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Like "there should be a beginning, a middle, and an end" - unless you are willing to take forty years off from writing.

Was Justice Rehnquist a fan of J.D. Salinger - or just his revolutionary treatments, maybe?

How did we get here, to these days of young President "Barry" Obama and his NEW DEAL AUSTERITY MARCH – how did we all get to such a rye of Obama?

There is a confluence.

There are at least three about if you also ask for "relevance" of to a query as "Why wasn’t it "WILL POTTER…". 

There are dangers in President now "relitigating" the past, against his own wishes, now with he himself to near "return to Clintons’ years’ tax rates."  Maybe more a "Pandora’s Box" than an "Odyssey Eve" as such releases so much now long snuffed with their lid securing — those were the years that brought us the years of Bush - those were the years to the future of Bush where their "spending" was more the problem than their "tax rates."

Of the confluence of Justice Rehnquist and young President "Barry" Obama we must look back to "Barry" the Harvard Law Student of maybe the last class at Harvard Law to have still been graduated in the pre-Rhenquist Revolution old and elite legalese preponderance standards — we should look at his legal pride as too old school and contrary to the then spreading Rehnquist Revolution to turn back/reset of American jurisprudence to a NEW LAYMEN LANGUAGE standard.  Really young "Barry" the law student may have been of the last class of Harvard Law matriculated out educated in the outdated ways.

I left law school a few miles away from his Harvard and bought a new Ford F250 4x4 the spring before the fall of his start - I left after my first year, by withdrawing before exams and so then opting to remain an "accepted" Suffold Law Student for the next seven years.  I left and for next years worked to encourage a greater laymen basis for law and contracts as like a caboose for the Reagan Revolution - I even set to right my own home improvement contract for Connecticut use towards such ends —  Obama would not have "graduated" by then, though new "laymen" legalese changes may have just become a new standard about the time of his wrap of legal studies.  Part of my story is such that my dad, a lawyer, aware of but not involved in my business, did alert me that changes had happened around home improvement contracting laws and I might need to change my contracts, and, then that in fact I didn’t as my contract construct when reviewed for "compliance" needed no changes.

Is President Barack Hussein Obama living in a legal world that really no longer exists?  Did he miss the Rehnquist Revolution?  Did his misunderstand the Reagan Revolution?  Did he even read CATCHER IN THE RYE?

As it happened I ended up writing my own contract after asking a lawyer in my Dad’s firm to draft one for me and then realizing I would have to do it myself if I wanted it done "right" by me.

President Barack Hussein Obama’s NEW DEAL AUSTERITY MARCHING may as well be dammed (blocked like by a dam) for attempting, too soon, a repeat of an earlier revolution.  Don’t own a copy of J.D. Salinger’s rye working - is it THE CATCHER IN THE RYE - or just CATCHER IN THE RYE?  Anyone?

So President Obama has violated his own edicts to "not relitigate the past" by mentioning the "can of worms" of Clintons’ years and Clintonomics.   Those were also the years Clintons had American official state policies as anti-Shia - Pro-Sunni and much full up and overflowing with near "Iraqi Shia are not capable of governing themselves."

Is it the educating of Obama, so "old school" that keeps him from brevity and laymen succinctity?  Like good thing he wasn’t "LIVE FROM TWITTER" having to answer in 140 characters or less?

President Obama is still wrong about Iraq.   And "Hillary" the wrong "lady" for such a "Muslim Thaw".

There is a confluence – some dangers now again from run off and overflows from Clintons’ 8.

Do you know that Hearst may not have even known they were network used to empower unknown author J.K. Rowling from day she first scribbled arriving musings onto napkins that for years, for years until she was married, was of near "I don’t know where it came from…"?  Again, I am here not "bragging" but more to a "public service announcement" sharing on historical confluences of successes of Clintons’ years not of the Clintons or inspired by the Clintons or their governance or character.  J.K.’s then recently passed father was Peter Rowling and I went a musing to seek a non American unknown author willing to accept a writing challenge to seven books for seven years of advancing curriculum (to be determined and crafted by them) and when princes and Hearsts had a new generation then near seven years from college, as well as the small posse of young neighbors I had taken to "umbrella-ing" as "Rowe-lings" after the near tears told me they didn’t want me to "move away" as "they had fun while I was around."  I had already been a decade into refering to myself more "as a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane" and with quiet and remote Hearst family ties - such that I knew my challenge if held to as mused that first day would have J.K. also writing to and for heartfelt concerns around Time Square and the Hamptons, and Hearsts.

