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So, still standing, and meeting demand, our supply curves, each, and as a community/each of a community, if only now globally via "internet" March is upon us all - wondering upon new standings.

How many mulligans is too many?

Imagine — you are ankle deep in a sand trap one hundred yards out - you are ready and "online."  Your client or boss calls or emails or even Skypes - they don’t mind that they find you on the sixth hole on your second shot - they do expect that you and whomever you are with will call the next round to play through, though so that you can maybe sit in your cart for a few moments to write a quick memo or brainstorm a new solution.

Imagine — This goes on for the next few holes, and yet you are able to be fully attentive to your business, and it isn’t raining, and you haven’t needed a "mulligan" at work or play yet.  

Imagine — You still think you will have time to pick up the dry cleaning and groceries on your "honey do list" and be home for family dinner, dinner using groceries already in your pantry/refrigeration device.

Now if only we don’t have to pay for our leader’s "mulligans"?

Seems we are simply to an economics with supplies to demands better personalized and localized — Seems MADE IN AMERICA just not specific enough in such a "NEW WORLD" hankering for more individuality and diversity.

"GREATEST LAST GENERATION" or "WINNING THE FUTURE"?  Our President now asking all to look beyond themselves in the here and now and to dream and act to new and better generations with "Winning the Future"?

Our President already to "MADE IN [YOUR STATE’S NAME HERE]"?

"GREATEST LAST GENERATION" now a sticking point adding unnecessary and burdensome layers and costs much ado around "mulligans" from 90s?  Where once MADE IN AMERICA of a ‘lean and mean’ readiness our 90s ushered a national pride expectant to a two BIG MACs a day celebration and patriotism.  And, so to "mulligans" habitual and pressed to a lighter ’leader’ without an asking, national, for loyalists to change their ways?

How does the economics of such add up — how have they added up?

Around the President’s healthcare reforms are markets and communities and people asked to be loyal and nationalistic.  In our nineties that was to an encouragement to at least two QUARTER POUNDERS a day and even when our "leader" himself sold his new "lightness" as only necessary for him – with an offering that such about his loyalists though would be balanced with offerings of free healthcare later down the road.

So what is your motivation?  How do you think medical professionals got to feeling?

Imagine — You are a doctor - you are such a medical professional that wants to be a respected professional with live saving skills very highly honed and kept, and  also an wise neighbor and community member wishing you had earlier respected their advice.

Imagine — This isn’t POLICE ACADEMY - FOOD POLICE sequel with saboteur humor now refreshed by Motion Picture Association – this is real and now about your communities medical professions moral.

Imagine — You and your community had to cover your health and well being and medical bills all alone as a county of cities and burbs.  Imagine that you and your neighbors weren’t en masse wanting to ignore the doctors expertise in prevention and then to add "unnecessary" costs and with a arogance and expectation of "rights" to care and full coverage.

Sure, the economics adds up and fast this way - and with a equally fast lowering of professional medical moral and expectation that they should work for less.

Mulligans don’t apply in community care?  Healthcare costs and systems are "local" and mostly county wide organisms/ecosystems that can only reduce costs as such.

Imagine — Our state based lottery games could be used instead to fund "coverage" for unisured with "winning" ticket altruistic and "socialistic" such that most of "jack pot" would be a charitable contribution by law with say only one third left for the winner(s) — Most ‘jackpot’ winners more likely to problems from sudden new wealth anyways?

Imagine — Instead of a nationalist "leader" stirring people to eat too much and spend too much and while holding out promises of ‘free healthcare’ to fix such detrimental expected ’complications’ - your local county wide medical professionals were "with you" for general moral and "performance" improving advice a norm, new norm?

Imagine — Our Motion Picture Association not needed to a new POLICE ACADEMY - FOOD POLICE and could just brainstorm to a new sequel in humorous acedemy saboteurism/voyeurism?

How many mulligans is too many?  

The economics really add up fast and yet as per healthcare much can stay local if a nationalist pride to bad behavior not to a regular bait and switch, trapping —  If healthcare kept local then additional layer and costs don’t get added to otherwise general and local county wide dynamics — Healthcare shouldn’t need a "national" bureaucracy for coverage or care - just for standards and practices.

And, yet, due to our nineties and "national" spirit now our states have much greater costs and burdens just because of nationalist "leadership."

Welcome the internet, now to your own counties, finally, and instead?

The President and his "WINNING THE FUTURE" actually depend on such, and so to turn back away from "GREATEST LAST GENERATION" self centeredness and excess the "pride" of our nineties?

You are now about to root for your local teams again, loudly and proudly, how about now for your MADE IN [YOUR STATE’S NAME HERE] and its learned and not yet too dished medical professionals? 

What are your county wide selling points - how good are your products and services - should you really have to expect to pay for others not trying to be better and wiser elsewhere?

Imagine — Even if "lottery" comment just a counter point to illustrate and stir?

WINNING THE FUTURE seems a ’resetable’ canvass still, how about it?

Clintons more GREATEST LAST GENERATION still too much "last gen" and a budget buster in cities and burbs near you?  ‘Eat, eat and be merry – we will get you free healthcare to fix it all later’ - a trap and/or mulligan too many? 

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