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Have you figured out what you, if so your flavor, are giving up for Lenten observance?

If you are reading this it is at least the eve of Fat Tuesday 2011 - It may be Easter, though, already.

By Easter I may or should have a new format for third year of blog hosting and one less isolated and a "source" unrevealed by so many major media visitors.   My second year has seen more visits and seeming visitors than my first year by my web-stats are basic and uniformative so.   My third year of columns won’t expect so many with so many millions of viewers/readers to leave me as a ‘unrevealed leading source’ or just an ‘unrevealed source’.

Yes, you figured it out - I am stopping column writing here for this Lenten 2011 season.

That said, I am also feeling an unwelcome/undesired need to repeat myself and while my archives here have such I have said/written already still available.   I am also thinking it better to spend more time looking for new material and analytics and such better to adjust to more reading time.   There has to be over or very near 300 past columns here - I haven’t counted.  There are still the 227 columns from first year "hidden" on jphogan.org. 

New "personalities" are surfacing and developing about so much I have written about and mine as well be left some time to develop and maybe mature.   Then there is "President of the World Bill Clinton" still an issue as not a player on a global chess board but nearer a spoiled child about constantly knocking over both players pieces, and now Senator John Kerry some how past his "anti-war" proclivities that under Republicans did cause Iraq operations to be undermined and threatened from "cut and run" nearly effected while other options were still viable - and so of a recent history of causing military operations to lose confidence and support necessary to quicker and/or smoother progress.

Yes, I should spare these days for more study and reading and from writing and such while so much better left ‘room’ to develop and maybe mature.  

That said I also don’t want to write about unions and specifically teachers and their unions for I don’t know off the top of my head whether it was their lesson plans and teaching done poorly that could be said to have us only now so prepared, economically and socially, or, whether the did teach the lessons plans better than any other to us now so poorly prepared and innoculated from such with ‘education’ but that it was Democrat Politicians in their state of nation that kept them from teaching a better and more appropriate or useful economics or sociology.   Seems for these down times to be here now we have to in some way look at our teachers and their unions as somewhat to quite complicit and responsible – unless it was all GLOBAL WARMING and OBAMACARE and their "scaring" and "job-killing" active political alarmism.

Yes, it seems I would be tending now for at least forty days to say what is already said and maybe well here in my archives — please still visit and pop out a column or two from archives each visit - you may find what I wanted to say again, and similarly.  Yes, if feels like I should go look for new stuff to read and study, or at least it feels like I can leave my loyal visitors to find some old columns still, and save myself from an unnecessary "repeating" of my self.

Yes, I do/did suggest that Senator John Kerry’s "anti-war" revival that was so soon upon President Bush’s commitment to OPERATION IRAQ FREEDOM did dumb down general American understanding of really very complex geopolitics far from simply "all about oil" and so that his "anti-war" revival was successful in undermining confidence and cooperation within Iraq such that Iraqis avoiding cooperating with US or Coalition because it seemed a real fear that America was maybe with Senator John Kerry and about to "CUT AND RUN."   Yes I don’t want to repeat myself on Democrats so with "dirty hands" responsibility arguably for so much of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM that became more difficult and costly and of longer and greater duration.

And, again, I just don’t know enough specifically about teachers and their unions - but will think or look to read more about such seemingly out of necessity/a responsibility.

Yes,  I have had a far wider audience than my webstats can suggest and look forward to those days that so many of my regular visitors, with their audiences of millions and tens of millions,  share and work with such a "source" publicly.  Facebook "status" updating  and "sharing" aswell as Twitter "tweeting" will continue at least some in the interim.

No, I don’t expect to find time for golfing - mud golfing, but may find time for a 2011 season start for road cycling and other more "fitness" related activities.

Please do visit regularly still and use such to revisit columns in archives, organized by months.

J. P. Hogan

March 7, 2011

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