Yes, President Obama has opened up a "Pandora’s Box" both with recent "OPERATION ODYSSEY DAWN" and as well recent "status" updating with near "we should go back to tax rates of Clintons’ years."

I don’t know why or how Justice Rehnquist got to his "revolution" and such as it was where he writ us to our beginnings as better our new end/current status for jurisprudence about legalese.

I did and do know more about origins to "Harry Potter" and with "Dumbledore" from "double door" such that "wards" that I hoped wouldn’t grow up to be more like "warts" under my skin were daily of passing through.  Yes, when in high school I did wonder if I had a chance with Diana and since furthered consideration and compassion at times as if princes might have been my own sons.   Still want to confirm some day unexpected "you are on Queen’s ‘notify’ list" thought that day and moments so soon after her fatal accident.   I had taken to heart Samuel Clemens’ A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT for both wanting to be a "Mad Man" like my maternal grandfather and a defender of my parents’ early years of marriage of residence in the MARK TWAIN APARTMENTS near next door to the Samuel Clemens Home.

Yes, the were certainly some confluences, and especially now about a necessary "relitigation" (first litigation?) of the Clintons’ 8 as now of a refersal of past edicts o’ President Obama by himself against such in strongest prohibitions he could muster.  We now even have to do due diligence to "Homeric" of ODYSSEY having been of "DAWNS" to battle monsters and such that had to mostly pay for themselves with wealth of the localities and lairs of such monsterousness.

KKK! - You struck out, Mr. President?  Your "rye" lacks sufficient plot and structure — Your conclusions are fantastic, yes, but your operations are still unfunded and un-Homeric so.  Did you even risk and achieve "trite" for attempting the same "revolution" as about and near and party within the Rehnquist Revolution and too soon upon it such that instead of reinforcing the leveling with a reset to "laymen language" jurisprudence you instead effected with your affectations a diminishing and weaking of the earlier most successful, until… revolutionizing?

Mr. President, are you know beyond a beard helping you, as it did another from Springfield?

Oh, not the Clinton’s 8 - that is where the plot thickened - that is when and the where to the how where "Homers" got foreclosed under the next. 

The Clintons’ tax rates are not the issue!

President Bush would have been OK even with his tax cuts if the Clintons’ "spending" as it was, as it was the dangerous gross unfunding and underfunding it really now revealed and end without its "beginning" — If the Clintons’ tax rates were right then their spending was wrong - If the Clintons’ spending was right then their tax rates were wrong.

They too missed much of confluence about the Rehnquist Revolution and maybe as two in a "two-fer" still too proud and instructed in your "old school" pre laymen legalese jurisprudence revolutionizing matriculating. 

Mr. President can your plot be condensed and simplified to "POWER TO THE LIBERAL LAWYER ELITES - DAMN THE INCONSEQUENTIAL AND SMALL"?   Your continued embrace and support of both Clintons a "lawyer two-fer" in love suggest such as plausible and not too cynical. 

Yes the same entry way immortalized with "Dumbledore" also congealed from same muse to the casting of George Clooney as the alter fictional self also fitting to stories writ to carry a justice forward long then already with a basis in knowing whom dramatized "DEEP THROAT" had been and why.  See when NBC’s Jamie Tarses and company had liked Tuesday line up they wondered if their muse had one more show idea in him and maybe for Thursdays at ten - an ER nurse also a neighbor of pediatric neurosurgeon with double door was part of ER musing. 

Yes, this too was of an integration in part about and within the also little known Rehnquist Revolution - I should know.

RIP Mark Felt, once number two at the Federal Bureau of Investigations. 

RIP Justice Rehnquist & J.D. Salinger.

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