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This stuff doesn’t write itself, you know.


These are tricky and prickly Constitutional issues - did you notice, yet?

There is "collatoral" and "collatoral damage" to consider.

Whose kitty?  Whose pot?  How much the ante?


What a country!  Oh, Christopher Dodd, new Industry Lobbyist, it is great to hear you are finally out from under the Clitnons - and seemingly didn’t also lose half your long time Hollywood friends - Congrats, your years advocating for education and child care alone should steed you well.


This could be the reset of a beautiful relationship.

Really, this stuff doesn’t right itself, and did you know that Christopher Dodd of MPAA has also enjoyed sailing and restoring classic sailing vessels?


What a great country this is - what is the real story - how did the Clintons lose near half their long time Hollywood friends?

>"We could do a RESET!"  "We could do a sequel with BAY OF BABES!"

>"Too trite"?  "Too hack kneed"?  "Too confused"?

>"Not another COVER UP"?

This stuff didn’t write itself, really.


Clintons uncovered - what about their shared kiddy - their shared wealth and assets - their combined motives?

Some things are universal and unavoidable - some are not.



A prickly issue and Constitutional it is that former President of the United States Bill Clinton should have had current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ask him to remove himself from extra-Constitutional activities of CGI that mostly seem to be subversive and treasonous to the more "democratic" governance of President of just the United States Barack Obama and the other equal branches and its Peoples.

Quite prickly and very Constitutional is that our former presidents are kept on our payroll as atleast emeritus "officers"/"agents" and so subject still to our Constitution and its writs about Congress having the duty (Power?) to approve or disapprove all gifts to such from "Kings and Princes… and foreign agents" quite nearly.  And, as with former President Clinton he too is of a record high annual allowance as such "officially" with the People paying so much for his rents.

Whose kiddy?  How much collatoral damaged?


Quite tricky and prickly that a former President can claim to be THE PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD without a foundation to assure such as governance also of laws and not "of men"!  Don’t know how he is getting away with it so far and for such seeming a definition of subversion and even treason - so with him so rogue and of his own missions.  How can our Secretary of State not insisted on him ceasing and desisting from such or at least "recusing"?  How can our Secretary of State complain about suggestions that she should have "recused" herself at least for not having insisted "officially" that her husband recuse himself and desist from further global subversive undermining of the more democratic and maybe representative governance and messaging from Washington?


Clintons uncovered?

This could be the reset of a beautiful relationship - an American RESET?

This stuff doesn’t write itself.


Congrats again Christopher Dodd - quite good to see you clearly out from under the Clintons.

Ahh, the lands of make believe - and the sands of time, hmmm.

Just imagine…

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