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I was thinking of titling this one "DREAMS OF MY FATHER" and making it about Muslims, race, Harlem, and Hollywood.  Yes, I worked with and around my father’s story and his network and such in my planning and lead up to such as also about Jaycees and Special Olympic volunteering - but this may have been more about my dreams and my coalition building.

I am my father’s son - I am my grandfathers’ grandson - I evn had an unrelated "Summer Dad & Mom" around my college years - and my "Summer Mom" was a part-time NBC executive.

Yes, my father played baseball and basketball in high school and maybe in college as well - baseball I know for certain.

Yes, my father had a great story from his summers as a teamster delivering Coke around Connecticut and in those days when they hadn’t thought to have doors on the sides to secure the cargo or think to slant the bases for pallets so that cargo didn’t tend to tip out and crash while cornering.  The story ends with a big black hand slamming open the bathroom door at the Jimmies Hot Dog stand near the amusement park one day when he and his also white nerdy college buddies had ducked in their after noticing a white motorcycle group showing too much interest/attitude - and with the big black hand with a big black voice saying "Hey Cokeman need any help?" and with enough other big people behind him that the motorcyclists noticed after hear the voice after having followed my dad and his friends into the latrine, near the Amusement Park.  Dad you to trade cases of Coke with such’s younger brother to watch his truck while delivering with no doors and had been noticed.

But this is more about MALCOLM X - the movie.

Well it is also about me having spent more than a month one summer taming William Stringfellow’s overgrown properties in the town of New Shoreham, in what was then the last decade of his life.  He showed my his cottage where he had harbored the federal fugitive(s) and tought me how to use a weed wacker for the first time even though a chain saw more appropriate to the landscaping odd job I had signed on to.

Well this is about the late 80’s and early 90’s and also much as well relevant to a friendship my dad had with Augustus A. White M.D. from some basketball tournament he ran or another New Haven or Connecticut Jaycees function he helped direct.  I have mentioned I met "Gus" White doctor physician to the Black Panthers when I was about five and my dad of spotting him in New Haven not aware yet that he had returned to practice medicine at Yale.

Yes, when I was about my dream to be a caboose to the Reagan Revolution and in ways I wasn’t thinking anyone else really engaged to I did choose to move back to New Haven and start my remodeling contracting business there and in my parents basement, and with my newish still ‘88 Ford F-250 4x4. 

This is about Harlem and my having known William Stringfellow and with me dreaming the dream of helping dad have interesting continued friendship status with "Gus" White and as well with me having also gotten wired in with William Bratton since 1987-88 in Boston.

Of course my dad had some big dreams with all his early 60’s Jaycees days and what with him having run for governor of Connecticut while fresh out of University of Connecticut Law - but I was trying to dream better and work such by stirring his old dreams and networks towards such, and with much effort to such, and day dreaming.

He liked baseball so much he even dreamt of becoming a shortstop for the Boston Red Sox, so I have heard.

Spike, have you figured in how you fit in here - as refreshed with me having caught at least half of MALCOLM X - the movie last night?

Hi Denzel, I am trying to not make this too much about actors.

My organized baseball play stopped at Little League level, and in the days and league that had Nicky Dawidoff a neighbor by a block and a ball player a few years ahead of me, with Paul Giamatti if of playing ball then just a year ahead.  I did get to some organized softball play over years since both in my own New Haven Area Jaycees days and two of my ten years in DC, with first year a Mall walk-on into the Department of Interior’s Solicitor’s Office’s team in the then Clinton/Gore Exectutive Softball League - my second year in DC with the inaugural Villanova University year in the long established College Alumni Network (CAN) league and then in 2007 again in my last year with a much more established Villanova Team still of some of the orginal team I was once a part of.

I did use a brand new YANKEES branded soft hardball T-ball stand, bat and ball today with one of my soon to be three years old nephews at his party - I bunted well once - are you allowed to bunt in T-ball?

Oh, Spike and Denzel, yes I did tell a friend whose father then was the CFO of IBM that I could help her with a "race/color" issue at her workplace then with Omni Hotels in DC - and did so then in 1989, with a integration into my dreaming and ambitions and realizations that new works and even movies would be needed especially when she broadened request for "help" to include her father’s responsibities with IBM back when the Economist was writing that other "blue jeaned entreprenuers were out inovating IBM."

STICKLY BUSINESS - the movie - the movie with Halle Barry brought me to tears - Oh, and well I caught on especially with Denzel scene set in Harlem where you directed such that and I.B.M. "Training Center" sign had prominence. I have to look up the name spelling for an old class of 1983 person that you looked like much in such movie, an acquaintance in New Haven Public Wilbur Cross High School, that may still be on my facebook list, though also looking a little differently by now.  Oh, yeh, I watched enough last night to see scenes where my dad’s dreams overlapped on such issues and as well with his friendship with "Gus" White M.D. - and as I knew those two would have enough history to balance a modern useful artfulness, at least some.

