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We’ve been here before, however, then it was nearer "fool me once" — the Clintons are smart they must know what they are doing, they must have thought it through and plan entrance and exit paradigms.

Again, it is now a United States of America more of a concern for how others are interpreting the arguable "delusions" of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton — Especially those in Afghanistan and Pakistan theater.

We’ve been here before, and yet again "Hillary" goes with this is all new to her — now like "this isn’t my mom’s or my world anymore."

She has earned her "most polarizing" merit badge all over again — and while droning on again.

Better we don’t let her fool us twice — we can’t afford another 9/11 - shouldn’t have to afford, on her account.

It doesn’t take having finally read my facebook friend Ted Bell’s WARLORD this past weekend to remember how many years of "Hillary’s" droning on is actually better told/retold as ‘how many decades…"

To other audiences and fan bases what many witnessed yesterday as another performance by "Hillary" is as delusional as recent ones by Qadhafi, especially while considering how much lack of process and especially due process long in her droning on.  (Maybe finally reading WARLORD helped alert anew?)

Sure she and "Bill" have only been clinging to autocratic powers as much as they could manage now for only near half as long, but, still we are still of "most polarizing" and incendiary "Hillary" also seeming delusional.

Again this is more about how others, more able to be radicalized/called to truths, are seeing each new "performance" by "Hillary" or atleast now as much about how others see her hypocracy.

Yes this is the same "Hillary" of the "Clinton Crusades" that were very incendiary and stirring in the pre 9/11 world and especially on those "turfs" she trespassed to proclaim them necessary to a doing like Americans as she instructed/dictated.

So at least "Bill" sees all the peoples of the world as his subjects - so their plot goes;  And so "Hillary" now speaks of Qadhafi treatment of his people while she still of so much droning on upon subjects in their plotting as ours/theirs.

If "Hillary" aka Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, hadn’t added that "this isn’t my mom’s or my world anymore" her Geneva appearance and ranting would seemed even more delusional than just hypocritical.  Again, America is supposed to know now better that it is how others more her subjects abroad are interpreting her plotting and performances.

President Bush’s trading of road and school construction with Afghans for permission to trespass their country to chase terrorists camped suposedly there still seems a wiser and less hypocritical way — "Hillary’s" continued droning very much now as big an issues as her pre-9/11 Clinton Crusading with her dictates to radicals about how they had to start acting more as she decreed, and especially about Muslim women.

Even President Bush’s "Operation Iraqi Freedom" seemed/seems "clean-up" necessary from insufficient plot,  planning and just executing by Clintons and theirs of those earlier "8".

It wasn’t all about oil — though that was some jobs program Republicans ran for Middle Easterners for years and decades.   Really too bad all the jobs they have lost since the rise of Democrat Party idealism and governance here – really too bad for many here at home as well.

So, now more around the world can see a stark difference between Republicans and Democrats and such that our Republicans are willing to "stand with" while our Democrats prefer "droning on" with less or very uncertain "due process."   And, while same Democrats of an arogance that such are still their "subjects" and even as "Bill" seems to be running a shadow Department of State but for its "travel office" bureaucratic duties.

Last time America let so much hypocracy flow unchecked by "Hillary" we got surprised by some "justice" some others can say.

President Obama can move to the middle but not with any harmony, democratic — He can move to the middle and yet not win a single Independent or Republican supporter.   The last thing he should attempt is to "pull another Clinton" — That didn’t end up so well for so many, anyways, really.

President Obama, even more that Clintons now, though maybe in an attempt to "cover-up" for Clintons and their "8" (or "couple decades"), is stuck with his great success in showing starkly how different the Democrats are from the Rebulicans – there is maybe a new "middle" for Obama, yet seemingly no "bipartisan" or "economically sound" midway.

It is not too late, she/they haven’t necessarily fooled us now twice — Please remember her "droning" is still very much an issue to many, very much so and quite simply.

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