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Today is April 27, 2011 and it finds me in Connecticut, USA.

It is not too late to relitigate the Obama "New Foundation" or litigate it now for a first full ponderance. We have a most partisan and divided nation now since Obama became, quite, the "acting President" if you really "value" the Bush transition positions. How do we get to "first base" - how now that it is spring and our President already about his campaigns?

It is still very remarkable how helpful and dependable the Bush administration was then with President-elect Obama and his hardly organized group of surprised winners.

Yes so it is really August 4th - the President really has the same birthday as I do, and really is four years older. I wasn’t born in Hawaii - I was born in New Haven, Connecticut.

So you came back, thank you.  President Obama has just moved to make General David Petraeus the new Director of Central Intelligence and so that we may have the first worthy of an action figure - COMPANY DAVID?  THE DIRECTOR?  COMPANY MAN?  COMPANY JOE?

And you thought the British had us this week on "dress codes" didn’t you?  What will he wear?  Really what will he wear?

Will you buy one for your youths still in diapers and with the camo gear and pinstripe suit or just maybe the "casual" kit?  Will they be some day caught by a future President like those at Facebook HQ recently with "when you were in diapers…" emoting?

Does he even own a suit?  Does he have to retire from uniformed service if his nomination is approved?  I don’t know - maybe he is expected to continue wearing full dress uniforms or fatigues?

Will anyone be able to recognize him - or believe they do?

Well baseball season is open and the pinstriped Yankees are looking sharp.

Hello Catherine ("Kate") my mom’s name is Catherine ("Kate") - Best wishes from this side of the pond to you and Will?  Did he get any say in how he will be dressed on Friday?

Today is still April 27, 2011 - you are probably already to April 28th.

Well when I see "if you see something suspicious please call…" I still think of "Hillary" and want to call - you know call on her now historic polarizing and partisanship and history with the Clinton 8.  Yes, I see those signs and want to call our authorities about her - since I also don’t know how we can forgive her and move forward without compromising so many developmental story lines and histories essential and yet still mostly ignored.

Are those most passionate today about America now too young to know enough about how different the Clinton "two-fer" history is from how the Obama’s NEW FOUNDATION suggested/suggests?

The Clinton 8 is of four to eight that makes a conspiracy theorist "busy" if to consider that 9/11 if an America operation, covert, has potential plots that make it if possible of so than more likely the secrets and secreted workings of a very tight two-some maybe as tight and close as just "Bill" and "Hillary." And, yes even if Al Gore had actually won in 2000 and had it available, available for him to become emotional about his days as a war photo journalist and with such picturesque Afghan footage a daily news ration.

Heard the rumor General Petraeus, the reported rumor back in March, congratulations, big time.  I feel safer even though "Hillary" has made us less safe, and, made us less safe maybe just accidentally. Don’t know how every day she is in the news that we don’t have a "where is Bill" co-story with him busy with Clinton Global Iniative and such basically running an extra-Constitutional shadow State Department - but without the "travel office" bureaucratic duties, "Hillary" like has again.

I guess that whole "New Foundation" pretty much took apart most of the works that made Iraq finally successful, all that stuff you then had to go "general" about in Afghanistan without a developmental flow in history to such.

An official action figure could help us reduce our deficits but maybe not as much as a departure/sacking of "Hillary" may. And so especially within this a redistributive-socialist administration where profits from such shouldn’t be yours.

Well, I remember when I did first consider years ago that 9/11 made President Bush’s concerns about Iraq and Saddam Hussein that were long on his mind harder and much more complicated - and didn’t make it easier for him to finally prosecute Saddam Hussein because of 9/11.  9/11 still seems an inconvenience about injustices needing attention in Iraq and yet quite convenient to "Hillary’s" causes and speechifying with travels and visits to the turfs of those she could radicalize and incite with her calls for them to become more American in ways she was specifically speaking to, and with Iraq to be avoided as such would make the Clintons look bad for having had near all of their eight years to enter and prosecute and even free many and with her prefered American rights.

Yes, this is much with concern for development and national wisdom and with a concern that Clintons need be made examples of to get us back to a sounder and stronger basis more of our old ways than their PEACE DIVIDENDS while crusading and inciting, and then as "Hillary" was want to returns to home to assist in unfundings of intelligence and defense and even some empowerment of "Bill" to impeachment lies and "walls of separation" at FBI between enforcement and intelligence.

Glad you returned - hope you have read Mark Twain’s A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT.

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