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Hurry, the clock is ticking, come on hurry up.  A rocky start for sure - you are no Helens, you are not yet beatified - oh poor Hillary, she is no Penelope.

We now have a duty to air the "childishness" of the Clintons SURPLUS - the capture (strike that) - the killing of Osama Bin Laden has freed us to a new patriotism to question our government about all of the Clintons’ 8 and each years opportunities to remove motivation or cause from heart and/or mind of such.  Have you specifically considered yet that the Clinton SURPLUS was a simple and childish political manuever necessary only to check the Republicans who had just proven they could find a trillion to cut to achieve budget balancing?

You/we now have a special duty and now more free to scrutinize the Clintons’ 8 without it seeming a hindrance to the capture or prosecution of Osama Bin Laden, and so to an "unpatriotic" act.

We are talking of both Clintons’ though now maybe more "Hillary" the one that once stood near enough Ground Zero with her primary opponent the young and inexperienced Senator Barack Obama with a gesticulated flourish of her arm reached out and up to were towers had been and with a patronizing near with "you are not ready to make the hard decisions."

I haven’t confirmed the bits I heard separately in past couple days that had one pointing out that our old World Trade Towers had each floor of area equal to an acre and, another else where pointing out that the Pakistan Abbottabad compound of OBL was of area less than one acre.  Perspective seems something to always consider at least some.

How is your French - do you know the easy way to remember which country the Green Mountains are in?  Another clue is a recently heard statistic that such country’s capital has a population now larger that the state in such state that is home to such.

Did we get to the "childishness" of Clintons’ SURPLUS?  Have we yet warmed to considering that Pelosi Congress defense of such during last years of Bush administration likely kept President Bush’s administration from the necessary spending and political overhual needed to save the housing systems from collapse?

Again, there was no need for a surplus let alone another taking of such additional trillion in spending as effected by the Clinton "two-fer" but to save their political hides after Republicans had shown that they knew how to remove a trillion in spending.  The Clintons’ chose the most irresponsible and rediculous to most dangerous way to respond so as they did by then proving they too could find a trillion to cut.

Maybe not as damaging and costly to our country as their avoidance and inaction of the festering from American abandonment about in Afghanistan their eight years - yeh those years they sold, domestically, that PEACE DIVIDENDS were justifiable.  Yes, it seems we once left Afghanistan too early, and then criticizable of the "avoidance" and "inaction" President Barack Hussein Obama warned of and partly spoke to with his acceptance speech for his Nobel Peace Prize - much like we are in those mountains now and so because we weren’t back there then early in Clintons’ 8.

Pope John Paul II was quite remarkable and influential with much of Reagan Revolution - but still it was the Clintons that claimed PEACE DIVIDENDS while Iraq and Afghanistan festered with American abandonment and a failure to return.

I am not going to help you further with "Green Mountain" question.

The Clintons really were quite "childish" those eight years and not just with their unnecessary and irresponsible to grossly negligent underfunding and unfunding so much apart of them finding their own trillion to cut.

Were they more childish, or less childish with their avoidance of a full enforcement of United Nations’ sanctions upon Iraq within a timely manor or/and their failure to prosecute (for the "humanity" of it), with Iraqi majorities, their since found guilty Saddam Hussein?

Some things, say like "Green Mountain" question, you should be able to figure out for yourselves.

Were Clintons more grossly negligent or just still very childish with their administration so to an encouraging and asking of bankers to find a way to let them run the risky loan - housing initiative as an otherwise unfunded federal social program and so to with the derivative gambling system they figured out to please such childish budgeting desires of at least President Bill Clinton?  Then to fore such could only have been attempted with a balancing of federal spending and a securing of such for at least near 4-7 years out into future administrations to assure jobs would be plenty or sufficient to keep those, so encouraged as part of a federal social program, within gainful employment – the Clintons’ SURPLUS was the last thing they should have been attempting while also attempting such push to hook so many into maxed out spending and such risky home loans.

