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Today is the one day of the year when "YOU ARE IN THE DOG HOUSE" has most meaning, well unless it is your mom that is misbehaving.

Is it too late to declare Afghanistan a wildlife preserve and use Liberal’s tactics to save Afghans from our liberals?   Do they have their own "spotted owl"?   There own "sperm whale"?  There own "last buffalo herd?

As it is Afghanistan remains that "thorn in the side" to American liberals - as it stands still as the "Gettysburg" of the Cold War - the beginning of the end, so - the people that defeated the U.S.S.R. and its then to fore rampant spreading of Soviet socialism.  They like, as proud liberals, can’t bring socialism ideals forward here, quite, until they turn Afghanistan first - their ideology falls apart unless Afghans can be also socialized.

Well, seems now certain that "Mom" Rice (Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice) is a better "MOM" than current Secretary of State, "Mom" Clinton, and now as the Obama Administration starts to face that their troop level surges and commencements as per Afghanistan were actually not necessary or even wise.  Uncontestable new intelligence now in to confirm that the smaller footprint in Afghanistan was sufficient to our goals to capture or kill Osama bin Laden, the levels of the Bush admin, that is.

Now though we have the quandry about rare earth minerals having been found in great abundance in Afghanistan and so as if such is like the Bush admin having hoped Iraqi oil profits would and could be used to ‘compensate’ the United States of America and coalition states of a ’standing with’ peoples in majority of such area.   Dems cannot rightly suggest that Afghanistan now repay us in rare earth minerals and so may have to cut and run, based on their own conflicted ideologics, and leave Afghans now at risk to being colonialized and maybe enslaved about global demand for such minerals so needed for Green Revolution - the global warming revolution about green energy and technology, not the Iran Green Revolution, of it’s neighbor’s history.  

Where would our national budget be if Democrats had not so countered Bush’s more "Odysseus" like dawning for America where operations to defeat "monsters" had been celebrated, even in Muslim fashion and traditions, as then hoped with "compensation" from freed oil profits as a part of "standing with" - and a standing with still respectful of Cold War geopolitics having been necessary to thwart spread of Soviet socialism?

Is it now too late to save Afghanistans from our American liberals and so quite of Obama’s "neocolonialism" and "Hillary’s" imperialist feminist socialist dictates?

So President George W. Bush and his Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice did have sufficient troops in Afghanistan to the capture or kill missions to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice.

So, Osama Bin Laden was seemingly motivated against America for it having been chosen to lead the counter operations to bring justice to Saddam Hussein, especially after he violated global trending with his invasion of Kuwait.   So, Osama Bin Laden, supposedly stayed motivated and maybe gained a greater viscerality, each day of Clinton "two-fer" Administration that he woke to find that then so lead United States still was of insufficient prosecution of Saddam Hussein - and even though Clintons were running a biased and bigoted Middle East foreign policy with a strong PRO-SUNNI bias with clear bigotry against Shia, and especially Iraqi Shia so long of Clintons’ words near "Iraqi Shia are not capable of governing themselves." 


So?   So we had to finally prosecute Saddam Hussein, and with well managed ‘STANDING WITH’ even as long as it was with "STAY THE COURSE" steady patience,  just to preserve a precedence of The United States of America as best to a law and order governance spreading – not shrinking.

So?   So we still have a Secretary of State of saying nearly that United Nations’ sanctions should have bite - and yet her "mothering" of the CLINTON 8 were of a general weaking of sanctions and removal of bite, when a more timely enforcement, and full enforcement was actually what we needed.  And, then well, how does "mother" Clinton explain how intelligence now establishes that she was party to keeping all Iraqi people suffering near three years after Saddam Hussein seems to have fully complied – how does she explain her part in keeping sanctions in full force on Saddam Hussein for illegal possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction and so that the next President was to an "inheritance" so fraught with injustices by and of the previous. 

And, around all this so controversial – AGAIN:   HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Really today is the day when you want to be in Momma’s house -not her’s or anyone else’s "doghouse"!  Today you/we have a shared responsibility to help old and new generations remember some better nuance and usage - especially the old salt "YOU ARE IN THE DOGHOUSE!"

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