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See I could try to be more scholarly today and reach for or tab out a Google page for our Constitution and past discussions about and around "God particles" - but alas a chance to be more direct with more an impressionist rendition should dim the darkness and the dullness of his and her low numbers. 

Let us be clear - race should hardly be an issue in 2012 race, there is just so much more important and pressing "stereotyping" to throw about and overshadow such.

We likely won’t even have to discuss much how "Hillary’s" "God" may have been intervened upon and disconnected much by "Bill" and such that he kept himself ("Bill" that is) most in her "God" dependence and such that a "Hillary" as President would have relied basically on "a third term of ‘Bill’" for its acceptability and/or preachability.

Yes, "Hillary’s" biggest problem as well won’t be here race - it is most likely to be again that she is a lawyer with insufficient experience and personality for the job and so with too thin an "executive" resume (CV).

Let us be clear - President Obama has a much bigger problem than his races - his "half-blood" past "princeness". 

Let us be clear - President Obama has maybe as his biggest problem that he as been confirmed as a devotee and disciple and to some even much a profiteer as a lawyer and Constitutional Scholar/Professor of the beliefs systems around a faith in a socialist interpretation of our Constitution.

Oh, yes, we must consider this scholarly and even some bits heavy about a Constitutional.

Let me be clear - with impressionism, let me be clear - Our Constitution’s First Amendment bars our Government, as it is, about "establishment" of Religion.  But see, that is where President Obama has been tricky and even maybe scholarly as it is our history now all those early days of this our "The Evangelizer President" not so with his daily masses filling near a full hour a day with them so unexpected broadcasts.  And, yes this one the once primary messiah Obama.

Let me be clear - President Obama like "Hillary" have that they are lawyers as their biggest problem looking to 2012 mass mediations.

But, that said it is really and interesting Obamaism quite a fit to scholarites - that a President Obama could evangelize daily with intent and of hour masses broadcast with interuptions regular but not and within our First Amendment bar to an establishment of "religion" for he was about being a new messiah such that it would only be a forbidden act to an establishment of "religion" if and when he succeeded so about with his profiteering and mass appeals.

Yes that they are followers of an American sect strong in beliefs about a socialist interpretation of our Constitutions and as lawyers so prostrate is likely their biggest problem looking to judgement days of 2012 re-democratizing.

Jee, my fifty two plus mile bike ride today to inaugurate my 2011 road biking season seems to have worked wonders for my impressionist blogging/writing.  Could say it may have been for riding around Robert Treat farms or maybe that I wrote out so far to have been out past Quinnipiac University Polling and the Sleeping Giant or could as well blame it upon being through old and new haunts about Yale.  Really I don’t know, and cannot say for sure.  Maybe enough people found my old blogs here where I said some things they wanted to repeat or just consider.  Oh, yes, you can put sun protection on after the effect and still protect yourself, after the fact, after the hours exposed, it does still help medicate.

Yes, it will haunt him that he the once "Primary Messiah" that then championed but failed to vanquish ("Hillary" and/or "Bill") will still likely have that he has been a lawyer with insufficient personality or experience as his biggest problem and that his cleverly and even maybe scholarly was to attempting a work around our "establishment of religion" forbiddence with interpretations not secured only by his co-devotees of a socialist interpretation of our Constitution and such that this "Obama" as THE EVANGELIZER PRESIDENT did try at an establishment of religion as many lawyers could say permitted as such as were his masses and appeals such being so new and attempt at "new" couldn’t or wouldn’t be a "religion" until or unless he was successful in so turning himself and our Presidency to near in practice a theocracy.

The prudent thing while about such to do is rightly to avoid religious tags and even a revelation of a personal birth certificate maybe published and certified with a different middle name or religion.

Personally, I would really like to see his Harvard Law treatises and/or otherwise simple papers and writs/writings, Mr. Romney of Massachusetts, or even maybe Mr. Trump or Mrs. Bachmann.

Oh, "Hillary" did you have an epiphany or revelation this morning?  And a quite fine one?  Must I rededicate myself anew with yet another reset of commitment to my striking on economy as long as you persist so in another administration without any improvement or development?  If it were baseball and I your manager you would have been sent down long ago - well I guess it is complicated what with Bill being your still "chosen" manager, also not willing to face up to "two-fer" failings.

Is it your "school of thought" or your "God" that has failed you - or can you not comment until your efforts to an establishment of a "new" religiousity effectively overrides our Constitution as it here to fore has been?

Well, that actually was fun - maybe now it is even funny, if not too scary still.

Oh, bike ride, so as it was only "inaugural" of my road bike, was still fun enough but cautious for being still someone new and uncertain with real routing unplanned.  My earlier trapsing on fat tire "mountain" bikes helped lay the foundation for today’s success.

Well seems we may have to wait for the "God" particulars. 

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