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President Barack Hussein Obama has just lost his one "Ace in the hole" – he has just concluded and closed the one "open book" of undisputed and full, nearly, issue and initiative of full bipartisan support.

God Bless America!!!

Ok, now back to business of 2012 – now back to recognizing our rights and those increased because President Obama has already diminished his "work" time to be officially in campaign mode – his opposition now has rights to equal time and protection, more than if he was still 100% on the job of holding our office of President.

Seems, we can all be proud and certain about recent news especially as it offers conclusive evidence that the Obama Department run by a Republican has been earning its keep.

God Bless America!!!

Oh, poor Obama Secretary of State now hung out as arguably a clear and certain hindrence to our Department of Defense of having actionable intelligence such earlier, so with her quick and easy distribution of vast millions of Americans’ hard earn tax dollars not questionable as a "rolling over" too quickly and too easily."

God Bless America!!!

God bless our campaign laws that now expect equal protection and coverage for those in civil opposition to this Democrat Administration.

God Bless America!!!

"Sighted" wisely had to go.

"Snared" or "snare" now a better opposition campaign "civil" messaging imagery.

God Bless America!!!  RIP those that have fallen in our nation’s name and also, since, specifically, in our defense.

Yes, President Obama is now without the one issue with which he had uncontested bipartisan and full support.

Yes, looking at 2012 civil contests your opponent is to be caught or "snared" - "sighted" is out.

If I were President Obama, I likely would be wishing I wasn’t already in campaign mode – and that it seems President Clinton has spent as many hours since Obama was elected "studying the economy" with his "one hour a day" purported claiming as it seems President Obama has spent in total with all his hours spent golfing during the same period.

God Bless America!!!

It’s is to be near: It is the economics, that smarts still - for 2012.

So it still can be claimed that Saddam Hussein gave birth (knowingly?) to Al Qaeda as his play/move to take Kuwait and keep it must have been premeditated with reasoning about local and global possible responses - without Saddam’s Kuwait invasion there may never have been an Al Qaeda or such a radicalized Usama Bin Laden.

God Bless America!!!

Since Saddam Hussein thought he would be able to keep Kuwait aren’t we late to really discussing such and that such a thought had to consider the "hows" and "whys" about what Saddam thought the United States of America might think too great a cost and too great a risk about possible radicalization in Middle East?

Could it be that Saddam expected an Al Qaeda like local response and expected to be able to play it and control it to his ends and so against the new sole super power America?  Did he so hope to ride global public sentiments and stir up Middle East to a greater regional control and with new and greater powers for himself?  Did he have France and Germany ready and willing as such could be also towards a new Euro-centric global economic?  Could 9/11 have been maybe once thought as a last attack on a beat up America and not as more often considered near to a "first" or "second" strike?

Well, at least President Clinton’s once National Security Counsel advisor Bobbitt did note in his TERROR AND CONSENT that Al Qaeda gots its start because of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait and so with Osama Bin Laden of a lobbying of Saudi Arabia to be their man to new "hero" as so with his proposing to build a special force to repel Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.

God Bless America!!!

But really, might 9/11 have been first imagined and planned to be a last battle and devastating blow to an already humbled and quieted America?  How far out might Saddam have been considering such that he thought he could "win" and "win" with a eventual keeping of Kuwait - was it the usual twenty years more than most America planning or maybe just ten?  Those were quite the days it seemed America had trouble thinking strategically out more than a year or two, right?

Please be civil towards 2012 challenges to this Democrat administration - please don’t "sight" your issues or their carriers/messengers, please just think of snaring them and even preferably in their own faulty history and logic.

God Bless America!!!

God bless our campaign laws!!!

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