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This Memorial Day it is fair to finally suggest that President Obama could defeat President Bill Clinton.

Please watch out — if you consume too many beans tomorrow you may risk further confusion when reading of these times as near as great a "skid row" for our times as that of Dem’s hero FDR’s early days.  It is getting hard not to see that we are in such specifically due to short comings of popular top Democrats. 

This Memorial Day it is though getting trickier to "tag" the right popular Democrat with adequately categorized and label "tag" as they are moving their "guilt" around either like a greased watermelon or a hot potato.   We have to save religious confusion getting maxed out to just President Obama - the president born a Muslim now an adult Christian by choice, with pride and even arrogance - the president of such "personal statement of religion" that is wading in issues about religion where either "STRONGMAN OBAMA" or "OBAMA IS MUHAMMAD COME BACK AS CHRISTIAN AMERICAN POLITICIAN - SO PERFECTLY SUITED TO SETTLE THE JEWISH ISSUES."

As for Presidents most of "unnecessary wars" now most at fault for our current gross entanglements:  President Clinton with his "PEACE DIVIDENDS" as "justified" by "intelligence" then does take the cake — It is impossible to discuss our current gross entanglements without having to nearly laugh at President Clinton for his "conclusions" for those eight years about "PEACE DIVIDENDS" being wise or justified.  There is little or nothing to suggest "Bill" or "Hillary" have any "speciality" or "appropriateness" to Middle East "dawns" or "awakenings" or specifically to a settlement of the Jewish issues - what was "unnecessary" to them then is "baggage" about them both today.

The near most intelligent proposition for 2012 discussions as per free electoral choice may be to posit that Clintons were a grand "two-fer" of a gross negligence as per our foreign policy and homeland securing near all of their eight years - that they missed near every opportunity for timely moderation and diplomatic alternatives about necessary wars of today - their old unnecessary wars.

The Clintons may have missed every chance for a "stitch in time" to have saved lives - they must have let so many screams and cries go unheard and unheeded.  But "unheard" seems too great a stretch — "unheeded" seems our only reasonable conclusion — They must have decided they could call a "warring" by another reality and to so many devasting cuts in our defense and intelligence spending that later had to be refersed due to great loss - and to spending for seeming greater losses in "necessary wars" that if Clintons had more realistically labeled could have been operations less trying and of greater cooperation and trust of those of such regions.   How much harm did the "avoidance" and "inaction" now so historical of the Clintons’ 8 do across all the many levels it flooded with their popular politics to a PEACE DIVIDENDS in times suggesting of "necessary" not "unnecessary" operations hopefully not to full warring?

As bad and unprepared as young President Obama is looking this Memorial Day Weekend each earned drop in his popularity is reasonably to guilt and due loss of popularity twice as bad for both Clintons - it is the Clintons still as a "two-fer" in all such complexity and convenient "is that isn’t" dichotomy, that likely would have confused Descarte, that is so hypocritical about itself/themselves/their stories an greatly to any and maybe all of President Obama’s acceptability as of a competence.

President Obama is still playing out the cards of our flawed 9/11 Commission Report.  President Obama may have formed most of his troubling opinions before such became so flawed an effort as officially limited to looking at 9/11 and all its likely complexity of a very historical and complex region with such Commissions mandate quite arrogant and ignorant for being specifically to "just looking back ten years."  I may not have been "ignorance" but clever politicing by Democrats at great risk of intelligence about founding of Al Qaeda as from and after Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait to a broad suggestion of a gross negligence for all of Clintons’ 8 years —  Limiting our "official" findings to a limited review of just ten years fixed it such that "birth" of Al Qaeda could be brushed off.

Well now we have President Obama becoming more like President Bush and as about an "acceptable" and "necessary" for so much long labeled by Clintons and Obama as "unnecessary."  Seems the Clintons are the ones being defeated these days and twice as much about each "defeat" and slide for President Obama.  Certainly we are now to a day where President Obama would be able to defeat President Bill Clinton if he weren’t term limited.

Some greater influencers about the story of Clintons’ slide is how they cooked up Warren Christopher and Madeleine Albright and well named officials for any "diplomacy" about the Middle East.   How it is/was "diplomatic" to have put in faces of Middle East one named like "warring Christ of fors" or later a like "Madams all bright" as at all "soft shoe" detente avoidance - is still lost to me.   That President Obama is another Democrat President to an arrogance of "right for their times" for such complex and historic conflicts is likely more fraught and confused with he being of a story so as born a Muslim and now an adult, proud with his decisions to follow Christ as a Christian.

This Memorial Day it is now necessary to discuss our SEPARATIONS OF CHURCH AND STATE and to a seeming "necessary" explanation by Clintons of how "warring" wasn’t "NECESSARY" in their 8 and to a now late manifesto by President Obama necessary about his personal religious beliefs and understandings and to a full beginning to end point by point erudition to all holy books and their telling.   It is seeming a violation of our "separations" if we leave President Obama’s personal beliefs out of such regional and religious discussions/warring – so after so having beaten the path as a Messiah candidate and then to his early years with attempts to daily evangelizing with near one hour broadcasts from our officialdom of our office of the President.

So these were near all "unnecessary wars" for the Clintons in their 8 - and now?

So these are trying times and our President has made the "religious" "personal."

So these are our times still as Americans now celebrating a weekend solemnly for all those lost over years especially fighting the global spread of facism and socialism.

This Memorial Day Weekend it is more than fair to suggest that President Obama could finally defeat President Bill Clinton if he weren’t limited from such - but that is hardly good news - we are now of a times that have an absurd number of hypocracies and clear contradictions seemingly "acceptable" to Democrats though very difficult to reason out or through intelligently.

Seems the "intelligence" of Democrats have been undermined by the "intelligence" of the Democrats and no more greatly than with above operational concerns but maybe by ‘don’t spend Clintons" to "do spend Obama/Clintons" devolutions.

This Memorial Day Weekend we are holding as well at a >>> President Obama is either the needed "STRONGMAN OBAMA" or "OBAMA AS MUHAMMAD RETURNED AS A CHRISTIAN AMERICAN POLITICIAN."   Yet, still with contradictions and contra-indicativeness specifically much still about both Clintons, and more ill suited for these times/issues - for any times maybe, even.

I seem to be failing to find any real "diplomacy" currently, you?  Does anyone even know what such would look like or sound like after all this?   Seems the Democrats have turned out partisan economy as well and too equally poor and confused ends.

They certainly are providing enough questions - maybe we can finally start getting some intelligent answers.  We should not now nor should we have earlier been content with findings "official" regarding a supposed full and detailed analysis of 9/11 with a limited mandate to an ignorant or arrogant "we will just look back ten years."  

Again, if we had at least looked back eleven or twelve years we would have had to publicly discuss how all eight years of Clinton "two-fer’s" 8 may have been of a grand and great gross negligence.  Don’t know how we then or ever could have been content with an "official" "just look back ten years" for anything having to do with such vast region as the Middle East.

They sure did party like such were all "unnecessary wars" and amidst what must have been a blatant unheeding of cries and screams.   Now that President Obama is so to a becoming more to a likeness of President Bush - we are left to necessarily look to another as more responsible for troubling inheritances, right?  And, now to seeing "is" as "not is" actually near a virus about all things "Clintons."

Please do remember to consider the beans even if "Job Killer Presidents" really the toast of day - helps to remember we shouldn’t dismiss the most obvious or simplest possibilities.

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