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What a paradox!

So you have found your way back to my blog or to it for the first time.  Can you believe Bill O’Reilly last night saying "no one else is saying this…" about something maybe no one else said anything about since I wrote about it last week?

So Hillary Clinton is done.

So Hillary Clinton the politician is cooked.

Now Hillary, there is a paradox.

Take how now she cannot leave the Obama administration without it looking like she is quiting her job just part way into it.

Take how though she tried for the "Big Job" attaining and for an already tired "two-fer."

Paradoxical so now even more than before "Hillary for President" cut the national popularity of Clinton "two-fer" and even just among Democrats to in near half of "starting point."

Take how Obama is basically administering with same crowd as return of Clinton "two-fer" would have and now with nation now close to certain that Democrats deserve "ownership" of down economy.

Take how she cannot any longer stay and not be of having done her best and fully poured her heart and full energy into making the Obama administration work for all Americans, and, that she cannot leave with so much not going well without world wide thought that well if she is leaving to "run again" than did she subvert Obama’s efforts and underperform in such time to try to line the "two-fer" up with a challenge.

She cannot leave and she cannot stay if she wants to run and win.  A Paradox?

And how now President Barack Obama can look upon her time as Secretary of State regrettably and wonder if she really has been "giving him her all."  He is using most of the same experts she would have and even given "Bill" room to move around as like an AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD, so really other than her being white and a women what has she to claim to "different"?

There has been some moments recently that the Clintons seemed like they wanted to break away and start a "two-fer" come back.  But how?  Is Obama not getting her best effort is she not fighting to get done what she would have done as president?  What possibly could such "two-fer" actually have been thought to have done any different?

So now we have quadrupling of deficits in just a year and with the same experts the Clintons would have likely leaned upon…

So now we have a failing of Liberal Democratic Think as it is being allowed free space to show itself.

So who is going to take the fall?  Who is going to take the fall — the Clintons or the Kennedys?

They cannot both be families of "legacy" now "equal" but families and legends in contrast. 

And so now with likely the same "experts" these Obama/Clinton administerials have us all away from "ask not what your country can do for you" and to this down economy in their chase to bring us all "ask what your country can do for you!"

Will the Kennedys go quietly and let the Clintons off the hook?  Obama?

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