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President Barack Hussein Obama has clearly raised race issues - has mostly raised them though, you could say, accidentally.

Worse so that President Obama is the Clinton "two-fer" - and, again, really, where is Bill?  I am still so undervalued and too anonymous from the 90s and as one who can claim that not only did I likely have "as good" or better political ties before I helped Clintons become electable but as well that with my paper trail now a couple decades deep I have been steady and much proven right and tired from Clintons flipping from such and then to their floppings and then to their returning, and yet somehow of "rational" thought that I wouldn’t mind them being more my personal and unique contributions to their popularity and such that it is reasonable to claim that they still undervalue my contributions to foreign policy and economics by at least $1 Billion.

You should be reading and checking my tweets at atleast @jphoganorg.

You should be following my facebook.com/jpeterhogan status updates, too.

Tomorrow is tax day and such that I am not remembering when the last year was that I was required to file - has to date to before "Hillary" announced intention to ride further on my successes with her "Hillary for President" announcement that near to the day had me start quite a strike to dedicate my self to a thwarting of such by Clinton "two-fer."  Yup, I haven’t needed to files since about that year, but have a large enough tool and hobby set to be wanting much for to do to feel productive on my own time when not writing/blogging, and haven’t even needed to pull out my old fly tying kit I assembled near my first year in Washington about the time of Clinton impeachment hearings.  Yup, I haven’t bought a gallon of gasoline in near three years but did need new tires and a new seat for one of my bikes - for road riding/touring between blogs.

Yesterday’s speech may have moved President Obama past a point of return to a political or economic venue where any cooperation should be expected from me.

I have bartered for room and board and internet access with cable and phone with my tools with family and otherwise have spent near, it seems, less than two dollar a day for past three years - and by that I could better explain as near two or three times to having spent enough to have equaled two dollar a day for a year.  Haven’t managed the weight loss I hoped for but then returning to road cycling seemed to have put five pounds of muscle back on each leg and well the weight work and physical work kept the muscle mass about the chubby tummy.

Yes I have the network and fanbase for such to have worked out well - many don’t, I know - I am aware - I get the FBI Press tweets.

I could right a book on how to run a strike, but the favorite book is being turned such - the book I set out to be capable and able in hope and determination to an equaling in cerebral construct and production - but then I already mentioned the 90s - Interesting that my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM is though near seventeen pages in length with poetry collection such is in effect an outline and record of such ambition effecting.

Yup, I can claim the Clintons "popularity" from 90s is still with them so undervaluing my personal and unique contribution that they are regularly still to missing by at least $1 Billion.   And, so still as so much is of my having known them since early 70s and such by me originally worked to protect myself and others from their now more evident sense of governance so let free more with Obamanomics than 90s let out with Clintonomics.

Remember www.jphogan.org sets out I wanted to become one of great marketers able to integrate mass marketing and globally.  There is maybe at least three times as much that I was encouraging, originally, and integrating than some of the most informed even regularly remember to consider.

I walk my laundry a mile to my parents home for free machine use, and have much helped them being nearer and so handy - and timely since my ten years in DC on Capitol Hill had me visiting about twice a year for only about a day.  I sometimes walk groceries home from stores three miles away but usually keep such "appearances" mostly for use of Library book and magazine loaning.

Warm weather is nearly here to stay - should be more visible on bike than on foot, maybe - and maybe more this year on roller blades than previous.

Shouldn’t President "force bus" and integration to China and so help find jobs for illegal alien construction workers and American tradespeople there - as the "AUSTERITY PRESIDENT" he likely now to have consider exporting our laborers, right?

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