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It is Sunday morning, and my eggs are out, and with these two eggs acclimating to room temperature are a pot full of buttermilk soaked chicken drumsticks, also set out for a recipe.

As a "blogger" occassional personal "notables" seem to be expected.  That said my "fried chicken" diet is working to help me lose weight - the fried chicken I have been making myself as I learn and practice my first ever fried chicken cooking attempts.  A drumstick for breakfast actually has held off much appetite usual to day’s unfolding of earlier dietary platings.  The absense of usual carbs from general servings and portions may be helping - as dieting taking priority at this seasonal transition to summer cycling at a time and economic where road cycle sales seem up near 30% nationally and at least "noticeably" locally - seems there are alot of "new" cyclists on roads about these days.

As a blogging cycling enthusiast who broke back into sport of road cycling last year with over 1,200 miles accumulated - this year feels different already with over 200 "spring" miles spun out.  Seems I cannot escape some "character" as an ambassador for such sport and decide to be supportive of increases in such interest, especially locally – may have to go slower for a while to adjust, don’t know yet - been working more on diet these past couple weeks since hearing of increased sales and demand about my sport/hobby.

You may have heard already that I picked up an old soaked EVERLAST punching bag and started a restoration of such that may be at least a few decades old.  It wasn’t just that it fell into old category of "good duct tape project" - but that as a youth a friend got a new bag like it and I then wanted to take it apart and see how they made it, and as a "sand bag" that didn’t feel like punching sand.  Well the stuffing is out and treated with Lysol and nearly fully dry - the four sand bags sit waiting to return to guts of bag and now that bag has new zipper and repairs and first applications of duct tape reinforcing.

Well it is Sunday and my baking ingredients are almost ready for a new batch of original "J Peter Hogan Recipe" for banana chocolate chocolate chip walnut oatmeal cookies, and maybe half of Sunday Political News Shows have been watched, already.  The chicken frying will be after the baking and both as new recipes.  Yes my punching bag is likely to have at least as much character as my new recipes and even the bird house I decided to start making out of a extra piece of old wood in lew of moving it about storage one more time.

Oh, but our poor nation - what a mess the Dems have been making as so still also about their "jobs economics" where they persist in efforts to create more "green jobs" in ways that still are expected to cost two regular jobs for each "new" "green" job they do create.

Oh, but our poor nation - what a mess the Clintons have been making, each, separately, yet also together, though the "together" about so much is seemingly being kept below whispers by press.

It is Sunday morning still, and now it is my turn to turn out "news" and "political spin" for the issues of this week and these times.

Now that I have established that I do cook and do stay at home and bake cookies somedays - time to broach the global politics more specific to the Clintons then and now and especially about Egypt and new prosecutions of their good friend Hosni Mubarak:  The Egyptians, some at least, must be discussing how Clintons were more "accomplices" of Mubarak than Bush/Cheney administration at least in so far of theirs so of little "standing with" to a "standing down" as regular people across parts of region stood up for new freedoms for themselves.

The Clintons could be accused of "cookie cutter" global politics where they could serve up a new promise of another "CAMP DAVID" grandeur, still.  They can be seen as plain dealers of near trite politics meant to reinforce their close friends in such questionable practices as so now about "prosecutions" of Hosni Mubarak.  They can be seen still as each, separately and together, of nearly letting Saddam Hussein stay in power and with US (Clinton) embrace to years of worse than of such Mubarak may ever be accused.

But the worse tales for America so much still about FRIENDS OF BILL and as such continues and continues to be mixed and needed/punched into our current governance the story, our story, is going much to the effects their efforts to stay on top is ruining First Lady Michelle Obama’s story and legacy.

So now that I did establish that I do cook and have stayed at home and baked cookies at least for myself and friends and family — Is it really fair or appropriate that our first Black First Lady had a former white First Lady put into a superior role over her regarding near all matters of state and grand state dinners, as Clintons’ power logic seems to suggest?   Is it fair that our first Black First Lady has had a former white First Lady heralded as necessary for her own turn as our First Lady and such that she was left, herself, to basically "stay home and bake cookies" and also tend to the gardens and the harvesting even for state dinners that "Hillary" would reign over, with an implied superiority, and "experience" necessary for Obama’s to have any chance as "executives"?

How are FRIENDS OF BILL now still so relevent and "necessary" to this administration?   Was it our first Black First Lady Michelle Obama that suggested a knowing and need for her husband to have the Clintons still largely around as masters of all things of Democrats?  Did she accept such a diminished and submissive roll for herself because she knew her husband would be dangerously in over his head - or was a deal struck more of Clintons’ initiative to suggest our first Black First Lady should be seen to be staying home and baking and tending to the gardens regardless of what was dished out?  How are FRIENDS OF BILL still so much a part of President Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency and attempt at his own legacy and as a separate legacy for his wife so clouded and obscured by white former First Lady Hillary of purported "First Black President Clinton" having been "necessary" and as "superior" to our first black First Lady Michelle Obama in all matters of state? 

Can we say, really, or honestly, that "Michelle" has been able to step out from shadow of Clintons?  Can we say that such was a condition Obamas both saw as necessary out of fear that they thought they were necessarily in too deep and over their heads?

If it is not an overbearing FRIENDS OF BILL and a party divided then it must be personal and specific to President Barack Hussein Obama, and maybe a lack of confidence in his wife, our first black First Lady.  Surely there are many on-going sociological and gossipy/Oprah like discussions and studies in the works to explain this yet unexplained or much discussed dynamic of the Obama administration and personal legacy about marriage and family values, right?

At least President Barack Hussein Obama, though not likely to be willing to extradite Clintons to Egypt for trials regarding their being regular and strong personal friends and accomplices of Hosni Mubarak, and without a balancing as Bush/Cheney team did with "standing with" and to "equal rights being spread more equally" is at least able at this point and at his economy and say nearly, at least to himself, that the Clintons would have brought in so many of the same people and experts that he did as they were and are their old experts.

Unless the Obamas so no chance for themselves to be sufficient to their duties "elected to" I see no way to explain how our first black President would ever suggest a former white First Lady was needed or appropriate to such a roll and officialdom superior to his spouse, our first black First Lady, in all matters of state.

These are times of disasters from the recipes and governance of the Clintons and such that Obama and Bush administrations less specifically at risk of accusations to "accomplices" of likes at least of Hosni Mubarak - again, where is Bill - where are the FRIENDS OF BILL?

Is it too late for our first black First Lady to get out from under shadow of "Hillary" and build an independent and free legacy of "accomplishment" for herself?   And now that I can report I have lost near four pounds by plating more proteins and far less carbohydrates than she has "suggested"/"dictated."  I am looking forward to increased demand and hopefully enthusiasm for my renewed hobby and sport of bicycling and specifically the road cycling part of such. 

I am actually adapting fried chicken recipe from parts of such seen in a Bobby Flay episode but without checking website to see what actual ingredients by the challenged chef were or what her proportions were.   My cookie recipe is completely original with dry ingredients amounts decided upon based on developed recipe starting with two bananas of ripeness and size a portion always a variable. 

Again, I am still puzzled by "Hillary" as promoted by Obamas, and so still with a toleration of FRIENDS OF BILL shadowing.

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