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Some readers here may be too young to much remember the "NeoCons" - please "take their hands" and offer them some guidance. 

Our nation is near or in a state of peril, please, please, do your part to help correct so much recent "mis-educating."

Afghanistan is still in our/their headlines, but why? - but how?  Where Iran may have near sixty percent of its population under the age of thirty and educated beyond just "literate" a contrast exists with its neighbor Afghanistan with near 75% of its people "tribal" and "illiterate."  As many in Afghanistan still so "green" that they remain cave dwellers and as much of the land as their neighbors in China still living much as they did three thousand years ago so its neighbor Iran is an ancient civilization, you could say, like some other smaller areas of China.

President Barack Hussein Obama and most Democrats cannot be called "NeoCons" but are some to much of a "neocolonialism" bend.  Much of such seems disquised for "process" but not for missing motivation or aims to "ends."  Democrats are still trying to pivot on "going green" around their GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM and such that they seem near "divine" for a "mission accomplished" in near just one year to a "SAVE" for having miraculously saved the entire world from supposed global warming in just one year.  Don’t look to deep at such - if you do you may have to conclude that President Bush’s admin must have been "on the job" enough about new "green" technology R&D for such to be possible as other than "divine."

As these "neocolonialists" may now be "ALL ABOUT GREEN ENERGY" the "NeoCons" were bashed for being as energy biased yet with them supposedly of an "IT’S ALL ABOUT OIL." 

Today many can claim that President Obama has peaked, and so "triumphed" to his "max" already and then proceed to analysis and discussion much around how his Secretary of State choice much at blame for such an early call.  There are rumors that his near "War Czar" (other War Czar?) Samantha Powers may be equally at fault for an ideology about allowable/prefered "means" permissible to their liberal ends, and that any Constitutionally sworn holder of our Office of the President best to be of less rigid "terms" more open to "recall" and "impeachment" for cause if such to be an "allowed" or "expected" peace time power for all presidents.  You may need to look more closely at these "neocolonialists" "ends" to see some of the dangers and precendence, dangerous precedence, about their prevered "means."  Our Powers of our Presidency are not seemingly meant to be a licence for our President to usher in a minorities ideological limited world view.

Did President Barack Hussein Obama actually accomplish a global "SAVE" in just one year such that he then could spend, spend and spend some more with GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM already sufficiently checked and halted such that school children across the world could stop going home with messaging for homes to find more ways to use less and spend less and even reuse existing items owned in/from earlier too "materialistic" days?

So we have "Neocolonialists" now running our Executive Branch and maybe our Senate majority as well?

How bad are these "Neocolonialists"?   Are they set to keep us in Afghanistan now "ALL BECAUSE OF GREEN ENERGY"?  Are they set now to keep us there to rape and pillage the mostly illiterate peoples of Afghanistan for their abundance of needed rare earth minerals?   Better to mountain top mine their peaks than our own?  Afghanistan is the new West Virginia - the new Kentucky?

Save the Rockies - plateau the Afghans’ mountains instead?  Are you sure?  How can "green" movement among Democrats not now be for securing our nation with a source for needed rare earth minerals other than a here to fore near monopoly kept by China?

Some here may be too young to much remember the "NeoCons" but hardly now able to deny that Bush admin must have been "green" for how else could Democrats have saved world from Global Warming in just one year - in just one year when most new technologies take at least a decade to get to market?

And so about Obama plateaus, another concern about President’s Powers:  Maybe we have to go here/there as a nation near still the sole "superpower" and yet without the dinosaur of old "sound bite" political era that "Hillary" remains - but this new peak is dangerous if we don’t balance with new equal Powers to check a President with such "new" Powers.  It is necessarily time to rewrite the "terms of office" regulations and laws for our Office of the President to at least a more "democratic" two year terms with or without a "recall" provisioning/right establishment?

If the Democrats keep proceeding with their "leveling" we will all be "plateaued" with foreigners or their leaders with more "Power" and "say" in our own elections, and with "Hillary" maybe having bought them this new Power with our tax dollars and her "gifting" such that a weening off from easy American dollars near an impossibility for future Presidents, however elected?

It was the recent "NeoCons" that seemed more modern to a "sharing" around the world of duties to peace and fairer cost sharing – is it too late now to reverse these "neocolonialists" early effecting of "means" to other "ends"?   Can we yet preserve that the American President is an "elected" leader limited to the will of the majorities within the established jurisdictions of such a casting? 

Obama may have ‘plateaued’ and much because "Hillary" was more "polarizing" and "partisan" than most even expected - the Afghan peaks may yet be safe but only because the "Green Energy" Caucus’ precious rare earth supplies are more to be found in the here to fore splendid valleys and low lands?

I could say you can "test" to this or on this but then Democrats fought to keep Iraq people from using oil profits post the "flattening" and "equalizing" to greater "peer review"/"peer judgement" for all Iraqi people during or after Operation Iraqi Freedom to a "compensation" for coalition’s costs.  

Obama energy pricing may climb much higher and without a full or fair accounting of real costs to Americans to such securing.  Obama "education" messaging strongly compromised by his mixed messaging and accounting it is best that I don’t posit that "you can test to this or on this."

We may now be in such predicament because Obama and his Dems "raced to the top"!  I know, you should be able to test on "ends" from Obama "means" such that down economy still much because their GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM even with their attempt at selling "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" did have too many students go home marshalled to getting their parents and peers to spending less and using less and even reusing what would already once have been still of our "disposable" materialism.  

They (Democrats) did more to cause these down economics than yet "testable" as really due to Republicans - what may have been and may be "wrong" about Bush administration still less "testable" as "responsible" for down economy - there is clear separation on many of such accusations in partisan gaming. 

You cannot fix the economy while still avoiding looking at Clintons’ years as more at fault, and yet that is how President Obama wants you to feel "educated" and "literate".

Please don’t join "race to the top" – their "Utopia" - their "Mount Olympus" doesn’t really exist and cannot, at least democratically – Bush may have been "wrong" but much of Obama and these dems is just unreal.

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