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President Barack Hussein Obama owns the "JOBLESS RECOVERY".

And well beyond his #wtf  (Winning the Future) oddly being named like a Newt Gingrich work we suffer a #bfd (Beyond Fundamental Democracy) questionable illogic as a daily impediment.

His "is" really is an is and the "is" we cannot escape.  It may be helpful though to consider that Bush suffered from the same grand mistake of using the powers of his own reputation to offer protection to Clintons for a seemingly earned but little spread bad rap.  Protecting the Clintons and their admin after 9/11 witch hunt commenced may be historically the greatest "mistake" of Bush’s administration.

His own "is" so much now of a questionable illogic best not left to scholars and dusty/smoky studies and back rooms.  The Clintons’ "is" of their governance (not the personal "is" that questioned their professionalism) still much the "ground zero" of our recent nearness to a new depression. (See: ECON FORUM now new homepage at www.jphogan.org)  The Clintons gamed our then to fore economic logic and science and with a seeking to a thought impossible "popularity."  Their ‘economics’ set us all to the teetering point that any ‘alarmism’ needed to later trigger a slide.

What is #btf (Beyond Fundamental Democracy) hash all about?  What but how illogical this administration has been across domestic and foreign concerns!

He may try to look like a "winner" this week and while new deal about - but yet this new deal surrounded by too much denial by Democrats.  His #wtf really a #bfd mess.  We are still on his "JOBLESS RECOVERY" path due to illogic about his politics so beyond fundamental democracy.  His ends may justify his "New Deal" like means but his means are ‘counter productive’ and ‘wrong for their times’ for these days - for his era even.

His effecting with his "New Deal" means is illogical and inappropriate for American in an era with so much changing globally.  We are no France with it now still maybe with more colonies/islands around world than even the United Kingdom, but that is less apart now of Obama’s continued stewardship of a "jobless recovery."

So President B.O. really has little reason to be "chipper" this week.  He, himself, now has to get to an asking and probing about what the bfd in the #bfd (Beyond Fundamental Democracy) is that is so illogical about his #wtf (Winning the Future).  His ownership of the "Jobless Recovery" is not transferable even to the Clintons, so it seems - he really, as a democrat, seems now to have little to be chipper about and for the "scholarly" about such.

The illogic in their own "scholarly" is inescapable - though maybe still reversible - it goes to a full and fair discussion about what is beyond fundamental democracy.  (Maybe it’s ownership could be trasfered upon Al Gore - haven’t really considered such yet.)

Even if GLOBAL WARMING "is" a real concern this President is stuck so, again with little reason to be "chipper" for there were other ways available to adjust our economies than the job killing "green energy" rush they charged and charged and charged with.  We may already have enough "statistical" data available to maybe find that though when such path profiteered by Spain to two regular industriousness jobs lost for each new ‘green’ job our "American" solution was more to causing three jobs lost for each "new" job created so "politically correct."  (Don’t know - yet - maybe be so and seems likely and plausible, it does.)

How can so many "top scholars" so "hands on" be chipper this week or next as the bfd of hashing #bfd (Beyond Fundamental Democracy) now broadcast to question their illogic about pursuing domestic and foreign policies and politics to a new "American Socialist Society" or "Nationally Associated Societies Towards Intense Efforts Socialist" governance? 

"Beyond Fundamental Democracy" asks us all now to consider that these "governance" "is" are wrong for this era so much about people around the world more than autocrats and their realms.  It is quite illogical in this era of "power to the peoples" for our Washington fronting to be not as well of "power to our people" anew.  These are days illogic to and inappropriate for a formal "Diplomacy" that suggests a bigger United States of America with a new NATIONALISM is a wise or considerate or even necessary "political correctness."

These are days and economics where suggesting we should be of Obama - Clinton so near an AMERICAN SOCIALIST SOCIETY is wrong not just for us.  It seems scholarly that our Washington today should be stepping down from socialism and ideological grandness to big government rushing.

Their ideology and scholarship certainly seems in the way of progress and counter to most revolutions currently in news.  Their ownership of the "Jobless Economy" may though have more to do with them choosing Gore’s way of addressing his "ALARMISM" and not other ways available that we had time and technology alread mostly invented to otherwise provide necessary change/protections.  It is their ways and "P.C." that has been anti-business and "material world" furtherence discouraging.

He did proclaim that Americans shouldn’t just "go shopping" - he did as well condemn Americans for not saving enough - and he so wasn’t just talking about energy.  Yet still it may be his overwhelming "education" message that was of marshalling America’s young/student to active lobbying at home to guilt their parents into a new "Obama" way of consuming less, not going to Las Vegas, and finding ways to use still what earlier they would have disposed of as still loyal Americans active in a ’disposable economy.’

The "beyond fundamental democracy" is a conundrum or paradigm - it is that their "New Deal" obsession is actually the wrong "democracy" for the world of change now about.  America should better beable to right itself and save itself by selling its People not a new "necessary" BIG BROTHER/SISTER GOVERNMENT arrogance.

To "win the future" we may now have to be "anti" the Democrats "anti-business" political correctness.  We may have to be proudly and loudly "Anti-Obama" - it is way too late for Dems to pull another "Clinton".

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