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Well it is commendable that the Obama Team did push healthcare hard before pushing "GET OUT AND MOVE." And, with it seeming said/ordained as "get out and move." and not "GET OUT AND MOVE!!!".

DISCLAIMER:  PLEASE, remember adage to "consult your physician before trying anything new."

Right?  It is commendable?  And, in these days of "green" also about urban cross/urban cross training and transiting? 

So: Today are we at anew a "new" defining moment for "Democrat" and "Republican"?

Though: Now, it may be First Lady Michelle Obama that is "saving" the Obama Administration…?

Is this where "civil rights" legislation fits?

Are "civil rights laws" a stigma on our Constitution?

Are "civil rights laws" devolutionary as a stigma on our grand "created equal" foundation?

But for Candidate Obama on way to his inauguration stating in Philadelphia (of all places) towards America needing a new declaration of independence…?

Was Barack Hussein Obama on way to train in Philadelphia actually speaking just to Americans or was his comment extra-Constitutional and borderless?

Was he then dooming himself for saying that the nation he was just about to be sworn in to lead (with some swearing problems) that had been playing defense for many peoples, domestic and foreign, for decades, was of a foundation that though framed and focused to such success …?

Was our current success and position in the world of civilizations but for our Declaration of Independence as it is, still?  Could we have had "civil rights" laws amending but for such as it is?

So now: Democrat = we are all carbon creatures that need government and not some superstition and are best served by having a "pill" for each "every thing" and each passage?

So now: Republican = still holding to prose and community conversing around "holy books" of communities that a "well chosen" passage is still good for aiding passage/travel and domestic/statis?

Where do we draw the lines. Where is our independence?  Is government the panacea?

Well, "Hillary" brought up Dante.  So "Hillary" is a paradox and so a study in contrasts. 

And so: "Hillary" making "Michelle’s" work to keep "cholestoral" of President Obama harder? 

Yet: And so "Hillary" lingering on as "training wheels" past their prime - and/or- as a "third wheel" ducking judgement?

So Republicans are fighting to keep to ‘a well chosen passage - as read by - or - read to’ as a core foundation to our nations health and wealth with a fit Constitution for all communities.

So Democrats are still not of wisdom of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a necessary standing by our values equally for all and as still true to "I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."? 

Just President Obama? 

Not clear?  Not clear on "Hillary" for her history of flip-flopping and again flip-flopping on so great an issue and that/these not even including the faults of the Clintons’ eight years of dangerous inaction and avoidance?

Can President Obama be blaimed for what may be his "inheritance" from the Democratic Party of "just take a pill for it/everything" governance?  Is he to blame for all the footing?

Has he now passed his first threshold/starting line, and of now well into not having removed the cancer of Clintons?  

Were do we put our hopes?  Where to we lean for audacity?  How do we jive to such with a paradox of Clintons a lesser infection on our general Welfare?  

How now with some already of "he is a lame duck"?

How now still with "Hillary" of Dante insubordinations?  

A judgement against "Hillary" and "the eight years of Clintons"?

How?  How do we keep this about democratic policies?

How do we keep this just about politics?

So it is only fair that every day news coverage and historical conversing about "Hillary Clinton" isn’t to be done in a vacuum of now as every day calls for her as a former First Lady to also be in the news everyday in comparing and contrasting with Michelle Obama? Every day of Secretary of State she is also a former First Lady who didn’t…or did…?

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