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I ventured today after memories of Bounty.

I was wheels down through thick and thin, through grassy and concrete, through stick built and brick/block layed, and through neighborhoods of many varieties towards the Bounty.

Marlon Brandon saved the Bounty, this Bounty the HMS Bounty made as a full size replica for 1962 MGM movie making. It rode out on the morning high tide and not the afternoon I rode towards hoping to catch Bounty.  And, not just because William Blythe III was so born like: Captain William Blygh of the real Bounty whose story cannot be now unwritten.

And, so I was out and moving again via my vintage road bike and through a route to and routes around a city I grew up "near" but near never ventured into as though then still "The Park City" was also … and most impoverished city in my state.  The powers that be almost didn’t let my tennis team of New Haven Public HS Wilbur Cross even play in Bridgeport for "concerns" in early 80s.  Yes I know that Shahzad suspect did study at University of Bridgeport.

An so I tripped here and there, and, then and now, and, even by an old Stratford Shakespeare Theater, in disrepair, yet with a sign, a large sign signally funding (private? and/or public?) acquired at least for the needed new roof.  Did you know the mass produced the famed "Liberty Ships" of WWII in Bridgeport ship yards?  I even cycled by Sikorsky Airport and an old Army Engine Plant.

It was memories of old and not so old around today and no longer.  It was of much that cannot like Clintons’ popularity be so unwritten.  It was of pondering even Georgia "peach" and Contract with America and its time and place.  It was of such days remembered of my entreprenuerial testing of business and political theories as a licensed S-Corp owner/operator in the State of Connecticut. It was days of daily concern for contracts and law and order.  It was days of accepting someones advice that I should have an accountant and suggestion that Mr. Peach might be a fit.

So remembered now anew of days so before Gingrich Contract with America and still so of days before even Governor Clinton for President and Friends of Bill.  It can’t be unwritten these details of my past business testing of theories for America as a caboose to Reagan Revolution for when and if we became a sole superpower.  It can’t be unwritten that by having a Mr. Peach as an accountant I had to keep thoughts on Georgian politicians. I did have some accounting at Villanova while earning my BA in econ and in the end had enough expertise myself and so decided after a year testing.

If you only knew already how much the Clintons leaned on my theories and strategies worked on for years and then tested with real hands on entreprenuerial home improvement contracting as a Connecticut CEO/owner/operator.  If you only knew how much such when passing George Stephanopuolus’s desk at Gephardt’s office in a couple letters so didn’t get treated the way many out of constituency letters usually got treated.  Many, many moments of from my pen to from their lips and especially that day I sent pen and black stationary to David Gergen in his new turncoat job in Clinton White House that start the saving of Clintons’ administration, and of such news cycle that rightly he and Mr. Akers then CEO of IBM were of saying: "It is like starting with a blank piece of paper."  Yeh, I was helping IBM through their hard changes, from afar too.

Yes, it is still unbelievable that Clintons never sought me ought and asked me about gaining ownership or full understanding of theories they were using parts of but not with a looking for "all". 

And, yes these were of those old days in New Haven walking nights with my dad and so able to try my theories and years of thinking in and around his professional and community work and the political problems he came home with and looking for answers to on many evening walks.  I was even able to test ideas and theories around my sister then employed in Washington with a CT Senator.  I was then over a decade into trying to train myself to end up as successful in Mad Man type career as my maternal grandfather Arthur M. Menadier had ventured into and through.  Yes, I was carefully laying a foundation to be a top Mad Man and maybe with a focus and "area of expertise" in around politics.

It helped me having my dad trying to again effect positive change in New Haven as he had done with the Jaycees in the sixties and now so again but with New Haven’s first black mayor.  Did you know John Daniels is New Haven’s first black mayor and like me a Villanova University graduate?  Gosh, famous Mayor DeStefano was still working towards running for Mayor to make Daniels a one term mayor.  Did you know I also got involved with New Haven Jaycees and towards effecting positive change and testing of my marketing theories then a decade in development, at least?  I was also burning midnight oils helping a pioneer in educating in New Haven create exhibits for the still young Eli Whitney Museum that now is a fully established learning center.

Boy did my dad give me access to hitting political issues head on in "problem stage" discussing and well I probably never would have been able to have had the confidence to attempt such broader positive change but for such "knowing" that came from many offered solutions and even "face saving" nuancing providings.

Some of you already know of my story of even editing one speech my sister was then responsible for producing for Senator Dodd and such to have removed an extra page of words and sentences, or two, to thin it down to length required.

It can be interesting getting experience, and more fun when your contribution cannot be unwritten.

So maybe I am closer to publishing my collection of penned spin doctoring collected as THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM and mostly of hand scribed political poetry written with the felt tip pen then sent to Gergen when I was through voluntarily providing solutions without crediting, yet past those days when such were sent via mail to op-ed columnists at the New York Times to again and again earn the spin I was suggesting for best helping us in such trying and warlike times.

I have notice that much of America is ready to embrace discussions of our Federalist Papers but know not yet if they are ready to embrace a similar rehashing of political poetry to similar ends from actual usage and effectiveness in the making of Clintons as "electable."

Yes I was out for another thirty mile plus bike ride today and through rich and poor neighborhoods of Connecticut towards a hoped viewing of Bounty. I was new to riding through such "communities"/"gangs"/"clicks"/"turfs" so didn’t rush it by riding too quickly to miss some sense of surroundings.

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