See, when I left Suffolk Law School after first year it was then a block away from the Massachusetts’ State House and so close to the spot I first became wired with Chief William Bratton when nearly to laughing at his new fleet of cruisers and as they were new then to him but the color green and the oldest fleet in the state and with radios reportedly ‘not working."  I was already read on Robert Moses and redevelopement in New York and Boston, some and so had ambitions such that maintenance of supportive thinking about such William Bratton, made sense.  Ed Logue’s brother Frank lived across the street from me in New Haven - the Ed Logue of Boston’s Fanueil Hall Market Place redeveloping and Roosevelt Island makeover in NYC.

See, it is really best that I don’t title this "DREAMS OF MY FATHER" for so much of my story was of years of work and reading and thought to a development of a capacity to exceed my dad’s natural tendencies and habits, more the above normal, and to a new level where he wouldn’t think to look for as many layers as I wanted to try to artistically mused to/about.  I did in fact think I reached such capactity to not only have more going on then he would even consider to consider even dreaming about, and with careful and artful compartmentalization, but that I did get to having more going then he had a capacity, with a full time job and full time parent duties, to use if he actually had time enough.

Such really goes to my years saying "I am more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane" and with Hearst being more the goal than the network most regularly used or used much at all. 

Oh, yeh, MALCOLM X - the movie may have been filmed much to all before "Barry" Obama even matriculated out of Harvard Law School - I see it was released in 1992 but don’t know the production history, even though I could recognize inspiration that made it some to screen.

Oh, that IBM side of story mentioned is best categorized to the ends such of me realizing I had too much going already about my "Citizen Rosebud" ambition and such that I realized I had to keep going it more alone so as to not lose my extra capacity build and worked into my life towards a chance to have maybe 5-10 years to work to more "change" than most would even consider as possible.

I would have to have also considered "DREAMS OF MY MOTHER" instead and for her father having been the primary Johnson & Johnson ad guy (Mad Man) for near 25 years until his force retirement from Young and Rubicam in 1971, and her as well active as a college student and with the NSA (National Students Association) - and such publicly with appearances to argue for the "loyalty oath" for those students accepting federal student loan funds.

But this is so much about an extra capacity I worked in an with years of walking similar paths years later within same volunteer organizations.

In my Little League days I was still between a strong prefence for my first name over my middle name, or vice versa, and such now that I can still remember sometimes running about and answering accidentally as "J..eter."

Don’t remember, at this moment, exactly when in all this that I grew concerned with remarks coming from President George H. W. Bush and such that with such about the "puzzle" of Iraq/Saddam/Persian Gulf War concludability that I thought a private effort may be needed to help try to turn one of the otherwise running away Democrats into a willing candidate and to an how to "change" them to "electable."  I had known of Clintons’ ambitions since I was near about 1st grade, as they polled me with "can we both become President" - and thought my negative first impression of them might make them available as disposable spars, and how, and how as well to help IBM with their radical changes in direction, and marketing to something that much more nearly resembled my known business plan then a decade into creative furtherance, but as a "new" adjusted Randian approach…

Oh, and such that Clintons got to sounding like it as well, but not without a bunch of unwanted gray hairs and much lost sleep on my part, and much from day dreaming while still some "in business" in my parents’ basement, but then to without my still newish Ford pick-up for the political canvassing job I took to keep some revenue while about such a dedication to a new political correctness working had me realizing somethings had to go, and the used Honda that got near 40 mpg was available.  

Yes, after years volunteering with New Haven Area and Connecticut Special Olympics, and mostly as Director of Operations (Support Services) with my truck and those the same years of New Haven Jaycees volunteering and all-nighters in museum exhibit construction volunteering at then young and pioneering Eli Whitney Museum, I did spend most of a fall/winter of months in evening canvassing with ConnPIRG and/or C.C.A.G. (Connecticut Citizen Action Group) and with petitions for clean air standard and healthcare reform campaigns. I don’t remember if it was for just six months or over maybe even eight. 

Yes, I had many months to think of how I thought Healthcare had a chance of being reformed and stayed quite aways away from where "Hillary" tried to take it after my writing to make sure President Bush actually had someone to run against had so much going that I still fear I had a hand in making the Clintons more "electable" than they deserved.

You should ask me about my dreams of thinking how much IBM really should have owed me and how I had too much going to even pursue a meeting to such as a discussable - but not such that I didn’t have time to suggest they like maybe pay it forward about Time Square and maybe even Ireland.

So, my Yankees are looking pretty good tonight.  Do you know of their firstbasemen’s volunteer work in Harlem?  Text… something, like.  


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