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There is more to this than meets the eyes. 

Spring has broken and sales of road bikes seems up nationally in the United States of America by over thirty percent, and yet the ideology of Obama Democrats is still devolving.

To look back and remember, and how?   How to consider that Al Gore global tour with concerts to promote him as a climate change guru about an era of GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM but of fronting such messaging with venues then often filled with old tires that he had people go to junk yards to find to then transport to his promotions and then transport back to dumps, and mostly for concerts held at night needing big energy bills for the lighting - all the while day time billings near natural wonders without reclaimed trash could have been his forte "green" - hmmm?

I am fresh off yesterdays second outing on my vintage 1982 Panasonic 12 speed roadbike that I customized with upgrades near purchase days, and now have finally gotten to forking out for its third bike chain and as new tires and a new seat also to "replaced."   I am so fresh off my second road bike outing this year and so also as first as a fifty mile plus ride using same New Haven area Rail to Trails paths not an option back whence.   Green is sexy - ask any economist who has matriculated with math and science about a grand respect for "limited resources" as necessary factor for intelligent business.

Green is sexy and bike sales are up especially for road bike category.  And yet Al Gore champion of "green" did front his promotion with most energy expensive billings and staging maybe possible.  And yet President Obama, failing most likely for a general Democrat problem of trying to make our Washinton a grand city of "JUST THROW MONEY AT IT!" and while their fundamental ideology actually better to a basis on wealth or property taxation only a justified venue for our community and state spenders. 

When did these Democrats start going bad?  Was it with the sixties altered states considerations to such as current ideological set?  Was it so then that they started believing they could afford their ideology to grand social services for the baby boomers and yet by evolving a future smaller next gen?  Did they skip the economic studies - or philosophy and logic works?  How did they get now to this "change" with any logic that such could work at a level so with a income and profit revenue basis?  Their ideology needs such kept where wealth and property taxation systems are allowed - at community and state levels.

There is more to this really - do you know where to look?

Cycle sales are up especially, again, for "road bike" category - such is all good news to me.  Yet, yesterday my memories, when searched couldn’t think of but one or two "bicycling" moments of President Barack Hussein Obama – a ride down his street in Chicago with daughters maybe staged for cameras and then the Martha’s Vineyard cigarette run  or ice cream with family venture.   Don’t know if Al Gore even owns a bicycle, come to think of it. 

How do we get our Washington back to being our shinning city of our shinning cities where our best ‘TALKERS’ gather to work their magic to reduce need for spending and thwart change to a national "JUST THROW MONEY AT IT" governance?   How do we get back to honorable Washington of ‘TALKERS’ skilled in dialogue and debate towards daily and annual issues working such to be there as our best - our best at talking the issues back to "manageable" and as "state" or "local" on their better structured for such wealth and property tax revenue basis? 

How do we get back to local solutions still full up with "community" are our best way to reduce costs and keep our Union together?   Do we have to now drag the Democrats out for their years of pushing near the most expensive and national options?

Are our Governors already about an America "reset" so and one now in competition with likes of Tony Blair for his efforts ongoing to help build better "global citizens" at scope and level nearer that of charges of our community and state leaders?   Are our Governors already so also towards state based and soulful sharing/educating to ways best for theirs to become modern global citizens?   Are our Governors and community and local leaders set so now about a reality that a singlular USA "flavor" not best for any American as per our national competiveness?

How and when did this generation of Democrats come up with a "reasoning" that such an ideology could work at a national level with a revenue basis on income and profit?  It doesn’t even fit with their ideology about inequalities about "wealth" issues - it attacks proud American performers and doers - not wealth inequality issues.

But do Republicans already have a "green" is "sexy" or "soulful" message already birthed - Republican?

Is the future already here?  Yet here calling us to really look back and wonder so as to avoid repeating some "leaders’" mistakes? 

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