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To heed James Carville’s recent comments that civil unrest may now be unavoidable should only be considerable after first asking if and how "socialism" is worth fighting for.

The Economist facebook linked a recent change for Europe and the 27 states there, with the recent changes in leadership in Portugal, such that now only five countries of such are now "socialist" of "left" - unlike ten years ago when half were.

Of the rise of the Asian Bird Flu so was an era in America of little realized warring - and that was near twice the amount of years passed as mentioned so by Economist "LEFT OUT".  All of this must be linked and related - even if off the radar of our Democrats or avoided and ignored by them, though visible and known.

To heed James Carville’s alerting "socialism" must now be worth fighting for. The desire to get something for nothing must be offering enough to overcome the cost and burdens of trying again to push us so backwards - this "socialism" must be worth fighting for, right?

In the 90s we were much at war economically and philosophically with intellectual battling to thwart capitulation by our governing agents and officers and our corporate and institutional leadership.  We did turn away from an embrace of non-American ideals and historical ways and nearly to an unthinkable embrace of much we fought World War II to prevent, and stood against with policing efforts strongly since.

America can not be a "favored" bet for anyone to be of a stemming of European change away from their recent socialism and leftist governance.  Their "socialism" may not have even been worth fighting for.

Democrat economic "experts" float comments about Japan’s economy of the 90s not being the "recovery" they expected - and quite without mentioning how America did change suddenly from the path to embracing Japanese as superior and more perfect and necessary to follow and celebrate across all American corporate management policies and politics.  Much of this did happen and become "change" unexpected by Japanese before the Clintons’8 commenced. The timing of the Asian Bird Flu is coincidental in its timing with such change that had most top American corporate leaders doing an about face to a strong and pointed stand against earlier impulses and inclinations to become (necessarily) more "Japanese."

Where or how Saddam Hussein of his and Ba’athist perverision of conception of "Ba’athism" as of a ideology and organizing to a future of a United Arab Socialist State is related as of the same time and of a seeming cooperation and/or colussion with some few European (German? French?) leaders and/or elite individuals to a willingness to set events into motion to maybe set Saddam free from sanctions and with a collatoral benefit of a global change to a return to a Euro-centric economic.  Maybe America was going to make "socialism" seem worth fighting for - and maybe they (whomever they might have been) so a way to trigger such as a new global think.  It seems it could have worked - they just needed the United States of America to become a slightly overbearing new sole superpower of the world.

The "inheritance" President Obama prefers to proclaim as "all Bush’s fault" cannot be such - and if you are yet still unaware mostly of much jockeying of early 90s that is little talked or written about, you may be unable to be any wiser.  Most of these problems are more so of "socialist" sympathies by Democrats and of their "socialism" and Europe’s recent leftist governance of ending up not quite a "governance" not worth fighting for.

If there is no real money to fund all the American "socialist" promises how can there be enough "motivation" to a "civil unrest to fight for them"?  How, can such American "socialism" be worthy of so costly and demanding a commitment from enough, when former more leftist and socialist countries and peoples more of a history of such are peacefully working away from such? – Only a proposition that a "MESSIAH" superior personality is here again that needs such obedience is about the only plausible excuse/rationale.

So it was what gave rise to the Clintons successful 1992 bid but now seemingly near obviously without them of a full or even considerate committee think about such.  Without the need to try to work around what seemed a dangerous economic path to a victory against American-centric global economics that at least a few elite individual ideologues may have been considering the Clintons might be running a chain of hot dog stands in Arkansas today.

Before the Japanese got surprised with America not going the way they had expected and maybe planned to it seemed Saddam Hussein had sympathetic powers in maybe France and Germany to plots to reset a global economy away from a sole superpower American centricism and with such coincidentally at least secretly to getting America to choose for themselves a new way much like they would have had if Germany and Japan had won World War II.

I welcome the news that the Economist Magazine staff shared that Europe now doesn’t have at least half its members as "leftist" or "socialist" states and that such now is down to just five.

I remember that before the Clintons and the Asian Bird Flu that American governmental, institutional, and corporate leadership was very nearly to a capitulation and professing to all Americans that they/we all needed to become as perfect as Japanese and Germans and chase their "precision" and "objectifying" management styles with a new Japanese and German materialism racing to the top.

We are of an era where people have to necessarily take sides and of a time where Obama’s "it was all Bush’s fault" is an absurdity and more a "cover-up" attempt at what may be the most scandalous 8 years of American governance ever yet - the eight years of the Clintons.  The size of an attempted cover-up does suggest the size of a crime or scandal needing covering up, and, well suggesting that "it" was none of Clintons’ fault is about the biggest attempted "cover-up" yet in all of the United States of America’s history. 

There really is a whole lot specific to decisions of the Clintons that better explains the mess we are in, and, with a sad side bar of sorts such as now we can be asking of Representative Weiner (pronounced "whiner"?) and his close friendship with Clintons, and one so close a friendship that the Clinton, Bill, married him, and, such now with a fall necessary to a reconsideration of "Bill’s" behavior about how or if it may have interfered with his deciding and such so now to whether it can be conclusively summed as not having been too great a distraction for one of such responsibilities in "representation" such that things didn’t later come crashing down later, and when the known and unknown, about effects of Clintons’ decisions became real and historic.

So Saddam’s party of "Ba’athism" was up from origins in an ideology to a United Arab Socialist State (Alan Hart, ARAFAT - TERRORIST OR PEACEMAKER.) and Germany today is under very different leadership than just ten years ago.  So Saddam Hussein was the seeming nearest the world had to a new Hitler and yet more than a few were seemingly part of a plan he thought could work well enough that he could invade and keep Kuwait.

So the American "socialists" of the Obama and Clinton economics and administrations may not be worth fighting for - there isn’t enough money available anywhere for it to be so. 

And, still we have the Clintons of their "8" as years they had us all officially bigoted and biased against Shia and quite "officially" "pro-Sunni."  Such is still something I still cannot fathom and especially while considering the festering of "abandonment" they let grow their "8" with growing Anti-American sentiment especially in Afghanistan and Iraq - and the Iraq with Shia they would regularly declare as of "Iraqi Shia are incapable of governing themselves."

Well, it was basically before the Clintons got elected that America turned around and decided they didn’t need to become more Japanese or German and with a racing to a materialism and perfection, engineered by them.

That was worth fighting for - but this leftist American "socialism" against even the trends in Europe? 

The Asian Bird Flu was just coincidental to Japan not having its planned "recovery" work quite the way they had expected/planned, right? 

We have to get back to days before Clintons were elected but with a new and wiser understanding and guarding of our ways and rights, right?  These Democrat economics have shown us they still don’t seem to understand the successes, real, for America of their "8" whence — it may be actually dangerous how little they realize about how little was of their own "leadership" or "deciding."

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