Just troublesome, way beyond "childish" that First Lady Hillary was so to such dictating around Middle East with her imperialism of edicts from her, specifically, to Muslims, specific to how they needed to become more American in ways she was expounding and loudly so - and especially when you consider she would return home after being so inciting to radicals in those regions and then settle in to empower and support all those unneeded and irresponsible cuts to our defense and intelligence departments and even or especially more specifically their meddling with our FBI to such bulwarks, new of their "walls of separation" efforts between federal enforcement and intelligence branches.

Were they just "green", and childish, or was it all something more sinister with real negligence?  How do they justify to now President Obama how their years were near all of the "avoidance" and "inaction" he spoke to warningly with his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech - not delivered in ver for "green" and "mont" for mountain - Vermont?

Guess I couldn’t avoid mixing in recent memories stirred of day and days in High School that a sledding pal and I did imagine and design both a snowboard much like modern design and as well a conversion, in our minds, of there then and still near natural half pipe we then got giddy imagining.  He didn’t like my idea that we go and cut up his fiberglass sailboat to find the right curves and shape in quarter inch fiberglass he so knew to be likely strong enough to be the great improvement over my would plank "snowboard" with toe rope and staples for boot grip.  Oh, such is also the other co-tri-captain with the other, a female Geller, and he a swimmer, David, such that my post graduation comments to "you should think of me as your FRIEND in New York City even though I will likely be elsewhere for a while - you know the show later from thence on NBC before the show with another J Peter… and also before the show with offices at One Hogan Place in NYC?  See because of so much of this I basically never watched any of NBC’s top shows - they hit too close to home.

Please tell me I jested enough for you to have caught my air of childishness about Green Mountains so used to accentuate Clintons’ years of putting us at risk physically and financially.  As per NBC those years I was making sure I had enough people inside certain creative circles for me to stay outside and more a rebel towards attempts to be doing more than most would consider ‘normal’.

Many an old evening walk/constitutional was needed back in those days to find souls willing to take up ideas I and some friends had decided we either didn’t have time for ourselves or were maybe of a youthfulness for such still to be something we could enjoy developing ourselves.  Was funny as well when such old days remembered of my specifically walking off of snowboard and half pipe thoughts as "J.P." that a "J. P. Walker" had become an early star about new sports development - don’t know where I sent thoughts of how long a half pipe would have to be to be as long as thoughts from such day of a slight remaking of our then til just sledding almost half pipe hill.

Well, seems the death of Osama Bin Laden means we now have a duty to question "greenness" and/or "childishness" to maybe "incompetance" of the Clintons during their eight years and at least now those questions about how their avoidance and inaction as per Saddam Hussein did keep Osama Bin Laden motivated against the United States of America as of an inadequate, maybe, prosecution of Saddam Hussein post his invasion of Kuwait that gave him his original cause to conceive and develop Al Qaeda.

Mercy?  Mercy?  Mercy?  But how since Clintons furthered their "childishness" with a full participation in attempts to blame everything and all that was bad on just Bush, and while such from people supposedly as smart and well read as they is nothing short of rediculous?  The Clintons have basically left no middle ground on which to rule lightly now on their specific and complicated involvements.

Yes, I had to work to keep empowerment and encouragement to a drug-free new sport to possible Olympic future, and so with such David’s now late father having been a reknowned expert in drug prevention.  My sisters were the ones with lanky Kramer classmates, but my younger brother not a "Matt" was one best served to double up around his best friend "Matt" so that that Matt’s father could be a creative umbrella, also some or much unawares, about such those years he would let me borrow time on his bike wheel Park Truing Stand.  It wasn’t until George W. Bush was President that I learned he was a classmate and pal of such or yet specifically the one that lost a college election to such.  But it was after such that Jamie Tarses was in my thoughts asking if I maybe had one more show idea and for Thursdays at ten spot - such that I can rightly suggest that George Clooney was set/cast to play the fictional acter me in such show.  Yes such was mostly of those years and people of my swimteam and high school circle even of such days when Anna Greenberg, now pollster, like my youth group answer to "in five years… in ten years… in twenty five years… how would you like to be known?" of near "wise."  Hi Greenberg family if you happen to visit and read my blogs, yes Stanley was balanced/managed with my maternal grandfather’s shared enthusiasm with me of Stanley tools and creativeness and craftiness. 

Be funny if - if it weren’t so true?  Some still funny, though?

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