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This is no much ado about nothing - it is no the best of times and the best of times — President Obama had many choices to make recently.

Before President George H. W. Bush became a one term President he too had visited the Memorial for America and Lincoln - and did so quite respectfully and humble — he even posited a wondering if "he too could take the heat as did Lincoln." I don’t remember video from such, or that such had our President running over and past "I HAVE A DREAM" memorialization also at such a grand American memorial.

President George H. W. Bush was somewhere near or past hold the union of the United Nations together with character and leadership prudent and sufficient to undo Saddam’s near secessionist agression. He clearly didn’t consider his work near done when so with past visit to such sacred Memorial to Americans, Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Though President Barack H. Obama did recently attempt pulling off a President George H. W. Bush performance with his Libya justification attempting and so with harkening to Bush’s fair justifications about Saddam Hussein and Kuwait, what we have now to ponder and deconsecrate with President Obama is the inappropriate visit and nature of such to the Lincoln Memorial and as with memorials to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson and otherwise and also to Martin Luther King Jr. are as convenient.

It was just a overdue budgeting/housekeeping matter that President Barack H. Obama and Democrats had delayed and delayed about and with another punting or moving of endzones.  It was no push back of Saddam Hussein. I have to now write that President Barack H. Obama was inadequate to his tasks and duties again with his choice of a visit to our American MEMORIAL to our Civil War and President Abraham Lincoln.

The President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial would have been a more fitting choice for this new New Deal president running/sprinting on a high for having managed to keep bread lines open another week.

The President Thomas Jefferson Memorial would have been a more fitting choice for this "we need a new foundation" president wanting to hoof it up some Washington steps for the cameras - as even Jefferson pledge "…upon the alter of God" to "eternal hostility" against "all tyranny" over men/women and their minds at least as timely and fitting as Lincoln or King as memorialized with our Civil War.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial may be done or far enough along for President Barack H. Obama to have marched to such and harkened all humbly around his own work/duty still so unfinished.

The steps of our Congress have more steps and could have been used for video spots and more impressively that our President choosing to deconsecrate such as a Memorial to so many fallen and long heralded — A sprinting up the steps of our Congress at the opposite end and business end not so sacred and memorializing would have been maybe even "appropriate". President Barack H. Obama would even have had to risk trampling over Martin Luther King Jr. to make his spot video for even news and internet recycling – He wouldn’t have seem dismissive of our Civil War and Lincoln and the memorialized of such sacrifice.

As it has been viewed so many times already it does appear that he leads his security detail in a charge up a memorial and without consideration for King Jr. or that they were at least to one of a trampling of his memorialized spot.  As viewed it seemed to suggest he was running up the "business end" of our Mall and Congress steps to get finally to the work/duty long his. Running or such charging up the Memorial to Americans in our Civil War and President Abraham Lincoln and as well another in a similar warring - King Jr. - was a poorly chosen and poorly executed executive action.

Maybe a long over due additional punting to move the endzones again with just another continuing resolution feels to him like winning the Civil War - I don’t know and cannot quite fathom as so.  How he couldn’t have chosen our other also sacred site so to the memorialization of a New Dealer - President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - another from another Hyde Park, even, is still befuddling.

Would have been commendable if say last Friday a video was cut of a young and attentive and athletic President leading a charge up the business steps of our Mall to fight a real budget battle, but that isn’t how it got spun or "memorialized".  He had basically just assured new "bread lines" wouldn’t have to close.  Better would have been a solemn visit to Martin Luther King Jr. full memorial or a certain humble salute at the then to fore sacred stone at Lincoln site — better so if done humbly with a seeking of strength to carry on to real battles then just nearer "postponed again".

Personally I don’t see how his vidoed and uploaded spots of his charging up the steps of such as near our greatest Memorials was appropriate or prudent behavior even for a junior Senator.  I don’t get how his choice of Lincoln over others as available is even "poetic".  That he charge so with a cadre of security is even worse "messaging" even if one or more of them didn’t trample all over Martin Luther King Jr. sacred stone.

President Barack H. Obama had many choices to make recently.

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