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These are the days that try women’s souls especially around foreign policy and a polarized economy.

We could look at how their hero worship, the leftist liberal set of Democrats’, is misplaced about "Hillary" and still.  We could look at how "Hillary" treats her "friends" and see there are political problems.

Personally I owe both Clintons nothing, not even respect — they still owe me far too much and while be generally great disappointments, both, considering the possibilities with all that they had to work with.   Personally, politically, it is appropriate and prudent to let this be "personal" but yet "objective" and full of relevance with truths about their "popularity."

These are the days that try women’s souls?   These are days that still may try my patience and smarts far more though, and still - yet only maybe because of political "cover" provided Clintons that is not actually much really "political facts" or real history.

Now, that said, how Obamas’ treat their friends maybe be as questionable, politically, and even some "economically" as it seems their long time close personal friends the Rezkos have been left holding the depreciated "side lot" to Obama home in Chicago that dropped near half its value with the friendly sale of just a sixth of such - such bought at full market price.   I did mean to check Google for a recent land transaction between such parties of close friends in Chicago before this draft - yet haven’t yet checked again so to see if First Couple Mr. and Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama really have let their close friend sit in jail with legal fees and such a fall about them without having bought out their ownership in rest of side lot of Obama home in Hyde Park prestigious neighborhood of Chicago.

Well Democrats have gone beyond a more regular "forgive us our trespasses" and to quite an seeming unnecessary and imprudent droning on more as of personal angst and even "predators."

Yes I have rare high ground view of Clintons of those who muddled and underperformed relative to what they had to work with and how such was of unusual opportunities for lasting improvements not so of simple highs and lows more like one night stand administering with promises of "no-complications" theirs as they pimped America to unsteady highs and lows, economically and such, and so with an unreal posturing with propositions that PEACE DIVIDENDS were rational and reasonable for such years.

Now as the "Inevitable" falls with "Messiah" the social push is likely not to suddenly capitulate and disappear but regroup and reorganize to a more reasonable "ambitiousness" closer to community organizing levels and local political offices even in historically Republican "red" districts.  The ideology mustn’t be what has been wrong -like,  must just be more the imperfections of the "leaders."  And as such was again attempted with or maybe the "class size" ratio of one or two "teachers" per 300 million plus "students" at once being just wrong for their "left" ideology.

With both the Clintons and now the Obamas such downfall from "leftist" ambitions to a grand BIG GOVERNMENT takeover the best first place to look to understand or rationalize their failures may be best and most simply to a "how well did they treat their friends" and as they did seem all to work to being "Limousine Liberals."  The Clintons may have been wiser for not having condemned limousine use by capitalist job creators and savers while working big government spending increases to build fleet of limousines for the liberal elite - hard to say.

Yes, Democrats may take local offices in next election cycles as Republicans may sweep across national office races.   It may be the first realization for Democrats that they were so wrong about their "class size" with their ideological push and that they now have to all become more simply "community organizers" more of "local" offices.

And, yet so trying todays reporting on Democrats of this new "Limousine Liberal" cast with "jobs" reporting around "job creation" at least in Wall Street Journal — See, again they show a disregard for "construction workers" as like grunts or even enslavable with use of "put construction workers back to work" and yet with higher ranking given to something like "train workers for new open jobs."  Again, such just mentioned goes to "popularity" of Clintons not earned by Clintons or deservedly theirs and much about how they muddled opportunities to do so much more with what they had available due to conditions specific to the nineties, that may not naturally repeat, and so now may be lost because of their "gaming" with such for "politics" - selfish political gain.

Before we even get to the trying droning of "Diplomat" "Hillary" more "PREDATOR" than "PEACE MAKER" we have in the air during these trying times how they turned on Bush family, both Bill and Hillary with some of the lowest class baseness and about face politicing that greatly abused the long offered and maintained "embrace" of friendship generally offered by many in Bush family even in their troubled days.  The details of the how and how often about the Clintons abuse of "friendship" by Bush family is still "news" relevant to a more reasonable and necessary "honest" judgement of Clintons and such as to a "disqualifying" of them for "leadership" in "high offices."

And so.   And so in this X BOX new next gen era and "JOY STICK" PREDATOR DRONING how far beyond a reasonable "forgive us our trespasses" have Clintons been, especially Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, so with "diplomacy" now more of "forgive us our PREDATORS"?

And so are Clintons really running a shadow foreign policy, or at least just "Bill" or "Hillary"?  Are they the new "Ollie Norths" of a politics quite of attitude near "if the President says it is legal then it is legal"?

And, are we now at risk with two angry and betrayed women together at State setting priorities for drones and such at least as far as "a diplomatic solution" is not within our means, or within our means any longer – Let Odysseus eat it! - Let Odyssey Dawn commence! - We are tired of waking to find "tri-poli" stories anew of our men out on hunts again battling their personal monsters, like?

And so they story and timing continues near timeless — and so after Senator Christopher Dodd started at the Motion Picture Association I had a brief series of one liners about people if in a "classic" or maybe "modern" work such that I was of saying nearly that if "Hillary" were in Homer’s Odyssey she wouldn’t be Penelope but would be the Cyclop who got fooled with the "my name in Noman" such that news of excape by Odysseus was only spreadable to other Cyclops as "No man was here."  Sure Qadhafi may have "had to go" but only because Saddam Hussein had to go - and for the "humanity" of it all. 

Really these are times that should be trying women’s souls more than mens.  How do they answer for their heroine "Hillary" and her side-kicks in global feminism?  And, this all as the "how" and "why" about the Clintons’ turning on Bush family maybe one of our young nations ugliest political histories especially since so much of "friendship" of the long embrace by Bush family was given without being earned, and within their family sense of "honor" and "prudence."

It was former President Bill Clinton still of his post office political and partisan meddling that was soon after current President Barack Obama’s calling for a new civility for our politics to another interference and from foreign soil with his proclamation and rallying cry near of "it is Republicans’ JOB to try to defeat us (the Democrats).

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