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Good Day Will, we should swap recipes someday – today I am planning to invent my own energy bar cookies for long bike rides, that I can keep frozen until I am ready to take one or two out for a ride.  If they are anything like my recently invented Banana, coconut, chocolate, walnut, raisin, oatmeal, vanilla cookies I may have one already to share.  I keep a motorcycle licence but haven’t ridden a motorized bike in over a decade.

We here in America have our future to think about - and much a rethink about "Oxford Bill" Clinton.  I hope it isn’t/wasn’t all from what he learned on your side of the pond.  Have you ever, personally, considered that "Oxford Bill" grew up most phonetically as if famed William Blygh, as he was born William Blythe III?

I may even crush up a few multi-vitamins for extra measure and minerals, haven’t decided yet whether with this batch work or maybe a future batch.

I met Bill and Hillary when I was near in first grade so think his short-comings that have caused most of our new lows may be unique to his pre-Yale Law days.  He did attend Oxford first though didn’t he?

Yes, America’s future is now at stake due specifically much to Clintons both bringing us to all time lows.  More a "character" or "sportsmanship" problem for them, I fear.  One now likely to be aired with President Obama throwing his til now CIA Director to the Senate "WOLFS" to answer, properly, and fully maybe, to the intelligence errors and failings of the past parts of President Obama’s term.

I was so "domestic" yesterday I was polishing a piece of my mom Catherine’s (Kate’s) wedding pewter – I have my grandfather’s old 1750 rpm buffing motor and buffing shield and just had to see if used with her Wright’s silver/pewter polish if a luster could be worked out.  I need some other size buffing wheels now if to polish more of the inside of pewter bowl, but yes the buffing wheel my grandfather Arthur kept in Greenwich for his jewelry and fishing lure constructs and repairs is still in working order.  Oh, yes - Greenwich, Connecticut, at least until mid 70s.  I have a higher rpm grinder motor that I had another buffing wheel on from boat bronze work projects years ago in my full restoration of 1968 Cal 25 sailboat and bronze and aluminum fittings - didn’t dare higher rpm on pewter, though.

Hope you have appreciated my thoughts all these years more to and about Merlin in A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT in lew of thoughts also available as related to those decendent from family that produce Oliver Cromwell, really - and with other parts related to family that made Buffalo Bill.

If you already know Ted Bell, novelist, you may appreciate that I have known him since before the writing started and started after the British invasion of Young and Rubicam advertising/marketing agency.  My grandfather Arthur M. Menadier retired from Y&R years earlier in 1971, as a real "Mad Man" so it goes, and the that had primary account duties for all Johnson & Johnson business for 25 years before his retirement.  Another note of such is that Mr. Land of Polaroid fame did approach my grandfather first as a Boston ad man and such that later in life such was told as my grandfather’s only "regret" over business career - that he turned down Mr. Land for account to launch a new instant camera invention.

Yes, America has gotten to some new lows and much due specifically to Clintons.

President Barack Hussein Obama, born August 4, 1961 in Hawaii, U.S.A. now has thrown the Republicans a Senatorial bone with nomination of his CIA Director for a new round necessary of "confirmations."  The Clintons both are at risk now as Senate will have a duty to challenge years of faulty intelligence and especially the Obama/Clintons’ standard of "it was all Bush’s fault".

I remember meeting Bill and Hillary when near in first grade because they polled me while at play alone in school yard next door with a query about whether they could both become President someday - and as unmarried Yale Law Students such that when my answer "yes" then had to be changed when "Hillary" was like "then I will marry you" but with "Bill" then of a lying about my answer having really been "NO! - not if you marry each other - the term limit law will likely come into play so be careful who goes first."  Yes, Bill lied to Hillary right in front of me after realizing she hadn’t heard my real answer and did ask him to repeat what I had said.  He didn’t and then he got near mad that I wouldn’t be a young wing man like and let his lying about my honest answer go.  I kept a look out for weeks thinking I would see them again and get my full answer out to her, to now avail.

I think it is safe to say these new lows are not Oxford’s fault - it may have more to do with the real William Blythe III and his background wanting around used car sale stories, or something else, equally influential.

Well are 9/11 Reports are no more "LAW" than our Constitutions preamble, right?  So fewer barriers before the Senate as regards an unwise confirmation of Leon Panetta to another top post now, and so now that Senate has a duty to berate Democrats for attempts post 9/11 and Anthrax - and post as well years of offered but unearned, maybe, friendship to Clintons from Bush families, and as well even sooner upon the months of unprecedented assistance in transitions by Bush administration - those attempts, all, to and with irrational "it was all Bush’s fault."

Now to find a princely hash tag to help spread such fair "notice."

Best wishes Will and Kate  — Sorry if Clintons’ prosecution comes back on Oxford – that they just went along with all the Bush bashing seeming to a 100% innocence of themselves when so much actually points right back at them is really an all time new low for us here in America.  Can’t remember a defense of their friends the Bush’s offered even once - they to be "reasonable" at least should have blamed Speaker Newt Gingrich or Speaker Dennis Hastert for all such necessarily involved from their years and said "leadership" or "expertise."

Shameful behavior, quite.  As blogged earlier - the size of a cover-up attempt can shed light on the scope and size of a crime so with attempts to hide.  And, well "IT WAS ALL BUSH’S FAULT" is for America about the largest attempt at a cover-up yet.  It cannot possibly have been "all of Bush’s fault" and now our President had exposed himself and his "intelligence" by offering Senate a nomination/confirmation duty around Leon Panetta. 

Might get interesting - can he survive?  Can they survive, they the Clintons?

I do hope this doesn’t end up specific and also disappointing about Oxford.

Again, best wishes - Will and Kate - did I mention I keep a motorcycle licence?

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