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It is not like she is, herself, a Holocaust denier.   Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton (aka "Hillary") is more of an American denial - a Thomas Paine "COMMON SENSE" denier.

When one so of a first steps with "we won’t make human rights a priority" then still of a "governance" around the doubting of pain of the COMMON SENSE so of the "doubting Tom" of Thomas Paine - is there a way forward not a way down with a furtherance of uncommon nonsense of Clintons?

HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT — All that was needed was for President Bill Clinton to step out last week with one global media spot to turn the humbling visit by President Barack Hussein Obama to "Hillary’s" turf to relaunch a re-election effort again necessarily of "Hillary for President" to step out with grand global energies for such and as a rival story to Putin’s re-election commencement rush.   President Obama was perfectly positioned to be squashed by the Clinton’s political machine - yet they didn’t pull their trigger.  Is the "news" from last week that the Clintons have finally accepted that their jig is up?

Can the propositions of Clintons that your doubts about pain can be other and special with them from COMMON SENSE and general Reality?  Beyond a reasonable doubt and full up with common sense is the simple truth easily known by most that a re-election effort by Putin stirs a grand obsession difficult to contatin about President Clinton to be "in the fight" again and again more for his personal satisfaction than our own.

The Clintons have long been of an uncommon nonsense and as their like "secret ingredient" of float and confused valuations quite of old "you can have your cake and eat it too."   Ooops!  The "old" was of a "you can’t have your cake and eat it too."   The Clintons were of a furtherance of a nonsensical sold as reasonable of the "new" "you can have your cake and eat it too."

As real political power sense continues President Clinton had just to step out last week or this week still to stir, past our limits, a need to have "Hillary" primary President Barack Hussein Obama.  Just one simple additional pro-Clinton spot would have been enough to have effectively made President Obama look like a simple Deputy to both Clintons and humbled with a "required" by them kowtowing visit to "Hillary’s" turf.

Re-elect the lovable corrupt Clintons!  — that would be honest messaging.

With our President Barack Hussein Obama seeming near in a traveling exile this week - as awol for Joplin disaster and Joint Meeting of Congress to host Benjamin Neanyahu - the Clintons must now be accepting of their failure and arrival in "the ditch" – one small but global spot with President Clinton (a.k.a.: President of the World Bill Clinton & "Hillary’s Ambassador to the World) was needed to stir an uncommon nonsense again to an "inevitable" calling for "Hillary" to step out with "Hillary for President" as necessary in the "Democrat" to a party saving commencement to primary battling with President Barack Hussein Obama.

Political sense is less of a nonsense when considering that only two of her former Senate peers voted so as not to remove her from their midsts and ambitiousness and so from the Senate.  Only two seemed to have voted to suggest it was better for them and their own political and grand ambitions and aspirations to vote her out of the Senate - and even without "hedging" that President Obama would be best to assist with such and then after a year or so work to secure his own personal legacy by politically moving Clintons to the ash heap of history, maybe even the Dubai state of Florida for retirement in another United States of America of the man made Dubai islands.

The proposition still of a Senator Hillary Clinton about these times as a former First Lady and as the "Untouchable" Ground Zero Senator likely was an unexceptable predictable arrogance most Senators could see and vote against while seeming to vote for.   Now with a Senator Hillary Clinton as of "former First Lady" and "The Ground Zero Senator" untouchable for having used such towards a global sympathetic enough to effect a coup and revolt against our Senate long established and wise seniority system.

Have the Clintons now finally accepted that they have been more of the problems than of the solutions and that now America is of a times more demanding of a common sense and less still accepting of their propositions that they could defy normality and govern with an uncommon nonsense?

*Note:   Again this is the work of the one who nows that "Hogwarts" was created in part to protect people around the world from such "standards" of the Clintons.   Again as the muse for J.K. that can tell of her checking back with her muse when material sufficient for a fifth book was a concern and to the addition substance to add a godfather figure and work around an awareness and alarming to a general Volt concern and to mix it up with confused spelling.   Such was the days of friends and neighbors of such muse as of "work" of "construction managers" and "original architects" of the Petronas Towers and so of global awareness themselves of dangers, internationally, of varying voltage standarts.  And so that "Serious Black" was best of as from one a Union Electrician always concerned about proper and certifiable wiring so regularly about a seriousness most about black wires as the "hot" wire.  And again, as the muse who had protecting a next gen from such true character of the Clintons but without an informing of J.K. as to her efforts from her acceptance of such challenge to seven books as focused to such, or why.   The "Hogwarts" not a Saint John’s "wart" but a "Hogan’s" concerns that "wards" around world not grow up to be more like "warts" of dirt under others skin — Hog - warts as from "Hogan Wards"  or "Hogan Warts" and with "Dumbledore" from the purple double door of the orignal posse of youths then about seven years from college that the movie casting did get to quite resembling - as of the front door that the one in such posse did pass through with his magic studies book then and with his black round glasses.   There is no changing that the musing to J.K. for such books was done to inoculate children in America and around the world and even their parents and from a general uncommon nonsense of the Clintons partisan and narrower sense of governance.  To have had so much musing working of ties to those at Yale and its hospitals was of having the muse balance such with use of Griffin Hospital also in general area to "Gryffindor."  And for those less of Yale of New Haven the Yale Commons Dining Hall does quite resemble Hogwarts Hall.  There is a general "sportmanship" about the "Griffin" origins of a friend then in PR there as she and other friend from New Haven Special Olympic Organizing days was then near the chief accountant for ESPN.


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