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And the U.S. Open at Congressional and the staid hallways of educational institutions economic departments around the country, and the boys of summer of Yankee spirit about the Bronx.

The Clintons’ biggest problem with me is an economic one and a property law and ethics one that was never meant to be near enough "big government eminent domain" taking or a exaggerated sense of self worth by one politician or two interlocked and colluding as a political couple and confusing "two-fer."  It is quite bad enough that they by using so much of my musing as their own, even before attempting to selfishly use it again all over again, without permission, for their "two-fer" ambitions with a fronting of "Hillary" as deserving of a "titling", did trap me in my marketing/political FICTIONS thought up to work around a short-term seeming crisis - and by treating my working of fictions for distractions as if they were my personal story and NON-FICTION. 

May you personally never get trapped having to live your FICTION as if it were your NON-FICTION BIOGRAPHY in real time and especially not for the near two decades they have been effecting likely. There was alot of NON-FICTION novelized into the FICTION I mused in early nineties as a volunteer short-term distraction/fix but that layer was never addressed or approached as NON-FICTION interpretation misappropriated for their (the Clintons’) selfish political ambitions.  Trouble when such happens is that politician(s) lose proper sense of value/valuation and in my case cause a known muse to be made to feel the victim and then again and again and especially as they (the politicians of misappropriation and interpretation - ie: the Clintons) then offer unsolicited political spirit to such on needs seeming about due to the FICTION that were not real in the actual NON-FICTION living and politics of muse/me.

It was bad enough the Clintons basically were misappropriating my works needed for me to continue working on my FICTION AND NON-FICTION works as towards my career interests to be a world class marketer and maybe even known and published author.  It was bad enough I have felt now two decades that I have had near a full time job to protect my own intellectual property rights to my NON-FICTION and as to maintain my earning potential in my chosen career path not as their interpretation as FICTION could rightly explain, and from them and most Democrats.

To even get near a sense of scope and value about such it may best be to start with:  The biggest insult by Clintons is how little they are now financially worth after having so long taken so much of mine as theirs.  See: I chanced to voluntarily muse to a lesser known years after Clintons first commencing in such offensiveness with less material and effort as a way of establishing a balance for value, and a conservative value of a minimum approximation for how many earnings the Clintons may have kept me from by treating my FICTION as theirs and as not a NON-FICTION of my own personal property - intellectual property of my real intended career path.  See in my defense I challenged unknown author wanna be J.K. Rowling to write seven books for seven years of curriculum and without explain or hinting that such was to protect me and youths from Clintons and at least American Democrats.

To support such story and history you must at least try to begin to understand my history about my "citizen Rosebud" personality and that since 1983 I have been conversant with personality claims in small talk that "I am more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane" and as such was always as spoken to be one in defense of Hearst public image and legacy not to farce about such.  To understand some of the hidden layers and how with Clintons’ and Dems’ general misinterpretation and crediting and grand misappropriations that had me then having to write new FICTIONS to cover myself every time they seemed to have tried to "help" politically and so instead of being "helped" without solicitation I ended up having to work twice as hard and about "reworking" of my FICTION especially the parts it was protecting that were real and actual NON-FICTION. 

You have to consider Jamie Tarses and FRIENDS, SEINFELD, LAW AND ORDER and ER and Amandas, Amys, and Annes - and especially that Jamie Tarses had Amanda Peet portray the character most based on her at NBC during some of the critical years of my developing networks and dramatizations to sustain my FICTIONS and NON FICTIONS.

For those late to such party as a FICTION or NON-FICTION I basically had to create new FICTIONS to protect my intellectual property and actual career path every time Clintons tried to "help" though without solicitation for help - I had to write a new FICTION to have them think their "help" had "helped" so that they would stop offering unwelcome and unnecessary unsolicited political help, and to protect the Amandas and Annes and Amys of FICTION and NON FICTION parts of such long term thinking that was of workings to time parts of such for 17-20+ years later in our futures.

If at this point in this I have confused "FICTION" AND "NON FICTION" usage I really don’t care - figure it out for your self.  See: to get them to stop their thought generous and unsolicited and actually unnecessary "political help" I had to continuously go out and find peolpe with problems actual like those thought to be mine and then make theirs seem mine so that all that political energy being misused wouldn’t go to waste. 

Until about seven years ago I wouldn’t have been wanting any of their offered solutions as for the meant timing in my decades spent towards my actual chosen and intented career path, not of choosing to fill Nicholson tool bags with nails and construction/trade tools for pennys of value related to my daily productive career energies spent.

