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Short of calling all our Governors, each, and one at a time, before joint sessions of Congress to explain how they cannot care for their own peoples at least as well as Israel - but maybe for Rhode Island and Delaware - will we be doomed to repeat the same mistakes as of the first few years of the Obama Administration?


Among the missing in current "logistics" is a discussion that said ROMNEY CARE is the prototype for OBAMACARE when it better is a prototype for smaller "group size" efforts more of community/parish or county based second editions.

ROMNEY DEMOCRATS now being seated?

Among the most rediculous commentary and least useful for or towards real progress are additional digressions by former President Clinton.  And, he knew going in that he would be limited to eight years and of an expectation to honor traditions of quietly retiring. 

A party divided - the Democrats so divided - is/are likely to continue poor standing.

ROMNEY DEMOCRATS please look to your left - please look to your right.

Long still on with a professional insecurity that he needs to give one hour law lectures still to earn his pay check - President Obama keeps loosing political power to President Clinton, as President Clinton keeps trying to ignore a tradition of our that former Presidents are expected to quietly fade away.

ROMNEY DEMOCRATS would you be willing to accept Medicare reform even as part of a general healthcare reform and allow the experimenting needed likely over ten more years of further editions more towards looking more to county and parish to community level solutions such as so that logics about "local" can lead to "better" and "cheaper"?

All interested:  To return to a GROWTH ECONOMY we may have to do such as of an economic necessity to a now unavoidable AMERICAN RESET.  We may have no choice but to try such and settle in to a decade or more commitment around attempts to better such prototype and with a smaller is better bureaucratic much more of a strong "community" centric.   We may need such as a critical part of a JUMP STARTING of our economics as a wiring no longer "crossed" and "shorting" as of Dems’ attempts.  We most likely should try such while holding safeguards at national level specifically around Medicare as we call up each Governor before a joint session of Congress to at least explain why they cannot care as well for their people as Venezuela or Israel or even Iraq.


Time to quarter your communities better and build region and county/parish with a standing with your Governors and county/parish executives and to a future with Hollywood on board to help promote each state around their already unique and established American State Quarter themes?  Time for live local theater and historic distric revivals even if more single or double horsepower "horse drawn" transiting to be seen, smelled and heard?

All Democrats, we could have been on a better path sooner if Pelosi Congress hadn’t tried to protect CLINTON SURPLUS - We could have been to such and likely avoided the GLOBAL WARMING ALARMIST crashing around our economics with a wiser "work-out" more logical, measured and paced.  We didn’t have to copy Spanish "green" model where two would lose there job for each radical liberal "green" job scaring about such GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM that likely did for Americans send three packing to unemployed dependency for each DEMOCRAT JOB created so.

What order should our Governors be called, each, one at a time, before joint sessions of Congress to explain how they cannot do what WORLD LEADERS of smaller countries and equally varying constituent sizes have been able to do? 

DEMOCRATS:  Isn’t that really where we should go next - politically speaking?

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