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It may have much ado about a socialism set - but let’s leave that alone for a little bit.

I heard that another in media attempted a similar column - but I don’t know how that went - I have yet to read it.

I will try to be generous and even kind even though I am remembering a 2004 DNC Convention Keynote Address I turned on even though feeling unusually and unexpectedly tired and to a quick and angry WTF!!! they (the Dem POWERS that be?) were trying to put a black face on my personal and still unpublished works of origins back from before Clintons got elected in 1992.  I will here overlook such a sudden visceral annoyance a seeming clear violation of my ownership for I do not know if young Obama was of "knowledge" about the origins of such or just of a guilt of being in receipt of stolen lines and maybe with instructions from above to make them his own and to "own them" with his "black" steppin’ out.  I don’t know, and only some day may spend time investigating such that triggered such an unexpected visceral and sudden response apon viewing/hearing by me.

Obviously his failure to start cleaning up his own party within his first year and specifically of cleaning out of some of the whites with baggage this here is likely to not at all be about race — I have no retraction of earlier statements about no respect of his "political skills" as possible if within first year he hadn’t pushed Clintons’ both clearing to side lines and ditches of current decidings.  I had already spent to many hours and days trying to save Clintons and Dems from their own governing tendencies and such to economics like we now have.

So how has President Barack Hussein Obama earned the mantle of "Job-killing President"?


To keep it simple:  Some ingredients for a recipe to job-killing economics:

*  Tell all Americans the world is about to end due to global warming - done

*  Tell all Americans that even if end of world isn’t immediately near that they are homicidally acting with each gallon of gasoline they buy with direct relating to fate of polar bears - done

*  Tell all Americans that they are buying too much gasoline and that all oil companies are evil and shouldn’t be supported anyways - done

*  Tell all Americans that they are not saving enough and are definitely spending more than they have or should - done

*  Tell all Americans that work uses too much energy and energy is at least killing polar bears - add that work also tends to drive them to spend more on energy and energy rich consumption in their non working hours - done

*   Tell all Americans that they are eating too much and such dollars that can be saved from eating less shouldn’t be spent on activities with more energy consumption if carbon based energy involved - done

*   Tell all Americans as well that though they are being told to eat less and use less energy and save more that though the world is still about to end as we know it due to global warming that your talk of job creation amidst such as above isn’t a rediculous proposition and that they should trust your heightened concern and not take extreme measures on their own - done

*   Tell them that you did mean to have them consider that their childrens teachers would try to answer your call and teach to finding as many ways to save the world and as suddenly as possible and regardless of extremeness and am glad they are now driving less and buying less - done

*   Hmmm, now what?

And so now that President Obama is soon to finally visit tornado stricken areas that seem to have still a reported 1,500 souls still "missing" - Best wishes for your Memorial Day Weekend - I do hope he doesn’t feel the need to repeat any of the above while talking about job creation - and especially if he isn’t able to declare that he/we have already save the planet sufficiently from old GLOBAL WARMING threat.

Best wishes,  wasn’t looking for an invitation anyways.  2004 gall of younger Obama has become a fresh memory again, by the way.  Sort of me like all the Dem musicians who told Republicans they couldn’t use their music but of me working a telling still to Democrats.  Again, the Clintons had every chance to acquire rights to such so of my creation mostly before they entered 1992 race and so near then to days before Obama’s DREAMS OF MY FATHER if published likely had reached 1,000 copies sold.  Such of my works so viscerally assaulted with his 2004 Convention spot is so a very different style than anything I can remember reading in odd style of young "Barry."

So, yes it is because their economic policies seem stupid and very counterproductive and of conflicting and negating co-messaging.

Just seems unnecessary to pound him on his "socialism" wants/fondness/history so near our MEMORIAL DAY.

Note:  As per New York recent special election it is still unbelievable that new Governor Cuomo has really already done what has been sold with clever advertising and so performed a difficult and thought impossible miracle with whole of New York State Government bureaucracies.  Such is still to unbelievable a proposition as a fate a compli as advertised to even yet look into it — he basically said himself he would have to unlearn all his former "expertise" from Clintons’ years and find completely new and radical ways to change more like Republicans governors were doing elsewhere - but without suggesting it needed to be so "Republican" or unnatural or radical a change for him.  I am still too puzzled about such "news" in ads to have bothered checking - bet New Yorkers may be buying it already with equally little checking.

Basically, in summary:  Their messaging about cutting jobs is far stronger and more believable than their messaging and efforts to job creating - they have been using a recipe for job-killing - I cannot imagine they do not know/are not full aware.

Basically, in summary:  They still could try "socialism" and a better job creating method like Chinese had by choosing a more capitalistic distribution of cash to people as stimulus - well if they hadn’t already spent more than available funds with big government power grabbing idealism first.   

Happy Memorial Day - we are still holding at "THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT IS NEAR DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING" - sorry about the job-killing. 

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