Clinton 8 and mostly with an it would be "impolite" to ask a former First Lady such.

There is little if any critical review and deconstruction of the "Hillary" story these days it may be near as critical as if she had become that near "Queen" of titling she was seeking by asking to use and abuse all our old and historic traditions and protections afforded by "We the People" and its free media as part of our Institution of the First Lady. 

We don’t get the needed:  How can she do this now?  She didn’t do that earlier - she claims her earlier is her "experience" for an expected confidence in such now and yet we aren’t supposed to disect such because it would be impolite - and so don’t get the articles to explain how she can be both her "Jekyl" and her "Hides" (Hyde, really?).

President Obama immortalized the part of his story about "community organizing" in his DREAMS OF MY FATHER (only?) particularly a distaste for the hardwork of "community organizing" with his telling of his personal attitude about such urbanism of near "I got to get out of this place - if I only had real power, what I might do…" 

He got his!   He also got his!  

He got his?

And now with his RACE TO THE TOP more a celebration of avoiding "community organizing" and just doing what ever it takes to try to get old of the big "brass ring." 

Can the Republicans RESET America to the now necessary more urbanism that is "community organizing" or just "community" - necessary more since Obama and Clinton over accentuated a global distracting imperialism to be a rampart to their socialism so far less American that what Republicans are seemingly trying to walk as new best talk?

Is the "UN-OBAMA" and "UN-HILLARY" mood now likely to be dominant now soon to be to a conception and commencing of a NEW DEMOCRAT MOVEMENT of even "old deal" works and the daily quite necessary checking of "where is Bill" quite tiring and concerning with his/their intimate works to muddle our democracy with too heavy a global Democrat campaigning initiative of Clintons Global Initiative?

Unless "Bill’s" marriage has been that "set asunder" "Bill is in the building" and participating.

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