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I am really starting to wonder if I missed a part of a "24" episode this season.  I am really starting to wonder how many hours it takes a dead parole officer to start smelling when hidden in a wall panel section.  Could that have conveniently been a large exhaust duct so the stink is just venting out or does it take more than eight hours for stink?

And, that said:  So around the time Americans were trying to follow Anti-War Dems towards forcing a "cutting and running" from Iraq with about 3,000 brave lives lost wasn’t it about 15,000 homicides in America per year that were being measured as our domestic crime stats for "by illegal aliens"?

How much is a "terrorist" worth per capita in United States of America spending outlays to foreign countries?  How much less is an "illegal alien" valued per capita?   Is it near ten million per expected yet unconfirmed existence of a "Terrorist" in Afghanistan or Pakistan being doled out to those countries yet just thousands per thought domestic populace of "illegal aliens" per capita?

And so with a thanks to CSPAN this morning for rebroadcasting the confirmation hearing for Elena Kagan from early in 2009 when Senators cross examined her for her current Solicitor job.

And so thanks to CSPAN for early morning re-airing that refreshed Senator Lindsey Graham’s questioning specifically of asking her if "she agreed with her boss Eric Holder…" that it better to look back at the nineties and with consideration that we then should have considered ourselves "at war!"

Touchy area with a President still with an administration mantra of "all the fault of the past eight years" with Solicitor Kagan and Attorney General Holder both saying our problems are much because we didn’t consider ourselves "at war" during the Clintons’ years.

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