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We have to get past that the Clinton "two-fer" has been admitting guilt for years now and to finally accepting it and discussing it.  Every time they changed words and beat from their original "successful" 1992 race beat they didn’t do it voluntarily - they wouldn’t have done it voluntarily.

Such was their greatest mistake, maybe - politically speaking - that is such that they didn’t acquire the rights to such artistry/spin.  Now it is a Chicago problem too.  There were national security concerns about the original work that they also crossed and undermined.  What few seem to realize is that each time they attempted a near but different string of enthusiasm as such that still had great resonance they were admitting to guilt of a misuse of such and to attempt to find something as near a possible but not exactly so.  Without mainstreet and Wall Street Americans knowing they were changing such due to protests from the original artist in such problem solving spinning so many and most we left to not even consider they were being told to avoid such and to admitting guilt with each change they made.

It is not now if they are guilty but how guilty - and now such is a Chicago problem as well as Mayor Emanuel did try to inaugurate himself in with same artistry still with protests about any usage by Democrats.   They still miss how much was critical and relevant in such - such they could have acquired rights to but didn’t.  Yes, such was about seeming national security concerns they rather dismissive of yet time as later confirmed.   They wanted a simpler world view to fit their simpler world think, it seems.

Yes it all gets "Loopy" now with grand associate Rahm Emanuel now Mayor "Rahm" of Chicago. 

His usage of such, such written originally with concerns "news" from days before Clintons’ "two-fer" entered 1992 race, and with years of adaptations called for with protests, and such adaptations otherwise unwise for a politician and still like too close to original artistry concerned — like, like, well now has him also admitting guilt with use of an adaptation too close to plagarism and so now as a recent associate of President Obama and so all things "officially" Obama - especially Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

Essentially the "LOOPY" in old "loop" now is to Mayor "Rahm" needing to be at war with President Obama as per Iraq and Saddam Hussein, at least.   Either stand now against President Obama or get to erecting statues of Saddam Hussein around Chicago as the new standard in associated loopiness — like:  ‘Come to Chicago - be in Chicago - in Chicago if Saddam should have gotten away with it so should you.’

This that their unexplained shifts from something that had been working for them to a different less "pop" revision, so many times already, and as admissions of guilt, was originally wrought to encase a prosecution of Saddam Hussein and for many war crimes and as an example of a new "global" for American jurisprudence then less to acceptions of lower standards when we didn’t have to continue with such compromised positions further.

The "Rahm Loop" now progresses for this progressive to logical inference and conclusions much about President Obama’s jurisprudence much of Saddam shouldn’t have been prosecuted.   "Rahm Loop" is loopy all the way back to early days of Clintons’ "two-fer" inadequacies as well.   Raise up statues about Chicago to Saddam Hussein or got to visible war with President Obama and his "global think"!

The Clintons have been admitting guilt for many, many years but without any really noticing for not considering the why they "changed" as the "changed" because they were told they had to. 

They admitted guilt all these years but played coyly by changing some but not all so that they would force a capital case to argue details of how much they were actually stealing and not that they were stealing - and to prohibitive costs about pursuing them for "justice" and not just settling for enough "halting" in ceasing and desisting as some "guilt" enough "guilt" especially when continued misuse continued keeping issue (case?) alive and current.   Really it is a good time to ask yourselves:  Why did Clintons keep changing from a usage of old spin that still had such resonance and artistry about it - why did they have to cease and desist from such specific reusage has they kept/keep a wanting of - how much guilt have they already been long admitting to?

Why would Mayor "Rahm" even risk a further usage himself - why did he - and why did he stumble through such parts of his speech so related still - but because of a "guilty conscience"?

Raise statues across Chicago or go to war with President Obama?  If Clintons and Obama want Americans to like them for nearly letting Saddam go scott free then "Rahm’s Loop" means now that such is the new standard for jurisprudence/freedom for all in Chicago?

Please return, and return.  Will get to more "economics" soon and with query maybe currently answered as to whether what goes in Chicago as per housing economy and economic fairness is still of a President having a jailed neighbor/friend still in a deal fixed so that such would pay most of property taxes for his what appears to be his own side yard.  And, maybe finally discussed enough about how land deal between Rezkos and Obamas was to being an annual tax gift, intentionally.   Rezkos did lose near half the value of their "lot" by selling just a sixth of it to Obamas, right?

Until Mayor "Rahm" instructs otherwise it is a fair and simple progressive thought progressing progressively as a naturally progresses from… that until and unless he wars with President Obama and Clintons over Saddam Hussein then they are in a loop in jurisprudence suggestive that if Saddam Hussein was to be able to "get away with it" then all in Chicago should also be able to also.

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