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It has been said that the definition of "idiot" is of one near to doing the same thing over and again expecting a different sum.

Are we now left to ask: "Which bottomed first - our free press or our republic?"

How is your crisis of valuation going - just peachy? And you are too polite to answer a small-talk question with full emotion and situational nervousness?

Our CRISES OF VALUATION are related and inter-related, maybe even intra-related — take Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s inaugural speechifying yesterday and parts still too near plagarism of others net organizing from back before Clintons were even in the 1992 Presidential math and sums - intra and inter related, yes, and yet as much a perversion of original intent from such a past net organizing original to hard worked focus for New Haven, Ct.

It gets complicated here and multi-party, but for now let’s place origins back to days when President George H. W. Bush was near or over 87% popularity and seeming of thoughts of maybe concerned about being re-elected with emotions, personal, against even running, maybe. He was then about concern and ambitions to comparing relativity about ponderances near "I wonder if I too can take the heat as did Lincoln."

Yes, maybe our media did bottom first - there is so much they could have and should have shared now factors and variables about our making near the same mistakes over and over.

Did you yet hear the one about how after applying for a "writer" position with Charles Koch Foundation in DC Mr. Koch seemingly got to worrying that I might sue him for something way to similar to mine in his THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESS and of time line with origins to my net organizing and writing sent to Rep. Gephardt’s office when his son and George Stephanopoulus were there as co-heads?  That is how it intra-related to me - and only later than to memories of hoping someone not a Democrat would help advance awareness so that I could eventually right their wrong usage(s). Suing such as him about such that accidentally had us so intra-related after a rather random job posting for "writer" when his conscience already peeked, unexpectedly, would have been conterproductive to my efforts to right wrong usage by Democrats - when appropriate and in the interests of justice a settlement between gentleman remained a reasonable alternative - as his usage was still corrective as of old hopes when concerned ideas of my net organizing whence needed some anonymity, though maybe not that much.

Yes, there was always much concern about the Clintons as "messengers" about such - and as inappropriate and inadequate personalities.  Back up plans seemed a wise precaution. I hadn’t read Charles Koch’s book by then but found it after odd thoughts from him that I might want to sue him. Such seemed part of concern that ideas had to be somewhat protected with a separation from its/their artist - a footnote could be added at some future date, like.

Most Democratic usage of such is still inadequate and inappropriate and still unauthorized – Senator Obama likely wouldn’t have stood a chance against Clintons’ vast left wing political machine if I hadn’t been protesting their continued usage too near plagarism of much of rhyme and reason of such current discussion of net worth and free press.  And, Howard Dean as well might have continued his own misuse then officially thwarted when he was so inappropriate with such to stealing such to lecture students to not steal.

It is complicated.  President Bush if then re-elected may not have been able to hold his "moderate" governance enough to prevent a vast right wing assault on America’s values, Christian - as such of right seeming then wanting to give all credit for ending Cold War to right wing Christian values and politics. The more moderate and correct view was more mixed and about success in America with a general politic of a melting pot.

It is complicated.  And, because so much of this was net organized to work in changes for IBM and to room for IBM to fix itself without Government mandates the Ross Perot candidacy muddled up our politics, some, and in some part because he was defensive and peaked about changes then at IBM seeming to much an affirmation of his old IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES tortured past.

It is like the Democrats are still stealing art/music from its artist - and with a usage too near plagarism still and especially inappropriate in yet another usage/heralding in a Mayor’s speech in Chicago by Rahm Emanuel. 

So not of "free" press or "immitation as highest form of flattery" as such by such is still more a perversion to theft still calling its artist too much without compensation or recognition.  Not quite Saddam Hussein’s perversion of Ba’athist Party conception to a united Arab Socialist State as Alan Hart documented with his ARAFAT - TERRORIST OR PEACEMAKER work/book and as Saddam did pervert "socialism" ideology of such party’s conception to grab real power for his selfish ends and after his rising to such as an "assassin" for the party. Really not even close but mentioning such does help understand usage of "perversion" and to a separate understanding from Clintons’ perversions otherwise in news of his personal shortcomings.

Yes 1992 contest for President is maybe our most historically difficult, at least since Lincoln, and maybe more so.

Top Democrats were running away from running and near to an unconstitutional proclamation against a citizen election as with Senator Al Gore suggestive to Dems following his "Bush deserves a second term" and so near "I lead you to/with near ’give him no real opposition’."

Right wing Christians were too over-enthused and to risking an end to continuation of Bush’s moderation of American politics with their dangerous overly vain and prideful attempts to claim end of Cold War as an American Right Wing Christian Success Story, uniquely.

And as I was posting with "status" update on facebook.com/jpeterhogan the other day such were days I was being pro-active and superior to thinking of my dad and my sister much more a part of Democrats machinery than myself, myself still working and positioning to be the best caboose to Reagan Revolution I could imagine and effect, as as well of Rehnquist Revolution, as then intra-related.  It was my sister’s copies of Democrat magazines and drafts of future speaches for Senator Dodd that had me exposed to inside thinking that I was able to see problems much about, as for those times.  My dad was much involved and passionate about development in New Haven and positive change yet with many concerns about traditional obstacles likely still about for such.  I had to close my Home Improvement Contracting business to dedicate myself then to thinking and net organizing for such rhyme and reason of artistry still being used improperly and inappropriately not near at all flattery from imitation.

It is complicated.  How can I asked any media house about "free press" for work or even any other business if when discussion would get to query on worth and salary per such resuming with such resume a valuation of net worth relates to a query about how much is such to be worth with so many at top levels trying to use it without pay and proper recognition and to such massive not free pressing sums for their own worth?

Yes the press has been free all these years to point out such hasn’t been usage of "immitation as highest form of flattery" but as incomplete usage without permission still to affectations still quite idiotic of repeated breaching of artists’ rights.

At least for now, Chicago, your new Mayor has shown he has a conscience so with his stumbling through those parts of his speech so to calling me out with this new column.

Such as Democrats still attempt to "reset" national emotions to rise of Clintons before their character deficiencies started contaminations of such is quite ironically of original written purposes to have prepared America for a second term of President George H. W. Bush and maybe not, but still to a preparation to a seeming necessary and unavoidable prosecution of Saddam Hussein and to a temporary management of Baghdad at same time we were to attempts to save many of our American cities - such that Chicago seemed much to miss out on, in comparison.

Really, as per net worth, I know the answer shouldn’t be "free" press but …?  It was all at least superior to thinking of so many near and close to me and pro-active beyond their imaginations as possible, but…?  I know that many at New York Times knew enough to have shared story behind the story with many, but …?

Oh, and boy do I know that both Clintons had many opportunities to share relevant and necessary history about such to better inform American electorate and to wiser and better decidings, electoral and financial.  But …?  But …?  But …?

So much of this was in my thinking it was reasonable to think New York Times should have given me a chance with Russell Baker’s old column instead of Thomas Friedman.  He, Tom, did get to "reporting" though on so much flattening in so much of old thoughts then to a "more level global playing field" and as much of working in of concerns for IBM necessary changes that then got to seeming peaking Ross Perot’s defensive and proudful interests.

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