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America could be better served in light of recent developments if it had a more parliamentary system with a right to call our own leaders out "on the carpet" for more than just fashion.

America could today be of calling for special elections to remove President Obama and "leadership" of Secretary Clinton, if so.

America, my America, how did we get to "two-faced" (multi-faced) Clinton now as an acceptable spokesperson in Diplomacy?

Today’s performance from Geneva another oddity near a "yang" of a Hillary of "ying" just yesterday, or vice versa – Today again she seemed justified in being publicly not whom her personal story and history would have suggested.  Yes this is the same Hillary Clinton that started officially as Secretary of State with near "we won’t make human rights a priority."

Yes, my foreign readers, today again Hillary seemed near the opposite of whom she was closer to just "yesterday."

Yes, my foreign readers, she even seemed more now of "stumping" "CLINTON DEMOCRATIC GLOBAL POLITIC" and not more appropriately as the top the United States of America’s top DIPLOMAT.  She even seemed to get personal and personally religious, specifically, and inappropriately if not "dangerously."

Yes, my foreign readers, you may have longer memories than most Americans following Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Yes, you may likely remember and consider relevant now still how "Hillary" was of "ready from day one" and as a claim that she already was acceptable to most tyrants, and dictators and autocrat regimes around the world and especially at "3 a.m." – Yes this was "Hillary" again proud that she could arise today without considering her own consistency and past remarks as governing.

Again Hillary Rodham Clinton just the "lawyer" again waking another day treating a world still moving and shifting as just another case that she could look at objectively as unrelated to her past subjective injections and inflections.  Again Hillary rose as "just a lawyer" yet wanting acceptance as a personality.

Yes my foreign readers today does more than most make me near wish for America to have an option to a special election to remove and replace its leaders, peacefully and more regularly as an improved right.

Not all Americans do ignore or maybe have forgotten that our "Hillary" has been on the opposite side, and regularly, of most of what she performed as "old Hillary" today.  Yes she was today more of stumping for "Bill and Hillary" globally than, so it appeared, standing convincingly loyal with President Obama.  Yes she was being "Partisan" with a capital "P" today — Anyone:  WHERE IS BILL?  Where is Bill, the man that claims to be her President of the World?

Yes, my foreign readers, her near first official statement was near "we won’t make human rights a priority" and that with some loyalty to President Obama and his near "Bush was wrong to go into Iraq" and maybe only for such was helpful to cover-up the Clintons gross underperforming of their "8".

The size of the cover-up can and does suggest the size of a possible crime or failing — "It was all Bush’s fault" is quite possibly the largest attempt at a partisan cover-up yet advanced and attempted in the United States of America’s brief history.

Yes, my foreign readers, our "Hillary" a bad messenger for feminism and women’s rights.  Yes her story and regular contradictions are of a history somehow and maybe sad of having to learn to wake up each day as if sadness and betrayals of yesterday didn’t really happen to her.  Yes, my readers, this "Hillary" may have developed this "new Hillary" each day by compromise - because she accepted "Bill" and didn’t leave him to pursue her own ambitions independent of a dependence on Bill.

Where is Bill?  Really, where is Bill, the man who claims to be the global leader of the Democratic party as the President of the World "Hillary" wants him to be still?  Is there another story of great and regular betrayal that "Hillary" may have to explain such regularity to a another "NEW HILLARY"?

To my foreign readers, yes, this performance by "Hillary" again raises a questioning if such only possible from years of regular betrayal maybe by her "Bill".  Don’t know though, but it is unseemly how she is so a "new" Hillary so proudly and disrespective to earlier "Hillary".

Yes, my readers that was a personal and religious wrap up today by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and one that seems unlikely to have been requested by President Obama or in his personal political interests.

No, I do not know if he minds being so near a "Deputy President" to the Clinton "two-fer" still - please ask him yourselves.

Yes our Congress does seem to have the right to impeach or proceed to an impeachment of an officer of an administration like Secretary of State Clinton without necessarily moving also to an impeachment of the President.  But, please, while you are questioning President Obama yourselves would you ask him about both Martin Luthers - Martin Luther the arguable "father" of "buying Christian forgiveness" and then Martin Luther King Jr. and for his once timely near "a job for every black man"?

And to my foreign readers, please do consider today is much about both Martin Luthers as both (all) Hillary Rodham Clintons.  Seems MLK Jr. was political and correct in his day for calling near for "a job for all black men" yet with us now to a today where people of all races shouldn’t feel a need for a job or a right to a job - a "purpose" maybe, yes, but not a "job" certain and guaranteed, right?

Hmmm, which is the evil and which is the good - is consistence at all important?  Which is the real yang - which is the real ying - does it matter which "Hillary" was yesterday if appearing the other today?


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