It was in such spirit and long term planning so not characteristic of either Clinton, well, but for that I have known them both since I was near a first grader and they polled me while at play in Hooker School yard as to whether they each as Yale Law Students, not married, each could become President some day — well, it was and actually voluntarily that I was willing to muse and chide/ride three wings of STANLEY TOOLS with thoughts for a new hand saw as a hybrid from two saws I regulary used, and still own — It was voluntarily mused to STANLEY to research and development, Corporate and Marketing to combing standard English style saw and Japanese style saw into one and such that time passed enough that I nearly forgot such myself until a voice from R&D came in my head feeling defeated about such inventiveness and with "we will have to temper it" and such as if that was the end to a "new" saw possible success for then limiting its future ability to be sharpened — And then to my refreshing of interest and chiding with a voice back with: "so temper it" it sould sell well. Interesting fact is such started on the deck of Jonathan Rhinehart home I was constructing after having left Suffolk Law School after first year to be a the best caboose for Reagan Revolution I could position myself towards, and such then about "Barry" Obama’s first year at Harvard Law.  Such the Jonathan Rhinehart of Ogilvy acquisition then about of Adams and Rhinehard Public Relations into their world wide marketing much in competition with my grandfather’s old Young and Rubicam marketing efforts that he had spent near 25 years with before mandatory retirement in 1971.  See a co-worker had asked me why he always saw me using two different saws and such not about two as a cross-cut and rip saw but of two crosscut types - and getting my "BECAUSE STANLEY HASN’T INVENTED A SAW THAT HAS THE BEST OF BOTH SAWS YET".

Well that is enough for this column but to remind those here not new to all this as a new visitor that the Jamie Tarses ties carry the real coincidences intentional years with FRIENDS show being of two "Matts" and as well a female Geller and another swimmer, David to carry my concerns for my younger brother whose best pal was a "Matt" and so a another "Matt" for more creative cover and while primarily set to casting around my co-tri-captains of my Wilbur Cross Governors High School swim team a female Geller and another swimmer, David.  That and then to SEINFELD working/reworking around an older sister and sisteringness with her of tall lanky Kramer classmate and while overly concerned at times with her "J Peter…’s" sense of fashion.  That and while continuing this development for a success in my actual chosen career path and hopes for a romantic future to LAW AND ORDER to help give my dad and oldest sister free public relations support and creative distractions for their careers in law and politics.  And well then the Jamie Tarses voice back in my head asking "can we have one more show idea - for Thursdays at ten?" and me thinking such would get too close to home and disturb my FICTION AND NON FICTION works so of my experience and life quiet decades knowing who DEEP THROAT dramatization was actually about and what - but with well a professionalism around EMERGENCY ROOMS and two other neighbors could work as long as it wasn’t set as well in New York and such that an offered fictional alternate me got offered in casting to George Clooney repectful of Watergate history. 

Don’t forget Nixon was the LAW AND ORDER PRESIDENT before "Hillary" sought his impeachment.  The actual fictional and not fictional address for Manhattan District Attorney office is One Hogan Place.

I really did get a kick out of ME MYSELF AND IRENE and CSI start as both seemed to stem from my two days and extra in AMISTAD with Steven Spielberg and Morgan Freeman and Paul Gulfoyle who plays Brass in CSI.  Irene was the name of a set security guard I met walking around that was studying to become a police officer like her father, a Sargeant in Swanzee or there abouts, and, well after such days "in Hollywood" I visited old pals on Block Island near Jonathan Rhinehart home and from my days building as a rough and finish carpenter there and while working through lingering thoughts from Paul Gulfoyle after our tet a tet where he bristled with "who are you to tell me how to act" and then a quick shutting up that left me feeling generous more than vengeful, and so that I was in circle of friends old and new with then current criminology students and Rhode Island’s "finest" in old mix of locals, and with those two in criminology being students then under Henry Lee.

I have no predictions for this weeks competitions - how little the Clintons are now worth is quite insulting considering how much they also had to work with - even though such wasn’t of authorized use or understood use – and especially as any worked positive spin of "Amys" in my FICTION was charitable and not romantic or personal still - she shouldn’t have been led to believe otherwise by anyone since I decided I didn’t want to keep dating her and such unfortunately before I realized her dad had decided to try my advice for him and IBM as shared the Thansgiving weekend visit that had me my one time at dinner at THE TUXEDO CLUB and with visions of Anne and Amanda - the real Amanda then about six.  I might not have used the "get her to break up with you" method of breaking up if I had known her father was mixing all thing IBM into all my other ongoing integrations to a career in global mass marketing. 

Really no one should have led such real Amy to see herself as more important or near as relevant as Annes and Amandas maintained in FICTIONAL protections and dramatizations better not mass marketed as NON FICTION.  It was essentially "CHARITABLE" as I wrote to encompass old friend of my sister globally and only as "CHARITABLE" in a feminism as I was working my works for such sister her long time friend from DC, that turned out not to be the "Cinderella" story I agreed to a first date years after first meeting but the one thing I was trying to avoid - a member of the same exclusive club as one of Anne in NON FICTION about my "I am more a Citizen Rosebud."

If you see the real Amanda please tell her what a swell guy I am - not sure she is still "talking to me" after you each have read this.

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