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We now live with an extremism of radical environmentalist government priorities.   And, yet, a:  "HOW FAR FROM AN ADEQUATE PATH WERE WE ACTUALLY?" is still a generally unasked question about our general Welfare legend.  Was slow and steady working well enough?  Was regular supporting and funding for research at our institutions of higher learning actually on an acceptable and sufficient pace?

I am sure you all covered this actual survival story of our United States this past weekend with your short and long talk — I am sure you remembered all those that fell defending us from past facism and socialism spreading attempts.  I am not sure yet that you knew or remembered that other ways were available to address the GLOBAL WARMING ALARMS.

@MikeBloomberg tweeted this morning statistics informing his "followers" and the curious with access that 70% of polution with greenhouse gases reportedly come from urban areas.

Before President Barack Hussein Obama, maybe still of "greatest hardship in life" being that night he slept in a NYC alley with his luggage/possessions because he had made inadequate plans around his arrival and first night in his new city — before our current President condemned our previous pace as per the environment and green technologies — we were of inventive entreprenuers with TV documentaries about how they had succeeded in inventing a "greenhouse gas" capturing "filter" device light enough to fit even on most city rooftops or more "greenhouse" drafty areas near congestion points – we also were of documentaries about how in just a few years residential roofing shingles would be available as a wired yet mostly invisible solar energy collector using entire roofs at least on sunny sides, and at expected reasonable costs.

We did not need to go with Al Gore’s solutions even if his science yet checks out – we could have added new industries and government prioritizing without chasing the solution Spain had used that was known to have cost two jobs for each new politically correct "green" job.

Now what?  Now what since President Obama and his "Demo Destructos" have proven that their politics and policies are less "socialist" that past carbon based industrialness of Republicans that was knowingly of sustaining extra jobs and extra employment, and globally?

So to future Memorial Days.   May America still honor its legacy and years of sacrifice to protect people from facism and socialism, for many decades.   And, well, now:  What they heck is happening, really, with the purported Cuomo "miracle" for New York State — how can a special election be conclusive of anything yet since New York State likely doesn’t yet have GLOBAL WARMING fully solved and nor does it seem to yet have a set alternative to OBAMACARE as it likely will soon need?   Shouldn’t it also be explaining "CUOMO MIRACLE" as with a way to provide Medicare alternative within state just as part of our national expectations that local alternatives should necessarily be "on our tables"?

Our Republic still stands but not without the greatest threats yet to it being the most recent threats?

Demo Destructos, though I may have said, back in 90s, when of biggest thinking for change possibilities that such a green politic could work - I am still believing about such old thinking that though it "could work" I wasn’t endorsing it or suggesting that it should work or be best.   And, well, with that said, now we are at an interesting political crossroads where to "create jobs" the Republicans may have to argue they are more "socialist" and to a hybrid modern solution, different, but maybe too much as well of with attempts to "stimulate" our economy of our United States of America from Washington. 

Are we now at a place in our Republic’s history where only our Governors can offer "AMERICAN" solutions to our economics?   Our Washington based Demos have taken apart so much once of "invisible hands" capitalism and economics that Republicans at such level can only also seem to be "socialists" to fix such?

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