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How much is their need to be a elite nuevo high class lawyer cadre undermining our basic democratic foundations?

For the record it was then Senator Joseph Biden who got me to wondering some what he could have been meaning with his then saying, in New Haven a part of a symposium on "evolution" or "devolution" of federalism, like "federalism is devolving."  I still years now since such even in mid to late ninties am uncertain as to what his meaning could have been.

How did what seemed the right "short" answer be yet then to what seemed a conclusion as the wrong answer, I still am far from near of any certain answer.

Have the Democrats been encouraging a "devolving" but not such that would be a reversal back to its more sound origins?  Has President Obama, especially with his "education" platform of RACE TO THE TOP been greatly to such a furtherance, with intent to greater "devolutions"? 

"Evolutionary" would have been a cautionary "DON’T RACE TO THE TOP" especially as their Democrat economics were devolving our markets and economics.   Educational messaging more "evolutionary" would have been contrary to President Obama’s story and platform as cautionary with concern that slid may be from having tried to get to top too soon and with insufficient work/experience and studies.

What did cause the beginning to the end of the Roman Empire?  Did they not know which direction they were actually heading?

When President Obama started off to his inaugural from Philadelphia with near "America needs a new Declaration of Independence…" — we all were fore-warned.  

When he with his Inaugural Speech did use the first moments of his Presidency to try the rediculous that he did with his orations asserting near as "it was/is ALL President Bush’s fault" as near a call to start a full cover-up and grand cover-up near even our grandest ever with his suggestion then that such wasn’t actually at most only half the fault of the Bush administration as at least half could be explained simply by Clintons’ 8 — we were locked into a "devolutionary" new course.

As President Obama began his transition and with more cooperation and assistance by a previous administration yet in our Country’s young history he near only had to see new like Alcoa seemless gutters installed and a certificate of occupancy issued for Bush’s hard work to have set us forward to economic growth.  With his "devolutionary" and deconstructive destructiveness to his near ‘WE NEED A NEW FOUNDATION…" — he so was to a destruction of economy not quite a "devolution" though arguably "devolutionary."

His RACE TO THE TOP does seem to suggest that our Federal Department of Education has out lived its own usefulness and is doing more harm than good.   Such just seems the worse "developmental" or "evolutionary" messaging I could imagine and especially about these times or for these times.

Did he swamp his own desire to run his "personality based governance" by making so much of his efforts as defensive and protective of his rediculous assertion to that of his positing near "it was none of Clintons’ fault"?

Now we should be asking is it that he tried to defend the Clintons or that he had insufficient "personality" - but asking such and to thorough and complete discussing might be in itself "evolutionary" and about good about "federalism."

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