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Hoofing it "TEA PARTY CENTRAL" dreaming the dream of New York as our first capital?  Time for your own DEAR MARTHA letter?

While our values may be in your steps and beats can you really say many in our national politic are?  Talk about busing, have you ever read of stories of integration about Boston whence?

>Oh, he was born in Kenya - heard again, through the streets of Boston?  Oh, now these Kenyan’s are not trying to hide it?

>Oh, the Red Sox are cursed - Red Sox cursed again, now of a CURSE OF KERRY?  Oh, Senator John Kerry, did more to undermine progress and cooperation in Iraq than any other American in our national politik, and so by making palpable a fear across Iraq that the United States of America would just CUT AND RUN, and so such that it was wiser for them not to "stand with" us their to "stand with" them.  Oh, the humanity of it.

Well Donald Trump seems to be a new Patriot about such, so that an election of Mr. Trump would risk an interpretation and spin set such to nearly an executive UNDERCOVER BOSS with a President Trump, in a capitalist free market, relegated to being more just a "maitre d" in one of his casinos. So Mr. Trump needs a politician elected President in 2012, but one that is again a job creating "pro-business" servant instead?  So, can you imagine Donald Trump without line item authorities over budgets?

We do need, this Patriots Day, about Massachusetts’, this April 18th, 2011, on the anniversary of the midnight ride of Paul Revere, to consider we may need to elect someone more used to be surrounded with "no" men/women and not just "yes men/women"?

>Oh, there goes the Kenyan(s) - are they still favored?

>Oh, the Red Sox aren’t completely frayed - is it a balancing of Kerry Curse with a Hope of Romney and refreshing of ride of "41"?

So the first Tea Party led to New York City as our first National Capital.  So Washington stands proud across the street from Wall Street.  How "off" and "unpatriotic" has President Obama’s spin set been?  Why did he try to bring in so much centralization from such distance with such a grand air of overlording and pomp?

There would have been a new TEA PARTY even if or especially if Hillary Rodham Clinton had been pronounced Queen instead?

Dear Martha:

     Our Country isn’t in the best of shape, it has hope, like back in Boston during those Tea Party day engagements. The message left our patriots and former prisoners of wars is quite mixed and near unpatriotic, especially if today were your yesterdays. 

     About the worst of it is now that the recent "ride" of McCain/Palin not just would have been better and as "sold" by them then a promise kept to have avoided this new administrations paths.  But worser than that they have so inherited the "car in the ditch" from Bush that is more of him running out of road and finding only ditch because of the Clintons and their irresponsible and security threatening SURPLUS and such of contradictory policies.

     Oh, George would likely be beside himself today, and agast that our current President after having defeated a war hero Patriot once a prisoner of war, was so to such an unimaginable, for America, spin set. 

     Oh, George, would have been irate, I think, if here today to be seeing President Barack Hussein Obama use his "American" story to such ends that have him not to "compromises" and "bipartisan" union building governance but more to "forced confessions" worked and expected these past two years to attempt to get Republicans to confess to "all Bush’s fault" GUILT when quite innocent.

     Shocking, quite, that President Obama with such full bolstering by both Clintons has spent past two years more as if running a prison camp in our Washington capital city and having set out so from moment one with his inaugural speechifying to start his hoofing it to get "forced confessions" from his like "prisoners" Republican defeated and for "GUILT" really historically quite due a confession instead by Clintons and especially former First Lady Clinton.

     Yes, Martha, you probably would look at our current Secretary of State and wonder, and wonder how one so responsible for so much that went wrong seeming directly from her "knitting" (she doesn’t like to cook - maybe doesn’t know how to atleast bake) as First Lady and such that it can be argued that she as First Lady used her executive powers of her office more to our detriment personally than she was culpable for having let Bill about.

     Oh Martha, if only the Clintons hadn’t both been about trying to get past your foundational wisdom and matriarchy for us with a prudent exit after those years our co-executive.  It can be argued that it was their greed and ambition that compromised so many of our then to fore standards of more evenly keeled days of state.

     Oh Martha, have you heard about our American Marathons and how Kenyans have been quite the scene for years now for their prowess and steadfastness?  Our current and young president is arguably half Kenyan, but documentation is scarce about such - maybe an American will win today.

     It is not surprising that this lot of Democrats had "socialist" hankerings and to revivals in a "new court" governance more of the pre colonial governance of the thirteen colonies.  Have you heard about our 60s and/or WOODSTOCK?  You must have by now, I imagine. 

     But, to be so "anti-patriot" with governance so partisan and polarizing these past couple years so far from balanced politicing to fair/necessary compromising, still, and, so as more like an over-lording prison warden/marshall treating the Republican losers so - OH MARTHA!

     We are about a President who by his own machinations or edicts by former first couple Clintons (to attempt to cover their own guilt and negligence or gross negligence) has been more about legal trickery to work a forced confession from Republican losers for "guilt" and "malfeasance" not their own.  OH MARTHA!

     Please tell George "thanks again" and "hello", and the Adams if you see them.  Seems our new TEA PARTY had to happen with such from a new administration, and maybe so that it would have been even more necessary if the Clintons had perverted your term length wisdoms as they sought to.  For now we have the stand off on taxes and tax cuts such that these Democrats have left it that Republicans can not "give in" without such being a "forced confession" of guilt and malfeasance not their own, and so until President Obama steps up and confesses that it is historically so that at least half of our current problems, and likely far more are specifically of the hoofing of Clintons and more so them than those about them dutiful in their past administrating.

Sincerely Citizen Rosebud.

>Oh, of course he doesn’t have an American birth certificate - he is Kenyan.

>Oh, the poor Red Sox now caught with Beckett standards insufficient to protect from "unsportsman" governance and recent "anti-war" revival machinations by Senator John Kerry - the American who may have cause Iraq Operations to take so much longer and cost so much more with his grandstanding so of a gross over simplification of now better known greatly complex and involved global and regional geopolitics.


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