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Bill was home, there was nothing to worry about, he still thought he could get back into his White House.  Bill, was comfortable thinking Al Gore still completely manageable/containable.

All those years his "Hillary" had gone along to get along still thinking she would still get her chance and that it could still look like "feminism" hadn’t been yet knocked over in her imagination/personal reality. Her convenient "job" found in New York so that Bill could set up a shadow department of state or something more global an initiative to a Clinton autocracy had been sustaining her enough - even after Bill had been dragged near tears up to Harlem rental space still far more than due but still less than Carnegie Hall Tower near penthouse suites that per year in just first year would have been more than all rents for past presidents’ post office office rentals combined.

An Obama with near as little tenure in our Senate had them on the ropes - but they continued thought maybe that they could still get/take credit for most of good stuff of 90s even if they weren’t responsible.  They still were the most modern of political couples so with efforts and thinking near a ‘we have the technology - we can actually now fool most of the people most of the time - we can grab and hold power maybe forever, finally.’

Donald Trump was still in their cards, like.

Republicans were still less than wise to how much was of a Grand Old cooperation with Clintons only of a necessity to get Reagan and Bush long championed changes across a finish line or maybe a "certificate of occupancy" readiness.  With Bill at home so, too many still thought Republicans would work with another round of Democrats so even though now a ‘fool me twice…’ set and cast. With Hillary ‘on the ropes’ some and heading off to New Hampshire few had considered yet that Democrats had burned most of their "bipartisan" bridges and upon a new era where Republicans could help their own missions and purposes by letting Americans see what Democrats, when left alone, were capable of themselves, alone, with their unbalanced ideology.

Yes, it was little considered still that the Clintons’ even of an asking for a suite rental near a million per year as they did near the penthouse suite next door to THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM as so in new CARNEGIE HALL TOWERS should be seen as "telling" or "corrupting" even if it just about dollars more than all past presidents did charge off to tax payers combined.  How "telling" even that Bill was to running off to bankers he thought owed him for having made them so much money with his new derivatives scheme, and to even be near tears to try to get them to shell out funds for such extravegance he so was set upon. Yes, quite, all this while news yet hardly enough still while also measurable for corruptiveness or ethicality as per a Senator, not even the carbetbagger Senator then of Clintons’ "two-fer" politic.

Well, the Clintons were then about New Hampshire in an earlier day, and looking on the ropes by one just a little more junior in tenure in our Senate.  If only those that were more responsible for successes and beat of Clinton 8 economy hadn’t put their feet down and told Clintons and others that Clintons were in no way authorized to use such further or that those involved of much benefits themselves were either to a further rendering to benefit to Clintons selfish, too selfish, initiatives, like?  If only Clintons weren’t on the ropes because they had failed as politicians to secure rights to use again what they had misappropriated much in their Clinton 8 to their comebacks?  If only they had actually been the secret to their own successes they wouldn’t have had their "two-fer" on the ropes by one of their own, Senator Obama, Democrat then in New Hampshire?

Ah, but her tears?  Yes, but her tears - oh the drama, the sad drama.

Yes when she cried she was near out - knocked down and out, and just not ready to have to answer if a question pressured about if she had any hobbies or extracurricular activities.  Yes, those tears were "Hillary" under pressure and asked to reveal she had a paper thin personality with near zero hobbies or extracurricular interests and such that she cried to bemoan a lack of time to have used her "Elliptical" machine.  Don’t know how or why those dramatic tears were able to save her, but they did.  Won’t work for anyone else now will it, will they?

Sure she had lost half or more of their "two-fer’s" Hollywood friends and the support of another before such so much so that he notified Hollywood friends that nothing from his past should be used any further to benefit Clintons, and with a similar concern about them as known and indisputed "liars" - too selfish.

Where is Bill now - I have no idea.  Did though alert President Obama whence elected, if only in one of my blogged columns, that if he didn’t work his first year in politicing to move the Clintons out then I wouldn’t see much reason to respect him as of "political" skills there after.  There never was a chance for an actual marriage between Clintons and Obama, and where we are now is mostly proof positive of such, and much for attempts by Democrats otherwise have had their initiatives fighting and counter to their own initiatives and reasonings and ideological basis.

Yes, the "Hillary tears" were so timed to have been so near a knock down to have been a critical and simple hit with "do you have any hobbies/extracurricular activities" as pressured with blogging to find out if she was losing for having a lack of personality or range.

She must be crying now and so that Republicans don’t to a one or few of them seem to be anymore accepting to her idea of being near crowned Queen Hillary.  She must be still holding onto some thinking that Republicans are willing to endorse her before one of their own, and not even one of their own less tainted by their own history and selfishness.

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